December 18, 2013

man and wife

Yes, yes it is what brings us together, on this here blog, today. 
And last Thursday.
And last Wednesday.
And last Monday.
And...we'll be together for other reasons someday soon. Pwromize. 

Today marriage brings us together so that we can ooh and aah over some pictures of man and wife. Bride and groom. Freddie and Emily. Us. We. You get it. 

We did not do a first look. I know, I know. It saves time. I know, I know. It gives you a special and quiet moment together before the crazy day. But...isn't it illegal to see your bride in full regalia before she walks down the aisle?! Or something like that according to my 8 year old planning my wedding mind. I'm glad we didn't save time and we didn't see each other beforehand because there is no smile greater in the history of upside down frowns than seeing Freddie's smile when I got to the top of the aisle. 

Why did I always say I would never ever get married outdoors? (oh yes, the uncertain weather and possible rain. And the bugs. And the smells. And the sweat. And...). I love the black and white pictures, but boy oooh boy the little bit of sunshine left in the sky shining through all of our pictures is downright magical. P-e-r-i-o-d.

And now, because those 7 F&E pictures were just not enough I will go ahead and include some more shots from the first dance.
Freddie and Emily Pictures: Breaking It Down As Man And Wife Edition.
 like oh my gawd, my husband is kissing me. lolz. isn't that the voice that plays in your head when you see my mouth open face?
 Freds calls this one my side boob picture. Since I have no boob that could be mistaken as a side boob I call this one one of my favorites. Such a tender, sweet moment. Side boob or not. I love it.
And that my friends, 80% of the way concludes our wedding pictures which means that 80% of the way concludes these wedding picture posts. 

Other recent life news?
-This is my last week of teaching until the holiday break. WHAT. WHAT. No really, what?
-We are leaving for Georgia on Friday night.
-I haven't been home since the wedding in August and I. am. so. excited. And no, I cannot hide it. 

December 12, 2013

they be my people

It's Thursday, Thursday, gotta get down on Thursday!
Or is that supposed to be Friday?
Either way, it's a day in the week of wedding pictures which makes it a good day. 

Curious about what I look like without makeup? Yes, yes you are. Read this.
Curious about my jaunt down the aisle? Yes. Read this
Those posts are otherwise known as wedding posts 1 and 2. 

Today we move on to the wedding party (meaning the people party, not the reception party) and the family pictures. All of these pictures coming up are model status. Holler. 

Prior to popular belief, boys do not give you cooties. Especially when they're this good looking.

Girls don't have cooties either, just in case you were wondering. 

Here they are! The World's Greatest Wedding Party all together in some pictures. Limited Edition pictures right here, people.
The best part about our wedding party? Even though we are all different ages and went through college in varied years, we were all (for the most part, some of my b-maids go waaaaay back to the awkward years with me) close and connected to each other throughout our college years. These people are the ones who introduced me and Freddie. These people went through ups and downs and finals and new jobs with us. These are the people with whom we partied hard. These people rock. And getting to be together and party again after years since college life was uh-mazing.

Now, let's finish off with some fam-a-dam.
 Tony, our officiant, who might as well be family. He's been there since Day 1 of the Fremily relationship.

I always thought I had a big family. HA. Look at all of Freddie's family! Famalicious. And by all, I mean some because that's not even everyone.

Some Moore folk and Some Weiss folk. A.k.a.- some people that I lurve.

Siblings. (and a twin). See what I mean about Freddie and sister being twins and not Freddie and Jimmie, his real twin? See it, see it?
I wish I had thought to take a picture of all the siblings together. Alas, I did not think of such a thing. So look at these two pictures together really fast and it'll be like they are in one picture. 

Only 10 more wedding posts to go and we'll make it through all the pictures...
Wasn't that funny? Are you laughing? Good. Now, that was a lie. We'll be doneso real soon. 

December 11, 2013

more than a pinky promise

Here we are, back on track to fly through the week of wedding pictures. Let's call it the Week of Weiss Wedding pictures. Gosh dangit I love alliteration, but don't we all?! I also love rhyming which is why I married Freddie. So I can always say: ya ready, Freddie? That was precisely the title of my last wedding post which you can read here and soak up in the wedding picture goodness. 

Today we are going to relish in the beautiful moments that made up our ceremony. Aren't weddings so hilarious? You spend months, or even years, pulling out your hair over the perfect colors. The perfect flowers. The guest list. The shoes. The rings. The decor. Tablecloths or no? DJ or band? Dinner or apps? And's all over in the blink of eye. Honestly, the easiest part of getting married is the actual getting married part. Our ceremony? 10 minutes, tops. 

But it was 10 minutes of absolute, without a doubt, pure bliss and lots of love. All I remember is not being able to stop smiling (or stop annoyingly giggle as the video shows...) Literally, I couldn't. It was like someone super glued my mouth up and I didn't even care. I didn't even notice the people staring at us. I didn't even see the look on the officiant's face at any time. I did notice the fly crawling all over Freddie's jacket. I noticed my soon-to-be husband vowing his life to his soon-to-be wife (which luckily, was me. Phew). 

 The smirk of an almost married man.

The string quartet was made up of women from my alma mater, Agnes Scott College. Yay, Scotties.

And here are the winning pictures. The ones that made me burst into sobby sobs when I first got the pictures. I've lost two grandparents within the past year, my grandfather dying a month before the wedding. Family is precious, and grandparents are especially precious. 

Fred Sr. up there with Amy, his sweet wife and then my twinsie of a mother with my not twinsie of a brother. 

5 bridesmaids and 2 maids of honor. I have the best of the best friends who all live way too far away.

And now...the moment you've all been waiting for...[drumroll, please]
Freddie's face, again! 

Just comes the bride. 
All fat and wide! Doesn't that song always play through your head?
The walk across the field to the aisle felt miles. The walk down the actual aisle felt like it took 2 steps. K bai, Dad! Kiss kiss.

Reading 1: this precious quote. Reading 2: i carry your heart with me by E. E. Cummings

The weather! I mean, look at this! Remember my dad's rehearsal anti-rain dance? Worked like a charm.

Freddie and I wrote our own vows. There was no reciting after the officiant, Tony. However, there was a super last minute decision, meaning 5-10 minutes prior to the ceremony, that we would read the vows from the cue cards we had given Tony. We both had spent the entire day stressing over memorizing. Oh, and guess who didn't use their card once? If you guessed me, you are so wrong. I held on to that piece of paper like my life depended on it. Freds didn't even glance at his. Show off. 
My vows? Your run of the mill I never thought the guy eating pizza across from me on our first date would be the guy I would eat pizza with for the rest of my life. Freddie's vows? Gut wrenchingly beautiful. If I hadn't been so slaphappy and smiling like a loon I would have been crying like a bafoon. That man can write vows like a husband boss. 

 The kiss I thought I forgot all about. How can one forget a kiss that kissalicious?!

We did it!

Free hugs, come and get 'em.

And a quick kiss. We sealed the deal, time to party.

Guess what? It probably took you 5x longer than the ceremony actually lasted to just scroll through this blog. You're welcome.

For those curious about music choices played by the string quartet...
Grandparents, parents, and wedding party processional: Georgia On My Mind
Bridal processional: 'Til Kingdom Come
Recessional: Isn't She Lovely (the song playing when Freds proposed, awwww)


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