February 25, 2014

on the small stuff

Yesterday was our 6 month wedding anniversary. And I know what you're thinking...that is so middle school of her to be celebrating months! 

And to you I say, Psssh yes. (ooo, burn!) I am celebrating monthiversaries because we celebrate by drinking some wine and eating chocolate lava cakes. I am always looking for a good excuse to celebrate with wine and any excuse is a good excuse when you need an excuse. 

But let's look into this a little more closely. Everybody celebrates the big anniversaries. The years. Everybody celebrates the big days like birthdays. But how many people celebrate the little things?  Little things like monthiversaries and first dates and Freddie's been in Chucktown a year. By the way, we did celebrate the whole Freddie's been here a year thing and it just so happened to fall on the same date as our first kiss. Two little birds with one stone glass of champagne.

When I made some comment about being that girl that posts monthiversary updates on all social media sites one of my friends pointed out that it is, in fact, something worth celebrating since it is 4 or 5 times as long as Kim Kardashian (or B Spears) was married.

And that is definitely cause enough for celebrations and wine. 

So today I challenge you to celebrate all the small stuff, too. Celebrate the first kiss. Celebrate the I love you's. Celebrate another month because all those little months add up to the big ones, didn't ya know?

Happy 6 months and a day, Mr. Frederick!

February 20, 2014

life lessons

Life teaches us a lot of lessons. In a lot of not-so-funny ways, I might add. Whenever someone is going through a hard time the words that are *supposed* to make them feel better are things like:

Years from now you'll look back on this and it will all make sense.
This is part of God's plan.
Be patient. Good things will come. 

As much as I loathe hearing those words when I think my life has turned upside down, I can honestly say that those sayings are somewhat true and have some purpose. Had I not dropped out of college due to financial issues and stayed out of school for 1.5 years I would have never met Freddie. That's kind of a big deal thing that happened in my life. Here I am married to the man and living in a different state because of him. So maybe I should thank life for throwing me that curve ball? Thank ya much, life!

But enough about me and my life lessons. A week ago today two super special babies made their grand entrance to the world. A grand entrance that was long awaited for their Mommy-O and Daddy-O.

You see, 2 years ago I applied for a part-time ballet teacher job on a whim. That one day a week teaching job has turned into my life. Teaching 5+ days a week. Teaching all ages. Teaching all styles of dance. Choreographing. Rehearsing. Singing. All the things. And all thanks to a lady named Lindsey. 
That's Miz Lins there in the middle. A blushing (pregnant) bride. Shh, don't tell!

Lindsey became my boss. My co-worker. My co-choreographer. But mostly, she became my friend
She listened to me agonize over Freddie moving and then worry about if Freddie and I were going to get engaged and married and live happily ever after. She listened to me cry over the loss of grandparents. She drank Riesling with me and introduced me to the most delicious yogurt I've ever tasted in my life. (Seriously though, go try this now). We came into each other's lives during big transitional periods for the both of us (well, at least on my side). I was on the verge of getting married and potentially leaving my life in Georgia and she and her husband were wanting and trying with everything they had to start a family. 

I'm not the one to sit here on your knee and tell you all about Lindsey's story and journey to pregnancy. I don't even know half of her story. But the part I do know? The part where I got a phone call saying she was finally pregnant, the part where she came into a Beauty and the Beast rehearsal wide-eyed telling me she was having twins---I know those parts of the story. And it is a story that is b-e-a-utifully well-written (thanks, God! Ya cool dude you). 

Baby Celia and Baby Joel, you could not have gotten better parents even if you could have picked some outta a big best-parents-ever magazine! You are so loved and are going to be raised in a house FULL of laughs, hugs, delicious food, more laughing, support, and all of the love. Heck, sounds like we all should move into this kind of house! But really, I can't wait to semi-move in with you and kiss the crap out of your baby cheekies (face, not tush, ya nasties). 

I'm not posting a picture of the twins on here. But how about all of you picture the cutest little twin babies in your head (other than Freddie and his brother, of course...good wife award!) and then Voila! You've correctly pictured Celia and Joel. 

Lindsey and Drew, you. are. PARENTS!!!! (In case you didn't get the memo...)
Time to celebrate for the rest of your lives!!

Brb, I'm off to plan my next trip home so I can get some twin lovin'. 

February 14, 2014

cheesy cupid

Serious question first: Are you already delving into the Valentine's chocolate and candy? For breakfast? And second breakfast? 

Happy Valentine's Day! 
I will answer the above question with a big, fat YES. I had a handful of Sweetart heart gummies with my breakfast which means I've already made one excellent decision for the day and it's only 9 am. Bravo, day. 

