October 17, 2014

1 mom + 1 decorated apartment

My mom came into town last week to help sort through this phase of life some call "moving and growing up." Gross. Yes, I am thrilled to be in a new place. No, I am not thrilled about anything cardboard and/or box shaped. But, man. Moms! The best. My mom came in, kicked butt, took names, and got a lot of our stuff done. 

So since it is Friday and all the alliteration link-ups are today (Friday Five! Friday Favs! Eff, yeah!), I thought this Friday deserved a 5 (of the 5 million) reasons Moms are the best. More importantly/to be exact/for your information, my mom

one. She talks you into the deer head over which you've been going gaga ever since Hob Lob put it out. Months of stalking it,  questioning my need for it, and sending pictures to Freddie saying things like, yes? She said get it and so I did. 
Welcome to the family, Buck Weiss. You be looking so good with your gold accents. 

two. She helps you find a gorgeous matted frame for your Ray La quote and then asks the employee if they can cut the 5x7 mat to be an 8x10 mat. Um, taking care of business and I don't have to deal with stranger danger?! Another point for the mom win.
I mean, come on. Who knew it was so easy to just snip snip and voila! New mat size! (everyone probably knew that). 

three. She irons the special ordered 21-inch bedskirt you got for the guest room. No explanation needed for this mom-is-the-best reason. Ironing is ick. Ironing a bedskirt? I think that gets a triple-ick and a big oh-no-no. 
But she did it with grace. And only one or two See how much I love you's?!

four. She gets you out of the house to actually buy the items you need in order to do that craft you've been wanting to do for weeks.
She glittered. I wrote in fake calligraphy. Teamwork at its finest. 

five. She puts everything together. I mean this in the literal she put my apartment together way, but also in the she put my life back together way. Anxiety-ridden home girl over here just really needed some mom answers about my life. And I got 'em.
But instead of showing you pictures of the difference in my worry wrinkles and level of stress after some mom talks, I will show you pictures of my apartment that she put together.

Operation Get Family to Move Closer to Charleston Commences...Now 1.5 years ago.
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Caitlin Elizabeth said...

Your place looks great!! And moms are the best- I need my mom to fly across the country and help me finish unpacking and settling in!

Erin LFF said...

Aww, moms are the best! So glad she came in and made stuff happen!! :) And can we talk about how your new place looks 1000x better than my house I've been living in for more than 3 years?! Yikes- the fire has been lit!

Elizabeth McMullen said...

That wall!!!! Swoon.
Beardy Heart Beauty

Elizabeth McMullen said...

That wall!!!! Swoon.
Beardy Heart Beauty

JanM ♥ said...

Oh my gosh! Everything looks great! And yes, MOMS ARE THE BEST!


MaryCaroline said...

We had all the fun decorating and crafting and planning!
Huggy Huggy Kissy KIssy

Kodi Jensen said...

OBSESSED with the prints above your bed. So glad you framed/displayed them somewhere!

Jenna Griffin said...

Everything looks so great! Yes, Moms are the best. :) I love that pumpkin craft y'all did together! Good teamwork!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

Your gallery wall is perfect!


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