September 30, 2013

and then I don't feel so bad.

Where would you say your home is? 
Is it where you live now? Or where you grew up? Or, as Edward Sharpe says, is home wherever I'm with you?
I am a sucker for that quote, by the way. Me and everyone else in the world. But I was definitely the first to use the quote as wall decor. Right? No?

I spent the month of September finding my home. Or, I guess I should say, creating a new home. A new home in a new place with my new husband. I decorated. I rearranged furniture. I cleaned. I did laundry. I rearranged furniture again. I decorated some more. I got into my work routine. But I wasn't concerned about making our apartment feel like a home. I've lived enough places throughout college and post-grad life to make a room or an apartment feel homey. 
But how do you make a place feel like home? 

For my entire life, home has been in Georgia. Home has been my little sweet town of Newnan or the big bad city of Atlanta. Different scenes that both just feel comfortable, familiar, and like home. Ya know? I'm pretty sure the word home doesn't even have a definition in the dictionary. How do you define something so earthly and physical, yet so emotional?! 

You just can't. So you write a babbly blog post instead. 
Hey, Newnan, I see yer pretty little self.
The ATL skyline showing off her grandeur from on top of Stone Mountain.

While I usually think of these places when I hear the word home, it is more so because of the people who live in these places. 
My fam damily. This homebody-licious girl loves me some family. 

And yes, my family is in Georgia (and Disney... And off at college...) and they are the people I love the most, I chose to marry Freds. I chose to move to a new state, a new city. I chose to make a new home with this boy who I happen also to love the most. (There's room for lots of loving most in this heart here).

I made these decisions and I would make them all over again. Yes, siree! I would. Life isn't about being static. Life isn't about getting comfortable and staying comfortable. Although, I sure do like staying in my itty bitty comfort box. 

Life is about change. Life is about exploration. 
Life is about love. 

Change, exploration, and (mostly) love brought my life to Charleston, South Carolina. A.k.a.--my new home. 
And I've kind of been having a ball finding my place in my new home. 
 I don't mean my place like the couch, where I sit most nights when Frederick slaves away in the kitchen...

That, my friends, has been my favorite (and sometimes not so favorite) part of September. Now, enjoy some pictures of home
Okay, I lied. Eating my way through this new home place has actually been my favorite part.
home. the end. period. 

September 27, 2013

disneymoon: the end edition

Here we are, you and me. Me and you. 
You reading looking at the pictures of the last honeymoon recap post and me wondering what happens on the blog now that these posts are over...

Don't fret, little grasshoppers, I'll be sure never ever to do recap posts again until my next honeymoon.
See what I did there? Made a funny!

The last 2 days of honeymoon were the most jam packed and fun days. And also the most sad days. At one point I turned to Freddie and said something about I can't believe we have to go home in two days (whine whine whine). He gave me this crazy look and was like Yeah... 2 days. We have 2 full days to have fun. Why are you already thinking about the end?

And that right there is why I married him. Because he is always right and I am always needing to be reminded to calm down and enjoy the moment. 
In slightly related news, go read my new favorite blog post here. Jena kind of knew how to sum up all of my way-too-emotional-calm-down-feelings as of late. 

Okay dokay, let's get this recap up and goin'.

Once upon a time we honeymooned at Disney. It was magical. 
Oh hai, lookie. We did have a nice camera during the trip. I just know how much everyone prefers cell phone pictures to DSLR pictures so this baby got some rest in the suite for the week. You are welcome. 

Fast forward to Friday night. The night we decided to travel to Hawaii and go to a luau. 
Lucky for us, Hawaii could be found right next door to our resort at the Polynesian. Betcha never knew you could ride the monorail to Hawaii! 
Also bet you have never seen an empty monorail. Because I sure have not and kind of felt like I was in a Disney version of the Twilight Zone. 

We get there, get lei'd (go ahead, giggle), get our drinks, and head to the auditorium. I've continuously said that I felt like royalty on this trip, but this is when we actually were royalty. I'm talking food on food on food. On food. On food.
Get the picture?
Mounds of food being served to us with unlimited drinks being brought out along the way.
Why yes, I will have my cake and eat it too, please and thank you.

And as if that wasn't enough, we got to watch and learn the hula, dance because it was our honeymoon, and then sit with our mouths open at the fire knife dancer. Literally, jaw on the floor.
 Hips don't lie.

 Oh, let me just put fire in my mouth and on my feet and whirly twirl it everywhere. No big deal.

Freddie and I then spent a lot of time conversing about how many burns we thought he has gotten in his fire knife dancing days.
The monorail shut down so we also tiredly food drunkenly took fun pictures as were conversed about such things.
Why do I share these things online again? Remind me.

The last day of the whole shebang was probably my favorite so I'll just photo dump you right now. We started off at Magic Kingdom, met up with some friends in town for a little bit, and ended off the long park day in Epcot. Eating and drinking around the world = what I want to be doing right now my favorite thing ever.

Disney Starbucks on Mainstreet. Weird and yes.

