December 31, 2014

time traveling

Every year for Christmas I make my mom a picture calendar for the upcoming year. By every year I mean, every year for the past 4 or 5 years. I know, you were thinking Whoa, Baby Emily must have been a prodigy making picture calendars at age 3. Making these calendars is so fun--organized fun--because I get to sort through a million and a half pictures, figure out what was going on each month of the past year, and then make a collage of what we were doing in January of 2014 so that we can look at and enjoy said collage on the calendar in January of 2015. Repeat for e'rry month. Add in birthdays and anniversaries and the calendar is straight up pimpin. 

See? Organized fun is so fun.

I thought I'd bring some funsies to the blog today and go back for an adventure through my 2014. 

We rang in the new year in Chucktown with my family. That meant lots of sparklers and lots of...Phase 10. When we party, we party hard. 
Also with lots of kisses. Cue the awww's or the ewww's.

January ended with a fabulous ice storm that involved little ice on the roads and lots of ice falling from the big beams on the Ravenal bridge causing us to be landlocked causing us to drive to the beach to see snow on the sand. Snow! On the Sand! What an oxymoron! It's the little things to the Southern No Snow girl, people.
 I mean, it was almost a blizzard. In the nowhere near a blizzard kind of way. 

February consisted of deliciously cheesy Valentine's gifts, the first show I choreographed in Charleston, and seeing Alton Brown Live where I decided I need carbonated chocolate ice cream and I needed it yesterday. 
Chyeah, look at the squatting in a circle dancing I choreographed. 

In March we were like Oh doih, we live at the beach. Why don't we spend more time there? So we went for a blanket sunset snuggle. 

And we celebrated the marriage of Freddie's twin, Jimmie and Jessica, with a lot of dancing. A lot. Footloose and fancy free-ing. 

April was all about visits. Another family visit plus more Phase 10 and a visit from Caroline. Best Friends Forever Until The End and all that biffle BFFalicious stuff. Everyone needs to visit us and, more importantly, eat through visit Charleston. 
Just flashing our best friends rings. That we've had since we were 10. No. Big. Deal. (very big deal). 

May was consumed with Spamalot, but Freddie managed to squeeze in a big boy promotion in the middle of the Spamalot month. Go, Mr. Fancy Pants, Go!

June consisted of 2 off-the-chain/fantastic/best-start-to-the-summer-things ever: a trip to Disney for my mom's birthday and a trip to Atlanta to teach all my lil ol'\\\\ students for a week.

July brought the best trip I've ever taken in my entire short-but-long life (not dramatic at all). I still can't even put into words just how much fun we had in California so I'll show the fun via pictures. And tell you to go read about it here and here and here and here and here and here. Phew. What would you do without my blog life vacation recap diary?
The California scenery is overwhelming in these pictures, I know. Trust me, the Golden Gate is somewhere back there. Behind the layers of fog and family funsies.

In August we celebrated our first anniversary. Say what! What! Shut up! Now we're in the whole oh this is our second married Christmas and our second married New Year's phase and I mean, that sounds like we've practically been married 50 years already, right?

September is when we drove to Georgia in the middle of the night and I crept in my sister's bed waiting to surprise my mom during the run of one of her shows. September is also when...::drumroll::...Freddie and Jimmie turned the big 3-0! Old farts and still as fun as youngins.

October was busy. We moved, my mom came and played interior designer on our new place (thank you, thank you, thank you), we corn mazed and pumpkin carved with friends (hashtag: necessary), and we drove back to Georgia again to see my sister in Rocky Horror. Busy. Bees. Bees? (<<Cards Against Humanity shout out. Represent).

November started the I Wish It Was Already Christmas blues. Along with those came Ann taking our year anniversary pictures, going to the fair (what whaaaat), and of course, eating lots of rolls on Thanksgiving. Also hugging lots of necks on Thanksgiving.

And now here we are, December 2014. Post-Christmas, pre-end of the year. December was so full. Full of parties, friends, family, performances, food, candy, gifts, chocolate, more shows, and more gifts. And more friends and family.

 3 hours later I finished compiling this review and 2 hours later you have finished reading it. Congratulations. You may now pass Go and enter 2015. 

I would like to give a big shout-out to iPhoto, without you I would have only remembered half of this.  Thank you for sorting my pictures by months. You've always been there for me iPhoto, always.

Happy Last Day of 2014!!
Make every second a party. 


Meg Taylor said...

What a fantastic year!!! We moved down here this summer, so we totally missed the epic ice storm, but we have certainly heard a lot about it!! Hope 2015 is a great one for you :)

Caitlin Elizabeth said...

Looks like a great year! Congratulations on your one year anniversary :) I've always wanted to visit Charleston!!

Helene in Between said...

you had a freaking awesome year. so many great things!

Erin LFF said...

Such a wonderful year for you guys! :) It's fun looking back and remembering what we did each month- because we all know time goes too fast to possibly remember it all without the help of our photo archives!!! Happy new year!

Kayla MKOY said...

That trip to Cali still has me dreaming about the vacation I'll take there one day! I'll come to charleston and eat at every restaurant ever with you! ;) happy new year! You've had an amazing one!

Nicole | Pharr Away said...

What a year! Loved all of the photos and your commentary ALWAYS cracks me up!


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