May 31, 2013

April Raindrops bring May Roses

Sorry the title doesn't rhyme. That's what happens when I try to do a mashup between Sound of Music and April Showers bring May Flowers. yadda yadda yadda.

May has quite possibly maybe been a wonderful month full of change, excitement, happiness, and celebrations. 

Things that May has brought (other than flowers and raindrops on roses):

Freddie and I have been engaged for one month as of May 28. Holy Sparkly Ring, time flies. During that month we have picked a wedding date (August 24, holla), signed a lease on our Charleston home (one mile from the beach, holla), and planned a big ton of wedding details because in 3 months will be all husband and wifed up and W-O-W. I am so excited I could scream while being upside in a carthwheel.

This is the pose we land in post-cartwheels. 

Baby Ann became Old Ann when she turned 18 on May 1 and graduated from high school on May 18. Girl, slow yo roll. Growing up on me, tears. Good news is she's still be best little friend and my maid of honor and maybe I can go party it up with her in college.
Oh no no, that'd be weird, right? Right.

Ann being a grad and all brought my brother up to Georgia for the festivities. Joseph has worked at Disney for almost 6 years and that is just too terribly long to be far away from your brudder. However, J-dude, please never leave Disney. I kind of lurve getting in fo' free, being a Disney freak, and all the other fun stuff. THANKS! Growing up is fun because then it means super fun reunionsies weekend trips with the fam. 

I spent the last weekend of May in my future home of Chucktown. It has been a hot minute since I was able to travel there for a trip and the weekend did not disappoint. The whole time I was driving across the bridge I was thinking, I get to live here! Eeee!!
And, I get to be with the Freddiefriend fiiiiiinally!! Eee!!
Chawlston was a wonderful host and we had a blast beaching it up, truffle oil mac and cheesen' it up, and doing grown up things like buying a dining room table. 

Quick question:
How did I end up with zero beach pictures from the weekend?
Worst. Ever. 

Well then, how was yer May?

May 29, 2013

will you be my...

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday, my wonderful rweaders. Sorry, had to add a "w" in there to go along with the alliteration theme.

Last week we talked about my wedding dress being a chew toy for my dogs. Warning: this post is nowhere near as exciting upsetting. 

Good news is this post is F-U-N fun. Fun because I am getting married with 8 mighty fine ladies by my side. Ladies? Women? Gals? Can we make up a new cooler term, please? 

As Frederick and I were talking wedding party, I realized I either wanted to go super small or go all the way. And hey, we're planning this wedding once so we decided to go all the way. This means 8 fwiends (w!!) for each of us. Hello, giant wedding party, I can't wait to party it up with you!

I've got a mixture of childhood/ballet friends, college friends, and family. Done, son. 
But how does one ask a friend to be in one's wedding?
According to Pinterest you make a memory box with pictures and other crafts and wine and champagne and more crafts.

1) You cannot legally ship alcohol. 
2) Ain't nobody planning a wedding in 4 months got time fo' dat. 

Insert Emily trying to be creative right
So here's what I did.

I got my lovely sistah slash Maid of Honor to take some pictures. I took those pictures and made a collage like this...
Easy peasey, lemon squeezy and stuff. 

Then I wrote somewhat sappy-ish letters explaining why I wanted needed them to stand by my side on the big day, threw in loads of candy and a Ring Pop, and shipped those babies off. 

And guess what? I got 8 YES'S and in 88 days I'll be getting married with my 8 biffles by my side.
Time to get these b-maids some dresses!

May 22, 2013

rawhide bone vs. wedding dress: Wedding Wednesday style

How many of you have dogs? Oh, all of you? Thought so. I think I am the only person in this planet who doesn't want a pet dog right now, but that's for a whole other post. 

This post is a story, a really great story. A story that one day I might tell the grandkids--ya know, that kind of story. 

Meet Dagi and Boone, my mother's dogs. Wait, not her dogs, her baby boys. Her precious angels. Her perfect pups. You get the idea, my mom lurves her some Dagi and Boone. 