Brother and husband on my right and hello, my wedding videographer and wedding coordinator on my left. Best group ever.

Then the stars aligned and we got to eat at the Be Our Guest restaurant for Freddie's first time. And yes, it's okay to go ahead and start singing Tale as Old as Time.

 A quick pit stop for pictures and...we're off to Epchat!

Where this happened:
I can't explain why and how we love Spaceship Earth so much, but know that it is an obscene amount. Thumbs up, indeed.

The stars aligned again on this trip and we got to FastPass the new Test Track. Which is awesome because look at the test car we created. All I'm saying is...this baby was in the Top 5 in compatibility category of the day. Brag brag brag. The bigger the wheels the more practical the car or something?...

File these two under: Things That Made Us Giggle. Ron Swanson in the house! And those shirts?! No words. Except one. Dangerous.

A romantic (complete with romantic lighting...) dinner in Mexico.

Oh yeah! Followed by a toast to a week of marriage. Cheers and kisses!

We did it. We made it through a week of married life and a wonderful honeymoon.
And now we've been back for 4 weeks in our new home and have passed the month mark
Bring on all the happy tears. Being married to this dude is like a permanent party.

Even when my suitcase fails and spills and is obviously a sign that we shouldn't go home and Freddie just takes pictures and laughs.

Still a party.

September 25, 2013

disneymoon: third edition

Let's keep on keepin' on with these Disney posts. A.k.a.--the best most magical posts in the world. 

and the day we got to go backstage (and underneath) Magic Kingdom.

The Keys to the Kingdom tour is a tour where you learn all sorts of history of the park all while walking/touring, riding rides, and going down into the tunnels under the park. Um, yes please! Seriously, if you'll pay $4 for a cold water at Disney (their water is just that much more magical and delicious!...) , then you should definitely pay the extra $75 to go on this tour.

It. was. amazing. 
Amazing, I tell you!
And guess what?
No cameras were allowed.
Wanh wanh...

I could type out every single detail we learned, but then you would have to pay me the $75 instead so...

Wink wink. I'll give you a lil sampling. 
We started off the day on Main Street and walked down learning all about the names on the windows and who did what, etc., etc. I'm pretty sure our tour guide eats, sleeps, and dreams all about Roy and Walt Disney. Girlfriend was spitting out that info. 

We rode Pirates and got an insider's look at the ride. Which was pretty cool... We did the same on Haunted Mansion which, lemme tell you, stuff is crazy in there. I remember first riding it when I was 10. Let me rephrase that, I remember screaming and crying on my brother's shoulder when I was 10. Every time I have ridden it since then I have almost fallen asleep. Why was I such a scaredy cat?! It's dark and cool in there and you're usually so hot and tired that by the time you ride it that you're like oooh nooo, not a ghostzzzzz. 

I know you've all done it too. Well this time I was on edge trying to look for all the cool stuff our guide told us. 

Like (drumroll, please...) there's a hidden Donald Duck on the ride. The million and one Hidden Mickeys ain't got nothing on this one Hidden Donald! 

But blah blah blahdy blah, all of this was overpowered when we got to go backstage! And see the parade floats! And the dancers practicing!

I almost left the group right then and there and was like Ooookie dokie, Disney people, thanks for my new job. I'll start my dancing rehearsals now. 

Then, to really overpower and crush all earlier activities, we got to go down into the tunnels! Did you know that when you go to Magic Kingdom you are actually going up on the second level? 

Yes siree! I already knew that since I've got my brother there giving me all the insider info (shucks, thanks, Broseph!), but to actually get to be on the first level in the secret not-so-secret tunnels was pretty awesome. I really almost started acting like I worked there at that point. (Sigh, one say I'll shrink 2 inches and Disney will be begging me to dance for them. I just know it...). 

How fun was it reading all of that and seeing no pictures? Golly gee, who doesn't love a good 'ole recap post?! (put your hands down!)
No fun, I know. I get it. I'll have a photo dump from the rest of our day to make up for it. 

After the tour we stuck around and did some more touristy stuff, minus the actual tour.
Let me just say, we were decked out in pins at this point. Happily Ever After pins on one side, Kingdom to the Keys name tag pins on the other side. Pin Traders be jealous. We were rockin' it. Look at Freds over there-- Pin flair, don't care.

Another MooreWeissMoore Fun Must-Do? Go see PhilharMagic and take 3D glasses pictures. Because who doesn't need darkly lit/thumbs up/3D glasses pictures?

We decided to be crazy that night and eat somewhere new in Epcot. My family definitely has their our Disney routine down pat and we don't often try new restaurants. Why try new restaurants when you're eating the most delicious pizza ever in Italy in Epcot?! That's our theory. 

But, holy yum balls, since becoming a Weiss and trying the Japanese restaurant with Mr. Weiss my theory might have some competition. 
Melt-in-your-mouth-delicious sushi. Droolsies. 

