December 5, 2014

some soul goodness

Thanksgiving did good to my soul. I never really understood what in the world people were talking about when they used that expression: good to my soul. I mean I got the gist of it like, Wow something was great and wonderful. We get it, sure. But it wasn't until I became a grown-up (according to whom?!) and started worrying about money and jobs and bills and taking care of others and why won't this stain come out of Freddie's dress shirt and why is my car making weird noises again and why am I the worst teacher stress and living away from family woes that I realized my soul needed some goodness. 

And times like Thanksgiving, times when I can sit and relish in nothing but uninterrupted nothingness and family time, that did my soul some real good. I ate. I drank wine. I played Quelf too many times to admit (okay, 4 or 5ish times....). I slept in. I went to Pilates. I had no schedule and no classes to teach, no rehearsals to run, no one to remind to use ballerina manners. It was all so glorious, typing it out just makes my soul want that goodness again (by the way, 14 days until Christmas break, but who's counting?).

^^ all the Moore children together means having mo(o)re fun
^^thankful rolls! 5 of which ended up in my belly

As you can see I'm very thankful for a sister who takes nice pictures because this is Thanksgiving as seen through Emily's iPhone...
^^Playing Quelf
^^More Quelf-ing (or is it just Freddie being Freddie...?) It's Quelf. Don't worry. 

And this, my friends, is a recipe blog post on how to have some good to your soul.
Happy Friday!


Madi said...

OMG... we love Quelf! So glad you had such a wonderful break! :)

Kayla MKOY said...

We also played Quelf and my friend pulled the card about her thumbs being dragons LOL go ahead and let Freddie know he definitely took the cake on it!

Ryoma Sakamoto.Japan said...

Of the world to friends.
Will present the Christmas music.
Mariah Carey – “All I Want For Christmas Is You” – Christmas In Rockefeller 2014 @Sakamoto2Ryouma

Erin LFF said...

When good for the soul time happens, you just know!! The few times a year I get days off work, days surrounded by family, food, games, movies etc--- I just feel refreshed, rejuvenated! So glad you enjoyed it :)


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