Meet me, Emily, my mother's middle child. Wait, not her middle child, her baby girl. Her darling daughter. Her marvelous mini-me. My moms lurves some Emily.

Which is why when I found a beautiful, gorgeous, custom made wedding dress (for the cheapo) on Etsy, my mother told me to go ahead and order it. Do it, she said, and that's one less thing you'll have to worry about. Plus it screamed my name. Like Hello, Emily, I am your dress. I was made for you. Put me on! Do it! Do it! Oh alright, perfect dress and MC, I'll cave. And I did, I bought a wedding dress on Etsy.

Super sketchy. 

This was my guilty dialogue that went on and on in my head after that purchase:
This is sketch.
Oh my God. What did I do?
There is no way this is coming.
Wahhhh, but it's so perfect.
Why why why.
Why did I do that?
What is my plan B?
Oh my God, I am never getting this dress. 
But I love it.

Get the picture? I am crazy, the end. I did a crazy thing and I knew it was crazy and I did it anyways. Crazy crazy. 

Well, don't guess yet. Just listen. 

Last Friday my sister gurl was home alone (just like Kevin Mc-ster). She wanted to shower and let the dogs outside because hey, rather them chew on grass then important stuff inside.

At some point during that day, my wedding dress was an envelope. To the front door. An envelope. A big 'ole dress in an envelope. Sounds like a big mistake to me. 

Ann pops downstairs later, all clean, and notices a torn up package and something white in the yard.
Oh hey, MY WEDDING DRESS, so nice to meet you finally...and the mud and holes that encompass you. 
Oh hey, THE DOG'S NEW CHEW TOY, so nice to meet you finally. I mean, wait, no no no no no. 

Long long long story short, the dress was/is salvageable. No one told me this story until 4 days later when the tailor had confirmed she could magically fix my dress. And when they told me, they laughed because it's not too soon to laugh about the dogs using my dress as a chew toy, right?

Well, right. Because it is so beautiful that I almost didn't even notice the mud. And that's a complete lie, I totally noticed but I cared way less because I was staring at it with my mouth open.
Wow, crazy Etsy Emily, you win. 

I win. 
Time to go wait on the front doorstep for our invitations...

May 21, 2013

i whip my tassel back and forth

In yesterday's post I mentioned that my sister graduated from high school this past weekend. Mentioned being the key word. You see, Ann's graduation wasn't just any high school graduation. It was a homeschool group graduation.

A.k.a.-it was a graduation ceremony worthy of its own blog post. 
Dun dun dun. 

Let's start with the graduation rehearsal that was scheduled for 8:30 the morning before. 8:30, not too early, right? Wrong. Your public schooling booty was up and at 'em at 8:30 in the morning, but little homeschool booties are still smilin' and dreamin' away at 8:30 AM. Dreaming about how they can stay in bed and continue to dream for hours before starting their school work. Ann Moore was not impressed.

But let's not get all caught up in wake up times and zzzz-ing. Let's fast forward to the ceremony. 

I've been to many a high school graduation in my time. And yes, I sound like an old lady reminiscing on the good 'ole days. (ps-I skipped my high school graduation. Do I get some cool points for that? Yes). In my experience, high school graduations are about as fun as pouring lemon juice on a paper cut. Not. Fun. Lots of talking, lots of reading 300+ names, and, as I've seen and heard, lots of singing Miley Cyrus songs like The Climb. I guess it's an inspirational song? Or something.

Not gonna lie. I was singing along at that graduation. You sing it, Miley girl.

The point is...
The point is that graduations are boring. They just are. I was so excited at my college graduation, but it was still boring. 
Ann's graduation just had a lot of odds stacked against it. A) it was a graduation. B) it was a homeschool graduation. C) some other odds I can't think of right now.
Mr. Dids had plenty of time to discover a new "pocket" for his program. He wasn't bored at all.

The redeeming factor? (or so I thought...) There were only 20 kids in her class. 20? Chyeah! In a public high school graduation ceremony, reading 20 kid's names and giving diplomas would take about 10 minutes. Short and sweet and short and stuff. 