As if the ohmigawd yummy sushi wasn't enough, the restaurant workers fuh-reaked out when they saw it was our honeymoon. We're talking the red pen came out and underlined the all caps HONEYMOON written on our reservation card. Our hostess said something in Japanese and suddenly every waitress and waiter in the restaurant stopped what they were doing and repeated something back and bowed. What?! I like to think they were saying, "You are our favorite and most honored newlywed couple guests!" Not sure what else it possibly could have been because after our meal they brought out this surprise...

 Chocolate cake complete with a candle to blow out and origami rings to wear. 
Remember that one time (or two) I mentioned how magical Disney makes a honeymoon?

We spent the rest of the evening strutting around Epcot all like, Hey, non-honeymooners, is our origami bling blinding you? 

Actually, we just walked around smiley and hand hold-y and random people kept offering to take our pictures. Can't say no to the paparazzi, I mean, nice Epcot guests who have been drinking around the world.

If Freddie is reading this he is probably thinking about how I left out a chunk of the night where we almost missed our dinner reservations. And I was all like Freddie, ahhh, please call since I'm driving!! And he was like We're fine. Trust me. Calm down. And I was all like Please please please call! We're going to be at least 15 mins late! And he was like Emily, you are right. I will call. That is such a good idea. 

Hint: He didn't say that last sentence and the whole ordeal was a tad bit longer with some minor freaking outage. What a relief we made it through such a hard time in the beginning of our marriage ;)

 You made it! Almost... You are *officially* almost done with honeymoon week. Just a day filled with eating in Beast's castle, drinking around Epcot, and dancing at a Luau left.

September 23, 2013

disneymooning like a loon

Welcome back, my readers who love to read about Disney and honeymoons and all things sappy and Mickey. Welcome to Part Deux.

I'm filing this post under the Weekend Shenanis. Why? Because my real weekend was spent laying on my booty as my GA born and bred sinuses decided to rebel against my move to the Carolina wetlands. Therefore, my I really can't breathe outta my nose self decided to spend my weekend recapping a happier time in my sinuses' life.

We already looked back and giggled about that one time Freddie and I were celebrities in an ice cream store. Let's move on into the week of newlywed bliss.

Tuesday was a day of many firsts. Like, the first time Freddie got to draw at Animation Academy. Or how about that picture was the first time I signed my new last name. Who would have thought Rapunzel would get the first time honor of Emily + Weiss?! She looks pretty excited.
Freddie is still livid that we didn't draw Chip and Dale. So he took it out on Rapunzel.

Everyone has their lists of must-dos at Disney. In fact if and when you go there and if and when you stay on Disney property, go ahead and turn on the TV. There is a channel dedicated to Disney Must-Dos hosted by a lovely lady named Stacey...a lady who has given me and my family lots and lots of endless entertainment.
In the name of all that rocks, let's hit it dude. 
That Stacey, such a comic.

Mine and Freddie's Hollywood Studios list went something like this:
Immediately FastPass Rock n' Roller Coaster.

Ride Star Tours.

Take a break from the long intense journey with C-3PO by getting a refreshing marg.

Ride Rock n' Roller Coaster and scream like a child. Okay, I admit that the screaming was all Freddie. I mean, me. So confusing now that we are one. ;)

Wait in line to draw at the Animation Academy and watch Ralph have a costume malfunction.

But once we get bored looking at Ralph we/Freddie like to add to our collection of terrible horrible no good Emily pictures.
This is picture #319/570. Ish.

Finish off with a super cheesy kissy picture.
Note: if you wear Happily Ever After pins, all (and I mean all) Photopass photogs will instantly ask you to do a kissy picture. Oooh, okay. If you insist, Miss. I'll smack one on my husband in front of the children. Suuuure. 

Freddie and I both aren't Tower of Terror fans. SHUT UP, YOU CRAY <<<That's what you're all saying now, I know. We decided to walk around, take pictures, grab a pizza at Pizza Planet, and head back to get ready for the fancy schmancy dinner reservations we had that night.

Oh yeah, stepping out in the real nice clothes as husband and wife for the first time. Meaning, for the first time in the real nice clothes, of course. We had already stepped out as the tired and super sweaty from the Orlando heat husband and wife quite a few times by then.

Bonus points? We got to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from dinner. Nothing better than sipping on some wine, eating some cheesy grits and short ribs, and seeing the fireworks.

 Self timer pictures, yes please. Self timers pictures in our second living room, yes please. La te da, two living rooms? What a hard week.

I spent a good amount of time trying to remember what we did the next day. We didn't go in the parks and I'm sure we sat by the pool most of the day. Other than that I am lost. But I guess that's the good thing about lazy honeymoons? You don't have to remember every tiny detail. It was so good and peaceful and restful that all I know was it was a good day. Details schmetails.

I do remember we spent a good amount of time playing in the hotel arcade. Um, yes. It was awesome.

Maybe we did some of this that day?

We definitely rented boats at one point...Let's say that happened on this day.

The End.

Part Three gets really exciting. Tours of backstage at Magic Kingdom, special Luaus, and origami rings at Epcot, oh my!

Sami's Shenanigans


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