August 23, 2013

"the wedding is coming. the wedding is coming." -not paul revere

Writing a post the day before you get married is a lot of pressure. People read this thing! I can come back to this here website 20 years from now just to read that one post I wrote before the day I became Mrs. Weiss! The pressure is on!

And I'm crumbling under the pressure. I've already written the lovey dovey posts where I try to convince you that Freds is the best of the best of the best. If you aren't convinced by now then I'm not doing my job. You're fired! Or something Donald Trumpish. I've already written the posts about the planning process. I've written the posts about worries, fears, love, and happiness. 

So what is this one supposed to be about? 
I'm going to make it about how I can't believe this day has come! And very quickly, I might add. People always said the engagement flies by, but they lied. Because it doesn't fly by it ZOOMS by. 
But then again, there are the days when it didn't zoom by. And when I thought Freddie and I would never be together in the same state in the same city again.

Being dramatic: I'm good at it. A++.
Oh heeeeey, picture I've posted a thousand bajillion timesies.

I'm going to make this post about the little exciting things that come along with getting married. Like...getting a marriage license! A marriage license! The easiest part of this entire process! Who would have thunk it?! And the women in the probate court office were so nice! Let's all get married!
 Before and after. Before was obviously way mo(o)re exciting. 
shut up! shut up! Elle Woods scream!
Let's all give a big round of applause that I have a make-up artist for the big day...clap clap clap.

I'm making this post about how excited I am to see all my friends and family later today at the rehearsal. I have been counting down to this day for the wedding weekend, obviously...but also because all of my friends have not been together since 2005. That is almost 10 years ago and that is just insane. In the membrane. 
My smart friends who all work or go to school all over the country. As the wise man once said, Love will keep us together. Or something like that.
Ready to dominate sophomore year of college. Oh, did I mention this was 5 years ago? Old.

But importantly, I'm making this post the last post I will write as a single lady, heeey-oh! Get up and do the Beyonce dance wit me because I am dancing in my chair right now. Mmmmmhm.

 I have no wise words or deep thoughts today. I'm just a girl who is freaking excited to get married to a pretty (super duper) swell guy tomorrow night. 

And that's how it should be. 
See you in a week!!!

August 21, 2013

writing vows vs. writing blogs

Writing blogs is a whole lot different than writing vows.
Or so I thought as I sat down bound and determined to write some sweet and sappy wedding vows. 

I brainstormed. I thought of stories and dates and jokes and all things sentimental. I tried to think of analogies, but that went as well as sticking one's foot in a pile of fire ants.

See?? Analogies are a no-go up in this brain. 

I ended up writing them on a Sunday afternoon as I lounged on my couch, where Fredster and I have lounged together many a time. People kept telling me to just write from your heart, speak from your heart, just start writing and it will flow out

Joke's on me because all those people could have said I told ya so after it took me a hot (hot meaning short here) second to form my thoughts and feelings into three little(ish) paragraphs. Ya know when you're wallowing in self pity saying Woe is me! I have nothing to blog about today! Life is terrible! (only me?) and then BAM you get an idea and BAM suddenly you have the longest blog post you've ever written and it only took 3 minutes for you to type up that mother so stop complaining? Yeah, that's kind of how that Sunday afternoon of writing the vows went. 

Then comes the second guessing. Then comes the will people like it?! Are my jokes lame?! Do I have a good mix of serious and funny?! Am I crazy? Is this sweet enough? I need some serious editing up in here! Help me! Woe is me! Not this all over again!

Ohmigosh, lightbulb moment. Ding! That's when I realized writing wedding vows is exactly like writing a blog. It's my space where I get to say what I want and how I feel and it doesn't matter what anyone thinks. My vows don't have to be 100% serious because when am I 100% serious? When has my relationship with Freddie ever been without laughs? 

The answer is never. We laugh. We tease. We joke. It's kind of a big deal. Laughs McGees, over here.
Oh what? This is a terrible example of us having fun because it just looks like we're miserable? Just go with it. Look how much fun they're having!

So maybe my vows won't be traditional in the way that some rando made up what is and is not considered traditional. And maybe my vows won't make people cry. And people my vows won't make people laugh.

