September 28, 2011

happy schmappy

Some of my fellow friends (a.k.a bloggers that I stalk) have been making little happy lists lately. I love this because a) lists are my favorite thing next to copious amounts of froyo and b) sometimes during the week you (I) need to sit down, shut up, and realize that life is fabulous and there are plenty of reasons to be happy. now, of course, these people's lists are all about their cute little babies and their cute little families doing cute little family things, but I bet I can make my list just as cute minus the babies.

1. Spending the weekend at the beach. Eating beach-y food and soaking up that 90 degree sun. which doesn't seem to feel as hot when there is that large body of water nearby. Get on that ATL.
2. Making late night milkshakes. With lots of Reese's and extra peanut butter and a lil' bit of ice cream and milk. 
3. Getting a day where I don't have to dance and can wear real clothes! And take a morning shower! And not sweat! Dear Lawd, this makes me a lot happier than it probably should but I am so excited. !!
4. Getting sent baby pictures from my friend who is nannying. justwannapitchtheircheekieweekies.
5. Cancelled classes slash LABS. No explanation needed.
6. Singing the Revelation 21:8 Liars Go to Hell song I was sung growing up in the dining hall.
7. Watching Parks and Rec and getting to laugh about it still almost a week later. 
8. Realizing my dad has too much fun taking distorted webcam pictures of himself and posting them on the internet. 
9. Slowly but surely crossing off homework assignments from the to-do lists. Let's forget about the part where I add more on... 
9a. In continuation with number 9, having a boyfriend who helps me with homework. Complicated annoying homework that somehow is sooo terribly easy for Freds. Oh the woes of being sooo smart and Tech-y. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!
10. Drum roll please...and finally, realizing how incredibly lucky I am to a) have a family and Freds that is always ridiculously loving b) have the chance to come back to school (as much as I can complain about it, and trust me I can, I am so glad to be back) and c) have wonderful, amazing, generous, caring, special, amazing (shall I go on?) people reading my silly nonsense of a blog like YOU

So then, what makes YOU happy? Other than this blog, DUH.

September 19, 2011

birthdays and other days too

It's that time of the week again. Where I write a blog post (post a blog? write a post on my blog? what is the right blog lingo?) (?!?!) and link it up all over the internet and y'all pretend to read it. Let's get this started!

It is actually the time of the week where I am going crazy trying to write a paper about the relation between democracy and education and I am so tired of word vomming all over my paper that I thought word vomming all over this blog would be slightly more ideal. Are we in agreement? Yes? Like my vommed sentence?

I could write on about school-y things like homework. Or tests. I hate tests and I had one today, by the way. Or I could write about how I miss my little babies on whom I sat. so. badly. Especially on days when I have tests. Or I could write about dance-y things like how my body is always so sore. Especially on days when I have tests AND rehearsals.  OR I could write about really exciting things like birthdays and other (slightly less) exciting things like finally getting a Scoutmob app for Blackberry. 

YES, YOU HEARD ME. SCOUTMOB + BLACKBERRY. !!!! !!!! !!!! but this is the less exciting thing so let's move on...

Freddie had a birthday. Excuse me, did you hear me? FREDDIEFRIEND + BIRTHDAY WEEKEND !!! !!!!! Mr. Frederick made my birthday extra special so I was on a mission to make his extra extra special. With cherries on top and all that stuff. Annoyingly so to the point where Freddie was probably like, dude calm down. Just let me be and celebrate my birthday. And I was like, NO. I am obviously taking over your birthday weekend. You will like it! But hey, we made it through the weekend which included all levels of fun things like:
  • the Braves playing terribly but us having good seats hence good views of Star Wars people. 
  • eating fried fish, hush puppies galore, and ice cream cake all in one day.
  • eating a giant slice of birthday cake on another day.
Okay, let me just say, Freddie ate more cake. But I definitely benefited cake wise because of his birthday so, he should have a birthday celebration more often. Probably, definitely. 

The best part of birthday weekend? It is that the celebration gets to carry on all the way until October 1, baby. Party pants on for two more weeks! 

I, unfortunately, do not have paparazzi following me around taking pictures of everything I do. Nor am I good at trying to remember to be part of the paparazzi. So while I do not have any pictures at the moment showcasing Freddiefriend's birthday preciousness I do have this picture:
Not only does this picture showcase how awesome Star Wars night was at the Braves game, but you can just imagine Freddie's cuteness birthday-ness sitting beside me as I took this picture. 