Last Valentine's Day was 4 days before Mr. Freds up and moved to Charleston and started his new job in Charleston. This means that last year Valentine's Day I was a hot mess. This also means that Freddie is 4 days away from living in this b-e-a-utiful place for a whole year! A year! 365 days! You know how much has changed since he left last February 18?! 
The answer is yes, you do know how much has changed because you read this blog like your life depends on it. 

But that's information for a different-non-Valentine's Day-but-still-sappy post. 

Let's focus on V-day gifts. Because that's the real reason anyone really like Valentine's Day. That and the candy, of course. Now, I'm not one to spend oodles and boodles on cash monies for gifts however I love love love giving gifts and love coming up with the cheesiest possible gifts to give. It's kind of my specialty. How big can I make you roll your eyes with my cheesy gift? How long can I make you shake your head as you giggle over my cheesy gift? These are the important things I think about when going into the gift giving process. 

In years past Freddie has gotten some cheestastic things. 
The strawberries count as cheesy too since they are filled with CHEESEcake!

This year is no exception. Cheesy gifts are coming to Freddie in T minus 9 hours. Let the countdown begin.

What do you do or give or eat for Valentine's Day? 

February 12, 2014

the tale of tulle

Tulle skirts.  
Being a dancer I've been flaunting tulle since 1993. Also the year that Justin Timberlake joined Mickey Mouse Club. Me in tulle. Justin in Mickey ears. You can imagine my excitement when tulle was decided to be an "in" thing and Anthropologie came out with this baby. (Are Mickey ears in yet?)

Hello, heart eyes emoji, let me borrow you so I can see this skirt better. This skirt! Amazing! Tulle! Ballet! In real life! Socially acceptable! All of the exclamation points! 

The excitement continued when I opened my Christmas presents a couple years ago and this skirt was among them. Mine! Mine! Mine!
Christmas is the season of wearing all presents together as one. Home Alone + tulle = Christmas. 

And then came the whole wearing this thing out in public thing...I felt like a lunatic. There goes that crazy ballerina who forgot to take off her costume before leaving the show! And what do you wear with tulle when a leotard and/or tutu bodice isn't attached?! My mind could not comprehend it. I could not think of a single thing to put on the top. I might as well just start walking around in my leotard and tights with no cover-ups if I'm walking around in a tulle skirt. <<My reasoning seems so logical...

I put it to use in some dance pictures. Tulle skirt for dance pictures? How horribly cliche and brilliant of me, right?

Tulle can be such a tool. Really, think about it. You, as a tulle wearer, don't wear the tulle so people compliment your skirt. You wear the tulle so people think Maaaaaaan, that girl has got it going on. Or Hello, she is so Pinterest right now. Or What a smart girl who made the choice to wear the tulle and compliment you.

At least, that is how it felt to me on Saturday night. I attended a theater gala in my hometown and was forced by my sister decided to bring out the 'ole tulle skirt. After plenty of mini panic attacks of what top to wear with it since I'm still hung up on the leotard + tulle thing, I put it on with clothes I borrowed from my sister. Then I decided I looked absolutely ridiculous. Then I realized we were late and there was no time to change.

Here's how that night went down...

What I felt like in a tulle skirt:
a puffy white pouf ball

a child pageant star

the LOOK AT ME kind of attention hog.

What I felt like after people were saying nice things about my tool-y tulle:
Oh, this old thing? hashtag: model status and giggle giggle.

Now let me turn away so my skirt flows up and I can tendu before exiting the stage lobby.

What I really looked like:
The date of the most dapper Mr. Diddy of all the Mr. Diddys.

One lady told me she wears her skirt all. the. time. With t-shirts and everything.
Shut up.

What would you wear with a tulle skirt?

February 7, 2014

sorry i'm not sorry.

So the Superbowl. Big deal and all that. I don't know, I just really enjoy a good Superbowl party for the food provided because lawd knows my knowledge (and care) of football extends very little. 

This year the Superbowl festivities began just like any of the others. Read: Freddie made a whole lotta delicious food. Since we are an old married couple and very punctual we arrived to our Superbowl party a tad early. Read: We got first dibs on filling up our plates. In walk the Weiss duo with a tub full of guac and a pyrex dish full of ribs. (This should be the beginning sentence of a really good book. Someone, write this). 

Now, Frederick is an engineer and Frederick's friends in Charleston are all engineers. This party was hosted by one of those engineer friends so we met even more engineer friends. It's an endless cycle, really. Bobby (engineer friend #77) introduced us to the other 2 guests who arrived early were smart and got there early for food. 