In a homeschool graduation ceremony, 20 kids equals 2 hours. 

Watch and learn, you soon-to-be homeschool converts because who doesn't love 2 hour long graduation ceremonies for 20 kids? And who doesn't love run-on sentences?!

Sistah Bear being all grown up with a tassel. Das right. 

#1- You have a personal slideshow for each kid. 
Slideshows are fun to watch, you know you agree. In all of my education classes in college we learned techniques about how to teach in ways that best suited each different learning style you would find in a classroom setting. Visual learners love a good slideshow. Especially a slideshow that is 2 minutes long and put to classic music such as Coldplay and Chicken Techno (apparently that's like a genre now or something? Kids these days. [Hair flip]).

#2- You have parents pre-record a "blessing" that is played while they stand on stage with their child.
Cute idea, in theory. Awkward idea, in reality. Picture this: a young graduate standing center stage with mom on one side and daddy-o on the other. Suddenly, a booming voice comes through the speakers. It is Dad, yet his mouth is not moving. Oh, hello technology, pre-recording is cool, right? Ehhh. Some parents cried as their voices from 2 months past gave their child advice on life. Some parents nodded along like "Heck yes! Another good point made by moi! Touche!" Some parents stood their emotionless. I sat there wriggling and popping my knuckles, feeling awkward until my parents got up there and the tone went from Living a Christian Life to Top 10 Reasons We Love Ann. And you betta believe that #8 was that her hair is great. Who can deny that??
Thanks for the blurry picture, iPhone! Love ya. 

#3- You have the "class clown" sit front and center for the audience's entertainment.
We will call this dude, Distracting Don. Don was the first graduate due to his beginning-of-the-alphabet-lettered last name. Don thought the tassel was the best toy he had ever gotten. He must have never had long hair because the enjoyment he seemed to get by shaking his head so that the tassel would shake was so great. I sat there watching him chew on the string, twist it around his finger, and shake it so hard that it would hit his face repeatedly. Straight up entertainment for hours, I tell ya! Go buy a tassel right now! (And put it on your head, not your nips). You will never need the entertainment of TV or games again. 

By the way, thanks Donald, for the cool blog title. I owe you one. 

I hope you learned something today. Like, bring candy to the next graduation ceremony you go to or start selling concessions on your own. You'll make bank.  I would have bought some Buncha Crunch from you for this experience. 

Okay okay, I'll admit it. It was sweet. I smiled like my mouth was glued in a grin every time a precious baby picture came on the screen. I even nodded my head along with the parents who decided to rap their blessing. And you better believe I got teary eyed when Ann Moore's name was called. Stop growing up so fast, Baby Gurl! what I almost stood up and screamed/sobbed. 

The point is...
The point is that graduations are big milestones. And celebrating them, no matter how short long, is worth it.

May 20, 2013

on growing up

This weekend was one for the books. For the very long novel type books. Really, I don't even know where to begin. It doesn't help that the weekend isn't really over until Tuesday.

Suckas! Loooong weekend going on over here. Oh hey, two more days that I will get all fresh and weekend-y with. 

Anyways, I'll try to paraphrase all of the goodness into a short(ish) novel type post.

Ann graduated high school this weekend. That meant/means so many things like A) Big Brother Joseph (Broseph) flew into town for the weekend. B) Ann is going to college in August. C) I am old. D) She is getting old. D) Joseph is the oldest. 

Get the picture? I can't believe Ann-y doodle graduated. Tears, all the tears. 
After the 2.5 hr ceremony and some dinner (and wine...) we decided to watch old home videos of baby Ann. It never gets old seeing 2 month old Ann throw up all over her cute new onesies...

Friday was the last day I will be seeing a good sized number of my students from this past year since I am up and getting married slash moving. HONEY child, it was bittersweet. These girls have stolen my little dance teacher heart. And I may have brainwashed them about ballet in the process. Those girls can tell you all about the technicalities of doing a tendu, and I love it. I got several adorable cards, one of which was addressed to, "The (Almost) Mrs. Emily." I told Freddie that I can't wait to change my name to Emily. So exciting!!! He asked if I had practiced writing the new name. This one was another winner...
Now I know why Freddie wants to marry me! Using me for my dance teacher skills. Psh, boy must think he can get free ballet lessons out of me. 

