November 12, 2014

in a sea of camo

Last weekend we went to the fair. You know, the so-trashy-it's-almost-classy event of the year. Hashtag: camo camo and more camo. 

I feel like one can learn a lot about life at the fair. For instance, in my 25 years of fair attendance I have learned that germs are very real and hand sanitizer was created for the sole purpose of using after each activity at the fair. 

Or something like that. 
I have also learned that Tilt-A-Whirls are a lot less cool and a lot more puke inducing when you aren't 5. 

And now, now that you are all caught up on Life's Big Fair Lessons, let's talk about the fair some more look at pictures.

  Who can even win fair games? No one. That's who. 

Except apparently Freddie is good at shooting a water gun in order to pop a balloon before 8 other people pop their balloons. Who knew?! Definitely needs to be an addition to the 'ole resume. 

I'll eat you up I love you so. Otherwise filed under: reasons I feel bloaty 5 days after the fair. 

A Katie, an Emily, and a Davey. Biffles. 

What you can't see if that Candy Land stand had MONSTER BAGS ON COTTON CANDY that were as long as my torso. MONSTER BAGS, I say!

Your love's put me...on the top of the world a cable car. A very cold cable car. Hence the Rudolph Red-Nosed lookin' couple up there. 

There you have it. I would like to thank my iPhone for high quality pictures and the fair for high quality fun times. Without your help, this post would have never happened.

p.s.- any of you ever paid to see the world's smallest woman? Or the body of a snake with the head of a man? Or Tiny Tim, the world's tiniest horse?
Creep to the y.


Ashley said...

The fair is one of those things that I keep saying, I will NOT go back there. And then I always do. It's bad and gross and terrible...that you can't not go back. :)

Thank goodness for hand sanitizer.

And no...never for the tiniest woman (did you??) but for the random. And they were just sleeping. Why????!

Kayla MKOY said...

I miss fairs!!! Goodness it's been years since I've been to one. Hoping to make that happen next year :) also, that funnel cake has me drooling all over the place right now. Those are my FAVORITE THINGS in the world!!!

Lindsay said...

Fair time was my favorite time of the year as a kid, I really miss going to the one in my hometown. That funnel cake has my stomach growling!

Erin LFF said...

You're crazy-- ain't nothing trashy bout a good time at the fair! ;) I love them all WAY too much! I hope you're currently mailing me one of those monster bags of cotton candy!


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