December 3, 2014

currently: desperate and darius edition

These really adorable thingy-ma-bobs to use as stocking stuffers. I say thingy-ma-bobs not because I can't think of the name of said crafts, but because too many people who will be receiving said crafts in their stockings read my blog. Just know the thingy-ma-bobs are tres cute and Santa told me he's just about ready to go ahead and put them in the stockings. 
Since our former neighbor, D. Ruck, can't come over for sing-alongs every night like he used to (wink) I've taken to listening to his new Christmas album over and over. And over. Sa-woon. Ricky and I have almost got down the right amount of twang+soul+country all mixed together like presents for one's ears. 
I've never gone Black Friday shopping and I'm still breathing and living so that's good. I've also never really Cyber Monday shopped, but Holy Never Say Never I spent oodles of money on Cyber Monday this week. The good news is I saved bagooodles of money and everyone knows bagoodles > oodles. Our mailbox is about to explode with Christmas gifts and my wrapping hands are ready to go.  
Desperate Housewives. So bad that it's good. Almost. I just can't get over the ridiculousness of it all and wonder if one day I'll live on a street with psychopaths and strippers and con-artists and all the crazies. One can only hope. 
Our new, beautiful, amazing, large-and-in-charge sectional is supposed to be delivered any time from today to next Wednesday. So I vote for tonight...(if only my vote counted for anything). My bootay is anticipating sitting on puffy cloud-like cushions instead of spiky wires. Hashtag booty blessed and all that.
Update: just found out they called and are delivering it on Friday. Friday Yayday. Friday Funday. Friday Fluffy Butt Cushions Day.

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Ashley said...

I want to know what these stocking stuffers are!

That sectional is amazing. Is that the actual one you're getting? Love the color.

I used to be a hard core Desperate Housewives fan, and then, like you said, it just got SO ridiculous, and I think I switched to Grey's which got SO now I have Nashville...which hasn't hit the crazy mark yet.

Meg Doherty said...

Oh man, I love me some Darius!! I really need to get his Christmas CD! I am a sucker for new furniture, so that sectional sounds excitingggg. I love ours!

Kayla MKOY said...

Can I get some insider information in these thingamabobs?!! ;) I seriously love desperate housewives. Gonna try and start back over from season 1 and make Caleb watch with me!!!

Helene in Between said...

what are these stuffers you speak of? i can't get on the darius bandwagon (don't hate me!)

Anne said...

That sectional!!! Gorgeous. I went a little Cyber Monday nuts too, but the deals! Lots of my Christmas shopping is done.

Thanks for linking up, as always!

Erin LFF said...

I didn't know Darius had a new Christmas album!! You can guess where I'm headed right after I finish this comment!! ;) Also, D. Housewives are MY JAM!!! I love love love them and own most of the seasons haha!

Rachel Adams said...

That sectional is to. die. for!!

Jenna Griffin said...

Oh, how I love Desperate Housewives! I was so sad when the series finished. I miss those crazies!


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