But they're my vows to my almost (SHUT UP!) husband and they mean big things to me. To us. And to our future.

Now...time for me to go do another rough draft...

August 19, 2013

don't stand under my umbrella, -ella

Oh hey, world. It is officially my wedding week and I am freaking out. Hey, stomach knotted flitting butterflies. I guess you are sticking around until Saturday, huh?


Today's agenda includes but is not limited to:
Getting rings cleaned and resized
Final dress fitting/pressing
Not freaking out
Finalizing hair appointment schtuff
Buying apothecary jars for candy
Not eating said candy
Mailing thank you's
Having glass of wine

And so on and so forth. You get the picture.

You know what you need to get the picture of?
Where's my cabana boy?

Bachelorette weekend was phenomenal. So phenomenal that I will leave the pictures off of the blog and leave the memories in my heart. And head. Isn't that just so sweet? And weird.
Okay, maybe I'll do a sassy bachelorette post later this week.
Except for the pimp cup picture. That cup was a WINNER the entire night so it deserves some blog action.

I only ask two things from you this week:
1- Do the biggest, baddest anti-rain dance for Saturday. Because Weather Channel app is saying some cray stuff for Saturday and I do not agree. 
2- Do a little squeal because I won my first (and probably only because I'm not that lucky) blog giveaway!!! Eeeeeeeee, squeals!!! Ashley recently had a giveaway for this beautiful stamp that will soon be a stamp of South Carolina with my new last name inside of it. New. Last. Name!! Squeal some more.

Best week ever?
Sami's Shenanigans

August 16, 2013

twas the week before the wedding

Well, we made it! Made it where? We made it to one week until our Wedding Eve (which may or may not be more exciting than Christmas Eve. I would be totally okay if Santa was the one delivering all the wedding presents. Santa! I know him!).

How on Earth did we actually make it here, though? That is the real question. It feels like it was yesterday that I wasn't sure if Freddie wanted to be called my boyfriend so thanks to my family he gained the ever-so catchy nickname of the Freddiefriend. It feels like just yesterday that I knew Freddie was going to tell me he loved me as he walked me out to my car, but I still waited to hear him say it. It feels like yesterday when I got texts from Freddie exclaiming he got the job in Charleston (!!!!!!!!). And it definitely feels like yesterday that Freds got on one knee and kind of made me the happiest little girl who ever did get proposed to (Hey Dad, see me ending my sentence with a preposition?).
happy people turn around and smile at the camera

Isn't that the cheesiest when people say something made them the happiest? I used to think so. But then I thought about it and realized that this person, the person who I think has the best laugh and the sexiest legs and makes me grin form ear to freaking ear when I see him smile, asked me to spend forever and eva (eva=longer than ever) with him and shucks, if that's not grounds for making someone the happiest then please do tell me what is. 

(Other than Santa delivering wedding gifts, of course. That could make lots of people the happiest).

If I could stop time right now...I wouldn't stop time right now. I'm anxious. I'm excited. I'm nervous in the what if the icing on the cake melts?! kind of way. I'm a hot mess of a girl that is losing her mind and forgetting that she's moving and starting a new job in 2 short weeks. 

Everything being nuts and going by so quickly? That isn't a reason to stop time. I wouldn't stop time here because I can't wait to be a Weiss. I can't wait to call Freddiefriend my Husbandfriend. I can't wait to feel the excitement of living every. single. day with Freddie Weiss. I can't wait for these humungous changes to my life because they are all making my life even better. Even moore fun. Even moore exciting. 
let's ride this roller coaster of life together, mmkay?

So, you next seven days, I like you and all and I'm glad I get to experience you, but I can't wait to be pronounced husband and wife and get a big 'ole smack on my lips from my husband

August 14, 2013

the thing is...

This thing is...
I'm getting married. It's kind of a big deal to some people...slash maybe just me. And while maybe you don't want to read about in day in and day out, I can't really muster up any creativity and think of anything else about which to blog right now.

Basically, you're stuck with wedding mania for just a little bit longer. 
Or you can just keep scrolling along and not stop on that crazy wedding-brained girl's blog

Let's play a game. It's call Never Will I Ever, similar to the party favorite (which why is this game always brought out at parties?! Dumb.), Never Have I Ever. 

