May 17, 2012

Here's the thing

I graduated from college.

Although, for some reason the dean didn't move my tassel to the left which meant I had to move it myself so I am still unclear to whether or not I really am graduated...

But, for yuck's sake, let's just say BYE BYE UNDERGRAD.

And a huge huge huge thank you to my mom and dad, who dealt with emotional college drop-out Emily for 1.5 years and helped me get back and finish. Life is puh-retty funny sometimes. I would not be where I am today (with this awesome job) if it weren't for my time away from school. Try all you want, Life, but you can't knock me offa my feet.

May 7, 2012

Top 10 for Happy 100

When I started this blog, I was like Ohh cool, let me write about my feelings and hopefully people will read them and be like 'Wow, Emily. Those are some awesome feelings.'  Do y'all think that when you read this blog? Probably. But, moving on...guess what?? 

This is my 100th post. 
A whole whopping 100 posts. Today, I find myself thinking What in the world could I have blabbed on about for 100 posts?  So naturally, I decided to go back and look. 

Ladies and gents, may I introduce you to Yippee! It's MLE's Top 10 posts. (It really should be top 100 since y'all think my feelings are so awesome, but I narrowed it down for you.)

I was completely spoiled when I ran my first 5K and loved every minute of it--even the part when I was dying. 

I have an annoying cowlick. Have you heard? 

I am also my father's favorite child

Ann got all the good hair genes. My life is not fair. 

I played Mary Poppins for 1.5 years and I miss those babies so much!

This one time, I admitted to liking one animal. RIP Cello, you sneaky pup.

Sometimes my posts have no point. So what?

Freddiefriend decided to stick with me for a year. 

And finally, I am the proud owner of a furry vest! And it is mighty fine. 

Dear blog of mine, I can't believe we made it to 100 posts. You've made me proud. We'll do something really big for 200 posts. Happy Blogging!
This picture is completely unrelated, but I can't stand posts without pictures.

May 1, 2012

On having a little sister

Everyone who is anyone reads my blog. And everyone who is anyone knows I have a bad case of sister envy. I wanted a sister so badly. Once I got one, the joke was on me. It wasn't long before I realized...Wait a minute, this child has wavy hair and a dimple and can wear all the fashion trends and look cute (she was a trendy baby, okay?). But we're all glad I could come first to suck up the last of the straight hair and smooth dimple-less cheeks (that would be face cheeks, ya nasties) from the gene pool. Drama queen much? No, I am not. 

This wavy haired, cheek dimplin', fashion trending sister of mine is turning 17 today. 17! Next year she will be buying lottery tickets! (Ann, don't do it) Where has the time gone? Well, I'm glad you asked. Lemme tell you about Little Annie's life.

First and foremost, this child (who is almost a legal adult, major gasping over here) is a riot. If we weren't sure of her rioting tendencies when, at a mere 5 years old, she yelled, "You just don't understand how hard my life is!" we definitely confirmed her status of riot when she started hiding her cough syrup and telling us she would take it if we could find it. Sneaky little homegirl, that one. 

Some other fun facts about A.E. Moore?

She lives off of a strict diet of plain noodles with butter. Goldfish. And other odd creations such as pretzle sticks and marshmallows. Mini m&ms and hershey kisses by the pounds. Etc., etc. Why yes, she is turning 17. That was not a typo for 7. And yes, she weighs about 90 lbs soping wet. Maybe this is a diet we all should be considering?

She is very outgoing. Which means brave in my book. One minute she's off being a social butterfly and driving all around the state of GA visiting friends. The next minute she's telling the baristas at Starbucks if they could make her frappucino with creme instead of coffee that that would be great (insert sweet smile) So brave! 

As seen with her eating habits, she has her own unique taste. This is also true with clothing. Growing up, mom and I would always pick up the frilly, lacy, beautiful little Easter dresses while Ann would run up to us begging for the disco, trashy, fur collared, glittery dresses. Do not call her a prissy girl because there were no hair bows on this child's head!

Happy Birthday, Ann!!!

You're crazy and I love you. And I can't believe you are 17. The older I get the more I cherish our sweet sweet friendship. Good thing you're so awesome...

And now for some embarrassing pictures!


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