October 28, 2011

happy hallo-ongweek

Halloween is fixin' to be here. This is exciting for 2 reasons. Reason #1- It means we are THAT much closer to Christmas. Reason #2- It means we are THAT much closer to Christmas. Reason #3- There is candy everywhere.

Reason #1 is so important I felt that it needed to be reiterated. 

I've never been one to get super excited for Halloween. It is exciting that my grocery shopping is a whole lot easier this time of year because all that it involves is CANDY. Done and done. But I spend most of my year counting down for my birthday (DUH) and for Christmas, so Halloween is more of a marking point in my journey to get to Christmas! and Christmas movies! and Christmas cookies! and Christmas trees! and Santa Claus!

There are only 57 more days until Christmas, y'all. Get excited with me. 

I bet you thought this post was going to be about Halloween, didn't you? 

This pre-Halloween week has been a long one. Literally, I think several hours or days or Energizer batteries were added to this week because it is just going on and on and on. BUT have no fear, Friday is here! Also, last night some of the ATL food trucks were in Decatur and honeybuns, my tummy has never been so happy. (other than all those other times it was happy with good food). Seriously though, that food was delicious. Tacos, risotto balls, and GELATO. Blueberry cheesecake and hazelnut nutella gelato to be exact. 

This week also featured Mr. Diddy's heart surgery. In the midst of being extremely worried and nervous about this, Mr. Diddy did what he always does best: comforted people with his wonderful humor. Here he was, lying in pre-op hooked up to just about every machine and drug you could imagine, and he was quizzing Ann on the molecular structure of sugar and table salt. He was telling us how glad he was that the Varsity was on the way home so he could get some after this was all done (heart surgery has obviously made a huge impact on this man). I couldn't help but smile and laugh and want to give him a big 'ole kiss on that one spot of his forehead that wasn't covered with some kind of tube and tell him I loved him (which I totally did do, btdubs). Anyways, surgery went very well and he is plugging along at Piedmont trying to get well enough to come home. 
What a little pre-op cutie!

Some more pictures from hospital day...
Russell carried his baby, Mac, around around with him everywhere. Aw, such a protective father. 

And this guy who is saving our planet by choosing to ride a horse down Peachtree St. 

Thank you all for your prayers and happy thoughts going into this week. I know the Dids appreciates it tremendously. Now, let's go celebrate Halloween and the imminent return of CHRISTMAS. 

October 9, 2011

a quarter of the way done

I am currently deep in the middle of midterms. They are so thrilling and exhilarating that I decided to dedicate an entire blog post about them.

The end.  

That is the only portion of this post that I will dedicate to those little suckers. I could not possibly waste more space talking about tests and papers when much more exciting things have been happening lately around these parts. 

I'm going to start with the obvious excitement of Joseph coming home for a few days. !!! See?! Excitement! My little Broseph Woseph came home for a few days because well, who says Newnan can't be as awesome as Orlando? We definitely proved that Newnan is in fact doubly awesome during his visit. The only downside is that Agnes Scott did not realize that family members coming home is right up there on the same page with national holidays WHICH MEANS no school on those days. Ah well, maybe by the time I finally graduate they'll figure that one out...

Any time the whole Moore fam is all together (foreva) fun times are sure to be had by all. This visit was no exception due to the fact that one so-called Ann Elizabeth decided to up and get herself grounded the day before J-man's visit. 

Now, one BIG sidenote y'all: Ann Moore would kill me if I did not clarify this grounded situation. She was not "really" "technically" grounded. MC was "kinda" "sorta" joking and took it away. ish. 

That totally clears things up for people, right?

Anyways, back to the story. Do you know how much fun it is to pick on siblings? Especially siblings that get grounded when you yourself have never ever been grounded and are in fact as close to perfect as children can come? Lemme tell you (and Ann-y poo would agree with me here), it is so much fun. Wanna know just how much fun? Let's get some examples up in here:

Ann: Why didn't y'all wake me up?
Everyone else: Because you're grounded.

Ann: Mom, I wasn't on the internet. I was on my iTouch checking my e-mail.
Everyone else: Wait, what? You're grounded.

Ann: I'm still hungry.
Everyone else: No more food. Because remember, you're grounded.

Ann: Guys! This isn't funny anymore! Stop making grounded jokes! Mom was kidding!
Everyone else: You think Mom was kidding? You're RE-grounded for thinking that. 

I could go on for days. Years really. Wait, did I mention anywhere in this post yet that I was never grounded? Just making sure. 

Ann, I love you. I realize that you are not really grounded, but still...this is too much fun. (Psst, did y'all see that part where I said she is not really grounded?)

Other noteworthy (and not nearly exciting as Ann being not grounded) events of the visit: introducing old Joseph and young Ann to the glories on Yogli Mogli (what what, free froyo, yo), a Sprayberry's meal with Diddy and friends, scrounging around Uncle John's house for goodies, eating more food, and watching some Undercover Brother on the new, huge, and improved television. Joseph, come back soon so I can eat n' stuff with you. 

Everyone else (in the whole world) has the pictures from J's visit. So, since I cannot leave you with a pic of his face smushed up against some other faces, I will leave you with this picture: 

my latest apartment wall creation. erry'thing I love all together in one big 'ole heart. 


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