Once upon a time, a young lass named Emily put her foot down about lots of things. Girl knew what she liked and did not like, as we all do. This list of never's included some of the following: 

-I will never wear a strapless wedding dress. Nothing is tackier than people tugging at their boobies.
-I will never ever get married outside. What if it rains? And ew, bugs. 
-I dislike barns and things that smell of horses. Horses smell like poop.
-I will never honeymoon at Disney. How cliche and ew, crowds on a honeymoon? No.

That stingy young Emily needs to time travel and come laugh in my big 'ole fat lying face. 

I put the biggest, fattest, stinkiest foot in my mouth. That ridiculous list of never gonna happen's has turned into my actual factual really gonna happen wedding. 

My dress? 
I ordered it with straps and instantly disliked them. As soon as the straps were taken off and I looked in the mirror, I was a bride
And that is all that matters. And that is all you get to know about the dress until 2 weeks ;)

My wedding ceremony?
It's as outside as the green grass and trees can get. The actual ceremony will take place under a big pecan tree that is just calling to be the center of attention. Those trees, such divas. 

The reception?
In an old, refurbished barn that is to-die-for beautiful. It doesn't smell like horses, but the hay on the floor reminds you that horses were once there. And they were probably stinking it up. 

Our honeymoon?
After going back and forth and back and forth and back and freaking forth, we put a deposit down on a fancy schmancy room at Disney. Planning a wedding in 4 months equals no money for anyone. (Hey, Mom and Dad!) When you have a brother who works at Disney and can get all the nice discounts on rooms and get into the parks for free, you kind of take it and run with it. (Hey, Joseph!)

And ya know, everything is going to be perfect for a little Weiss Moore wedding fun. 

As the wise man (and J Biebs) once said, 
Never say never. 

August 12, 2013

all the days shenanigans

The week days and weekends are running together lately. I mean, when I'm 2 weeks away from becoming somebody's wife and moving to a new home and state, a Monday vs. a Saturday really doesn't make much difference. I'm just over here counting down the days until I wear a long white dress all while packing up my 24 years worth of accumulated stuff and figuring out how to switch pharmacies. And insurance. And cell phone plans. And car titles. And Holy Last Name Change. 

Now, that's not to say I prefer Mondays over Saturdays because... gross. Mondays are so Monday and Tuesday mornings are much better, but that's beside the point. 

A simple weekend shenanigan update is just not good enough for all the going ons as of late. So let's just call this one a Life Update That Happens To Fall On The Day After The Weekend. I mean, that name is way more catchy than Weekend Shenanigans.


one- Young Ann up and moved to college. When I say college, don't picture some dingy dorm room that's smaller that your mom's pantry. Ann's "dorm" room is the size of the bottom level of the White House. Or something. I don't exaggerate often so just know that her room with a fully furnished kitchen (hey, dishwasher) makes me want to go back in time 6 years to when I was moving into college and just laugh
two and three- My third and final bridal shower was yesterday. I feel like I only need to describe that with two words: chocolate fountain. People who starve themselves for their wedding, get on my level. This is the way to go.
four- Having your best friend forever and ever and eva in town for the entire 2 weeks before the wedding equals all the happy cry face emoticons. 

The End.
Sami's Shenanigans

August 9, 2013

on having the best excuse

When one's wedding is officially 2 weeks away (shut. the. front. freaking. door.), one can do certain things that one might not usually do on the reg

A typical day 2 weeks out from the wedding begins peacefully, just as you might expect. Throw in some wedding crafting, some wedding planning, some wedding fire putting out, some more putting out of said fire(s), some wanting wine, some drinking wine, some more planning, and some sleeping. It also includes...

Buying wedding bands and proposing to Frederick. I picked up his ring and sent this picture with the caption Will you marry me? Freddie responded with I didn't know I could just propose in a text message. That would have been easier. Sure, why not!


Researching ways to make your own silhouette cake topper since buying a custom one costs an arm and a leg and 2 fingers. I'd say for about $10 worth of supplies, this silhouette cake topper is fab.u.lous.
Isn't that the name of a rapper or something? No? Anyways, it is the name of my new cake topper.