Well, y'all. I am all moved out of Atlanta and back at home with the fam dam for the summer which means 1) Riesling with MC every night. 2) Hardcore wedding planning. 
But most importantly it means that I am that much closer to my next big move of getting hitched and living in Chucktown. August, canya get here a little faster?

Not really. Slooooow down, Shirley. We've got a wedding to plan.
But really, speed up, Shirls. I would like to see that Frederickfriend for more than 2 days at a time.

May 15, 2013

double u squared

Wedding Wednesday. Two words, two simple words, that I never ever thought I'd be using in a blog title. Or a blog post first sentence.

Why would anyone be interested in my wedding? Well blog palsies of mine, you don't have to hide your interest any more because Welcome to my Wedding Wednesday. 

And just like that, I succumbed to the blog world. 

Let's start where any first wedding post should start: the engagement. The engagement pictures, more specifically. I mean, once engagement pictures are taken there is no turning back, right? Everything becomes real after those suckers come out into the real world. Or something.

I got way lucky in the sister department. And not because she has perfect hair or looks cuter than Rosie the Riveter when she puts a bandana on her head, but because she takes pictures. Pretty darn good pictures if you ask me. She's been studying photography for a couple years and is fueling the photog bug even more by studying it further in college come August. Enter Ann. Enter Ann taking our engagement pictures. Enter rain clouds, awkward camera kisses, and lots of laughing about those awkward camera kisses. 

Enter you, looking at these pictures and ooh-ing and aaah-ing. 
Ann Moore Photography. 

Well, where do these Wedding Wednesdays go from here?! Get ready, we're about to wedding the crap outta these Wednesdays. 

May 13, 2013

short and sweet

There's no time for super funny jokes this morning so instead you get this kind of weekend recap...

I love this stud-ly muffin.
Oh hello, preview of our engagement pictures. [Ann Moore Photography]

I love this Mater.
Throwback Monday style. Hey, 2011. How are YOU doing?
Sorry but not sorry that MC is a hawt mama.

And this girl is graduating on Saturday. I love her too. 
Bring on the waterworks because ain't no way my eyes will be dry watching Young Ann be all Old Ann and stuff. 

More on engagement pics and wedding registry and graduations later.

May 10, 2013

insert clever blog title that draws you in here

Last night as I was Facebook chatting my younger sister, just as any respectable almost 24 year old would be doing on a Thursday night, I asked her about what I should blog today. It went something like this...

A: um.



And there you go Ann, I blogged about you today. Dreams do come true!

Let's talk about life lately. Life lately has been crazy. I am two weeks away from wrapping up my first year of being a dizzance teacher in the ATL (in Atlanta we still add the izz to everything, duh), I booked a venue for my wedding...3.5 months away, and the other day when I got a manicure I asked the lady to cut my nails and she cut all but one. One. And it is bothering the poopiest poop out of me, but I can't just remember to just cut it myself until now when I am typing important things and not by nail clippers. 

Isn't this post exhilarating? 

What else has been going on?

This is what happens when I try to screenshot a funny snapchat...I fail. 

This is what I stay up late making for Freddie on the night before he gets into town. Possibly makes up for my snapchat fails.

Ann-y Doodle is having surgery later this month and this is what the helpful info sheet told her she might feel like 3 days afterwards. Ann, I'll still love you when you become a cross eyed "weirdo."

We are having engagement pictures and registering for the wedding this weekend. Obviously, I wear a fluorescent orange vest and a hard hat while completing the rigorous task of registering, but what do I wear for engagement pictures?! You mean, leotard and tights and workout clothes aren't acceptable? Other items of clothing exist? Mind blown. 


May 8, 2013

divine venue

The wine bar we went to before we got engaged is called d'Vine. Uh, and venue starts with a V too? I'm going to stop typing this introductory paragraph now...