New engineer friend #1: So y'all are both engineers?
Emily: ::a much too loud HA:: No, no. I'm a dance teacher and choreographer.

As soon as it came out of my mouth I realized it sounded like I was apologizing. I'm so sorry me and my lack of brain cells are disrupting your party experience. Let me pirouette right out the door. 

New engineer friend #1: Really?! Wow, that is awesome. Wow. So great. 

I was slightly taken aback at his big reaction to my job, but still kind of just blew it off. Sorry I don't have a real career like you.

But my New Engineer Friend #1 kept going on and on. He talked about how it is great that I'm doing what I love. How I have a paying job in a field I love. How you don't hear about people doing that these days and he thinks it is great that I get to do that. He asked what ages I teach. He asked what I choreograph. He asked what type of dancing. He asked where I get to do these things. 

But I'm a dance teacher and choreographer? Did you hear that part? I don't sit in an office all day and do work. I don't have a real job. 

I thought about his reaction and his take on my job a lot during the game (because come on, let's face it. I know absolutely nothing about football and I still knew that game and those commercials sucked). 

Why do I always feel the need to apologize for my career not being "good enough?" Not good enough for whom?! Since getting married and moving to Chucktown I have had the biggest time struggling with what to do. I feel like teaching is supposed to be my in-between job, but why? Why does something I love, something I have studied my entire life, have to be temporary? 

Why? Why? Why?
Now I sound like the 3 year olds I teach...Whyyyy, Miss Emily, why?

I'm not sorry I teach dance. 
That means I get to be up and moving all day, not sitting at a desk. That means I get to make an impact on the lives of children, young and old (even if it is a small impact). Think about those teachers that you will never ever forget--maybe I'm that teacher to some of these kids. When parents thank me or tell me their child talks about me constantly or tell me their child has never been so happy in an activity, I'm not sorry for hearing those things. 
I'm not sorry I choreograph. 
I am surrounded by a group of kids who are full of talent. A group of kids who could be will be the next generation actors, singers, and dancers. When I choreograph movements for them and for their shows it gives them opportunities to grow and shine in their talent. To blossom while doing what they love. To gain experience that will help them accomplish their goals and dreams. I'm not sorry I turn my living room into a studio space every lunch break to finish choreography before evening rehearsals. I studied and will continue to study curriculums, I trained, I student taught in college--all of these things help to make me the best teacher I can be.

But you know what really makes me to be the best teacher I can be?
My students.
Especially when they come bopping in with presents like this. 

So, I AM sorry for those people who think "all I do" is wear pink tutus and stand on my tippy-toes all day. I am sorry that people don't understand the importance of the arts and of empowering the talents of our children through the arts. 

Sorry I am not sorry that I get to do these things. Because dance is my job (and kind of my life...) And I love it. 

February 4, 2014

in with the new

You know those Price Is Right girls? The ones who are all dolled up and fancy-like just so they can stand by the prizes with their hands open as if people are actually following their fingertips to look at said prices and not looking at their gaw-geous selves?
Follow my fingers and look at the tree! Look at the tree!

Okay, now imagine one of those girls standing by your computer screen and showing off my new blog design.


A few important things of which to take note:
1- Erin is the b-e-s-t. Yes, I had to spell it out for you. Our conversations over designing went something like this: 
Me: um, blah blah, I want these really crazy specific things and then I will probably change my mind, but glitter! Yet, simplistic. But fun writing. But simplistic. But crazy awesome. In a simple way. 
Erin: Done! You need me to change things? No problem! You don't like? No problem! We can try a million things. 

Girlfriend can take the most vague and wordy description from a customer (me) and turn it into a masterpiece (this). She also has a Disney-like customer service attitude and will help with anything and everything. She also designed an awesome sign for my wedding. So...have you already opened up another tab and emailed her to design something yet? Get on it. 

*obligatory all thoughts and opinions are my own comment. 

2- I have a wedding page. You. Are. Welcome. Raise your hand if you don't immediately stalk a wedding tab as soon as you see its existence. Aaaaand no one raised their hand because everyone does it. Especially me. So as much as I resisted putting a tab up there, I decided to fuel the madness. Also, I'm still a "newlywed" and plan on sneaking wedding pictures into everything for a long while. Secret is out. 

3- A new About page had to happen because I am no longer a 20-something living in Atlanta. I am a 20-something living in Charleston. 24 something to be exact. 24.5 something to be exact exact. Whoa there, big changes. Seriously though, big changes! 

Man, makeovers are fun. Whether it be with makeup, new clothes, new stuff out in your house, updated technology, or even blog designs. Fun, fun, fun. Enjoy the makeover!

Your Price Is Right girl can exit stage R now.


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