Now this, drinking wine at 3ish pm, this is when the whole wedding being 2 weeks away thing works wonders as a good excuse reason. And I plan on milking it for all it's worth up until it is..maybe 3 hours before the wedding? All I know is that a glass of white wine can put out a whole lotta wedding fires.

Yes, please, and thank you!

Anything important I'm missing?

August 6, 2013

wedding shower tuesday

Wedding shower Tuesday. Is that a thing? Can it be a thing? Voila! It is now.

My second wedding shower was this past weekend and it was all things fabulous and beautiful and wonderful, if I do say so myself. My maids of honor threw it and my college friends, family, and work friends decorated the house into a slice of Emily Freddie lovey/dovey heaven. Gurlfriends know how to cutesies decorate so they are so hired to decorate for my reception. Yes, please, and thank you. 

Seriously though. It could not have been a moore perfect night of cheesy games, yummy food, yummier drinks (champagne cocktails, be good to me), and the best friends EVA. Oh em gee! Time to turn into a squeaky, jumpy, clappity clap girl. Eeee!

les decorations...

games galore...

Oh ya know, just my future sister-in-law, my maid of hoe-nor Caroline, and some of the best friends ever. 

If this shower was a preview of what's to come on August 24, then count me in! Okay well, it's my wedding so I need to counted in anyways...but that is besides the point, okay? I'm just trying to make a point. 

And that point is that... I'm feeling all sappy about everything so I'll end now by telling you that I couldn't be more excited about this wedding. I picked up Freddie's wedding band today and that was a whole other whoaohmigawd moment. 

Caroline's grandma ended the night showcasing what she decided should be my wedding night lingerie. So...there's that. 
Can you say sexy?

Cell phone pictures, blurry faces, red eyes, and bad lighting. What more could a Tuesday blog post need?!

August 2, 2013

game changer, name changer

Today marks 3 weeks until the eve of my wedding.
Did ya get that part? The part where the weeks go by super fast so 3 weeks feels like 3 days. 3 minutes! No, 3 seconds! Anyways, it'll be here before I know it and I don't I know that, mmhmm.
That's a silhouette Freddie/Emily cake topper in the works, btdubs. 

This all means that I have 3 weeks left of being a Moore. Well, not being a Moore since I'll always be a Moore with Moore blood flowing through my veins. 3 weeks left of being called a Moore. Of getting to use obnoxious Moore jokes out the wa-freaking-zoo. It's a weird thing to think about, changing one's name. A new signature! New initials! New last name jokes to think of! The possibilities are endless (but really, are there even any good jokes with Weiss? Wanh wanh). 

Actually, Fredster did made the joke that we'd be Tweiss As Fun. Ehhh, anyone?? No?

So, in honor of the changing of my last name, I present to you:

Top 3 Reasons being a Moore is moore fun:

Numba 1 is the obvious one of the jokes. I've only mentioned that 20 times in the post already and I'll probably mention it 20 moore time. HEY-OH! Look, I snuck one in on you there. I'm telling you, these jokes can be made on the daily. On the minute-ly. They never ever get old (just ask all my friends..okay, maybe don't ask them). Jokes are moore fun and you know it. The end. 
Freddie is saying We'll be tweiss as fun and I'm giggling and saying What moore could we want?!

Number 2 is a little less obvious, but still equally as fun. 
In high school, my name went from Emily C. Moore to Emily C. Moore Butts. 
Blurry cell phone pic and go. I ran a race a few years ago and my friends made me a "We want to C. Moore Butts" sign. 

HA! See how funny that is? Amiright? For the past 8 years, my nickname has been C. Moore Butts. And I can't say I'm mad about it because it's funny and you know it. 

Number 3 is cheesy corny but still goodises.
Because being called a Moore meant having the same name as all these people. My people! My crazy think we're funny but maybe aren't that funny people. And I love 'em. 
Thanks for letting me have your name for the past 24 years or so.
Time to get Weiss.
Moore Weiss = Moore Fun.

Anyone ready to gag themselves because of all the terrible name jokes?


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