You're picturing it aren't you? I thought I heard some dawwww-ing. Pretty cute birthday boy, right?

Happy Birthday to my Freddiefriend! I can't imagine a moore fun way to celebrate (everyday) than with you!

September 9, 2011


Think I just typed in a random assortment of letters creating gibberish to express my gratitude for the weekend? Think again! Thank God It's Finally Friday Because I Was Fixin' To Go Crazy. Catch my drift? Anyone?

And it was only a four day week. What does that say about my tolerance for crazy? ...

Anyways, this week was a doozie if I do say so myself. Monday was like ohhh I might be a tornado or I might just rain and be a lazy not laboring Labor day. Tuesday fired back with its best welcome to your fake Monday day this week, here is a big gift of suck with which you can celebrate. (except for a lovely dinner with MC and FF...)Wednesday tried her best to be nicer, but was quickly overtaken with classeshomeworktestsmoreclassesandnofun. Thursday really really wanted to copy Wednesday, but finally came around and was like hey mans, let me give you some sunshine and a small amount of rest and recovery. All of this was slowly leading up to...FRIDAY! FRIDAY! Gotta get down on Friday!

My Friday began with senior pictures. What Emily?! You're finally graduating high school? Congrats! No no, silly gooses (geese?) Classy and fabulous Agnes Scott gives you the opportunity to get some senior pics taken for the yearbook at your location of choice. [disclosure: anywhere on campus] Lucky for us graduating folk, the campus is b-e-a-utiful so the real problem is choosing just one spot for your pictures. I had the first appointment today so I got up so early to shower and smell nice and look nice and wear real non dance clothes. Let me tell you, I was going all out. I even braved a sundress in this craycray am I fall or am I not?weather. My session literally lasted ten minutes, after which I was cold. And looked like a smiley retard. So, cheers! To smiley silly 5 year old looking pictures! I'm so happy we could share our morning together.

On a somewhat completely different yet similar note, I am still getting the other Emily Moore's first year e-mails. Did you know I could run in the first year class elections? Did you know that I could also just slack off and graduate in 2015 and no one would know because there are too many Emily Moore's in this world? Did you know when I got a package today they had written Emily C. Moore on it? They had to add the C because people take my name! They didn't put the Butts at the end of Moore so it felt a little off. Okay, enough of this. Let's move on to happier places.

To sum everything up, as I sit here waiting on my Freddiefriend to get off work so we can drive to Newnan so we can see a wonderful improv show starring my mother (hey hey run-on's), all I can think is TGIFFBIWFTGC. And I know you're thinking it too.

I should be thinking about this. Hey, homework! Lookin' good. Just not on Friday, Friday!

September 1, 2011


One year ago I created and posted my first blog post. It was really captivating and people everywhere flocked to to get some Yippee! It's MLE! action.

true or false?

Okay, so maybe not completely true. It was exactly a year ago. That part is true. And I know my family reads it so that means some people flocking to it. Just work with me here, okay?

Usually on an anniversary, especially one as important as this, you exchange gifts and do special things and talk about how much has changed in whatever amount of time has passed. Blog, my gift to you is this post and all the ones after it. Aww, lucky! The special thing I am doing is posting TWICE in ONE week. Aww, double lucky! As for what has changed since that first post oh so long ago? Well, let's see...

  • My hair got longer. And my bangs grew out. And my dark color grew out. (this is #1 for obvious reasons like, it really is the most exciting thing to happen. ever).
  • I am back at school. Writing papers! Reading, reading, reading! Dancing (and dying)! Yay yay!
  • I now have the best Freddiefriend. (meaning, I have a Freddiefriend who is the best).
  • I was in a movie. Starring, obviously. Ever heard of the Footloose remake? Ever heard of the Footloose remake with Emily Moore's face in it? Coming to a theater near you on October 14.
  • Ann started driving and having a social life and being all popular pants.
  • My mom joined (after being a servant woman/HALFWIT for many, many, many weeks) an improv group at the community theater in Newnan. SO basically, my mom is on Whose Line Is It Anyways: Newnan Edition. 
  • I ran a 5K. I mean, I ran two of them. Lawhammercy, can you believe that? I can't. Forget you people that run 26.2 miles. Forget. You. 
  • I got my first cavity. And discovered these wonderful things called Peanut Butter M&M's. Coincidence? 
That's about it. Nothing else changed.
kidding. I'm sure like one more thing maybe changed...

Anyways, oh dear blogsies of mine, Happy One Year! And here's to many more years and many more (super exciting and wonderful) postings! Yippee!


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