Well, the fun thing about planning a wedding four months away is that you can't waste any time starting. So 7 days after we got engaged we had booked our dreamboat of a venue. Let's talk about how we should have immediately gone and bought lottery tickets that day because I'm not sure how we scored this place so last minute.

Man, why did I just think of that? Too late. 

Without further ado, I introduce you to Vinewood. A.k.a.--a little slice of Heaven in the Nan.

All images via Pinterest

Is it weird to be posting a picture from another couple's wedding? Naaah.

So there ya have it. The pecan tree where we'll be all like, "I DO." And the barn where we get jiggy with it (dancing, people, come on) and let them eat cake and stuff.

Are your eyes making dreamy little love hearts when you look at this place like mine do?! 
I'm sure the answer is yes. This place is GORGEOUS! And Freds is handsome. And I'm getting married.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Now to decide on how to decorate. Brb. 

May 7, 2013

you don't want to read this

I didn't write a Weekend Shenanis post because...well, I didn't think you wanted to hear every little wedding planing detail from the weekend. 

The biggest thing that I know you do want to hear is...we have a date! And a venue! And HELLO, sounds like we are all planned and ready to go, right?!

Because in a mere 4 months we are getting hitched. Holy Shiitake Mushrooms, I said 4 months! I will end the wedding talk for today with this little gem that I sent Freds.
And gurl please, I can't wait. Excited doesn't begin to describe how excited I am to marry that Freddiefran in fo' months.

In the meantime, let's talk about how it is May. And Ann turned 18. And Ann is graduating high school in two weeks. And I will be done with my first year of teaching in three weeks.

Okay, I can't really talk about any of this because I am still shocked/excited/bittersweetified and don't have a lot of things to say other than what? Slow down, time. Slow down, life. Stop growing so fast, ANN!

Baby Ann and Emily

Not so Baby Ann and Emily ( but drag queen-y Ann and Emily).

Aaaaand Lame Post: Sixteenth Edition over and out.
Back to the catering, photographer, invitations, guest list, decorations, registry repeat! chanting that is going on in my head. 

May 2, 2013

permanent markers

What kind of post can you write as a follow up to a proposal post?
A boring one, that's what. 

Welcome to my boring post. If you want to read something fun, scroll down and read or re-read our proposal story. I may or may not go through the whole thing in my head several times a day. Call me crazy, but I can't get enough. Apparently you can't get enough either since I got over 150 more hits on that post than any other post I've written. Because of this, Freddie will now be proposing to me once a month so I can write about it and keep you entertained.

Back to the boring schtuff...

This week has been crazy amazing, and not just because I have this shiny thing on my finger slash the Freddiefriend forever. My best friend, Caroline, flew into town Monday and it has been non stop party eating time since she got here. Freds kind of had perfect proposal timing... what a catch, that man. 

Want to know the kind of things you cram into 2 days when your biffle wiffle is in town? 
Caroline works at Disney and picked these up for us right before she left Whorelando. COOL. 

At Agnes, it's a tradition to get thrown in the Alumnae Pond when you get engaged. I got gently placed into the pond and can't say I hated it. 

Ann-y Doodle turned 18 yesterday and we had big birthdays plans. Me, my mom, and Ann got a triple spiral matchsises tattoo. Hello, best birthday present ever. Ann is clearly enjoying it. 

Caroline and I have had these matching rings since we were 11. We've worn them on our left ring finger erry day since then (until I was a sophomore in college and the ocean grabbed mine right offa my hand) (and until Sunday when I had another fancy ring put on that finger). In a crazy turn of events, I found the exact ring at a small outdoor market in Atlanta over a year later. We've always talked about getting "ring" tattoos, and after spending 2 hours in a tattoo parlour yesterday watching other people get tatted up, Caroline decided to go for the gold and get one. I'm pretty biased, but I think the design based off of the ring is b-e-a-u-tiful. I can't wait to get mine in the future too.

This post was brought to you by tattoos, tattoos, tattoos and best friends.


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