February 28, 2013

and then i don't feel so sad

This one time I went to see the Sound of Music at the Fox Theatre and got to sing along and throw stuff in the air. Like Rocky Horror Picture Show cult people, but with the freaking Sound of Music. So yes, I sang My Favorite Things. Me and Julie. And 4000 other Atlantans.

I'm singing that today too, except it's My Favorite Things: February Edition. February was an INSANE month. Do you understand that seriousness of the insanity because of the capitalization?? IN-SANE. Freddie got a new job, he moved, we boo-hooed, we laughed, we Valentine-d, I became obsessed with Game of Thrones, I taught, I rehearsed, and there was some sleep in there too.

Typing that all out makes me realize how not insane it sounds. But trust me, it was insane. I tell you what! Instead of yapping and going on about it, hows about I just leave y'all with a picture diary and you can add your own commentary. (your own insane commentary, of course) (you are welcome for the pictures, you skimmers).

This month involved lurve, plays, family, Freddie, beaches, homemade dippin dots, and obviously, a lot of Ron Swanson.

What were your February Favorites?

February 26, 2013

the post formerly known as an oscar review

I had this whole post written about the Oscars and my thoughts and your thoughts and hello, boring. Those things are kind of already all over the internet. Okay, we know that Anne needed some breast petals. But we forgive her because she is beautiful and I know that I would like my teeth to be as straight and shiny as hers. Moving on. We know that Seth MacFarlane was a little lot awkward. I am also glad Charlize Theron was my understudy and able to step in Sunday night since I couldn't make it to dance with Channing. Thanks, girl. 

My weekend leading up to the Oscars was kind of Oscar worthy in itself, so let's talk about that instead. 

I spent my days driving across this...

To go spend the day walking around here...

And here...

Only stopping to eat this...

And then to sunbathe with this guy.

And the Oscar goes to...

Charleston. For kind of being the best city. As soon as I got back to Atlanta yesterday afternoon I read some article about it being one of the top cities where people are miserable. How do you even poll that?! Something about the horrible traffic or something. Funny, Charleston, really funny that you put that headline up the day I get back. I'm laughing real hard over here. 

Anyone else have an Oscar worthy weekend? Or an Oscar worthy moment from the weekend? Or anyone else buy Anne some breast petals for her stocking this year? Okay, okay, moving on for real.

February 20, 2013

anatomy of the best day ever

Have you ever had a day where everything is wonderful? No, amazing. And you're sitting around being awesome and thinking Man, this is like the best. day. ever. No really, best ever.

Then you have another best day ever like 3 weeks later and that other day is totally forgotten, but whatevs. It was super fun while it lasted. 

I have had some pretty rad 'best days ever' recently and so I am going to break it down for ya. Tell you all about how to have the best day ever. You will all be walking around having best days and wanting to pay me lots of money for my advice. So then I'll probably end up writing some kind of self-help book about successfully making your days the best and be famous in the large world of self-help authors, but for now I'll stick with this blog post.

Freddie is officially gone from Atlanta. And no, that does not make a best day ever. It makes for the most sad day ever. But we won't talk about those feelings and emotions, we'll talk about how Freddie's last few days in the ATL were good reasons to paaaarty. Like it's 3012 (Hay, J Biebs, thanks for letting me steal your weird song lyric). Party like it is the future, we did. Sleep, we did not.

We're going back to Valentine's Day. The day of lurve. And lots of chocolate. Both of which were things I used and abused on Valentine's Day.

Let's go 'round this picture clockwise (starting with the scandalous middle pic) as we mix up the ingredients for the best days ever.

1-For V-day, Freds made me a survival kit. A.K.A--a how to survive in Atlanta without him box (note: Freddie was not in the box, therefore surviving will be harder). This kit included lots of candy and junk food (who does he think I am?!) (good thing he is right in his thinking...).  It also included this Let's Make Out sign which is reminiscent of this pillow I blogged about. Said pillow is stupid expensive, so a handmade sign is all I need to give you some kisses. Anyone about to send me a handmade sign?

2-Remember when I was all like Hey! I love giving cheesy gifts! Cheese, cheese, cheese!? Well I sent Freddie off to Charleston with some new beer labels that will make all those beach go-ers jelly.

3-We then proceeded to cook scallops and caramelized mushrooms over grits. And when I say we cooked, I mean he cooked. And when I say I am going to starve without him around, I am not joking. After dinner, we sat and talked for a long time. And whispered sweet nothings to each other, sure. If you want to have a good time, just sit and talk to Freddiefriend. Wine in hand is preferred, but either way it makes for some good times.

4-Friday night was spent with friends and friendly bars. We hip-hopped around the local Decatur (where it's greater) hotspots and pretended like we weren't tired and ready to go to bed when it was midnight. But really, it was fun. This picture showcases a v-neck shirt and a seski face. Also, remember the part about us being at bars? Yes, this picture. Mhm.

5,6,7-Saturday, oh little Saturday was the best of the best days ever. It was one of those days where we went into it having no plans and ending it having done all sorts of fab things. Like look! Sure does look like the Freds is getting some ink in his back. Oh, that's right, he did tat it up. Tat, tat, tat it up. Tattoos really make you hungry. By that I mean, waiting on people (yes, plural! Freddiefriend's sister got some fresh ink too) to get tattoos really makes me hungry. There's this uh-mazing place in ATL. Actually, it is probably the only amazing thing that I will genuinely miss if I ever leave Atlanta. What is this magical place, Emily?! I'll tell you. Two words: Pizza made from real Italian ingredients and BYOB. Okay, you caught me, two phrases. You choose your drink of choice at any store, walk on in with the brown bag, order the most delicious pizza that will be cooked in 90 seconds in a big brick oven, and sit in the kitchen and eat it while listening to Italian opera music.

Heaven. In. Atlanta.

Oh yeah, and number 7 would be Nelly/Nelson making us ice cream with Liquid Nitrogen. A.K.A--He put his Molecular Gastronomy pants on and we ended up with dessert. Thank the lawd for Georgia Techies.

And that last picture? Just some people we saw bar hopping. No big deal. They're kind of celebrities or something, I think?

What does a best day ever for you involve?

February 13, 2013

on not being a mom

Hey. I teach dance.
And if you didn't know that then I don't think you really read my blog. You must be a skimmer and a picture looker. If that's the case then I need to use higher quality pictures to keep you lookers around. My apologies. 

Anyways, me being a dance teacher means I work with kids. Shocking, right? Who woulda thunk it?! I mainly teach kids between the ages 2.5-11. But once a week for 2 hours I teach late middle schoolers to early high schoolers. These kids, these precious people, have become my favorites. Shh, don't tell. 

Side note: EW. Who says they like teaching high school?! Even in all my education classes in college no one ever said they wanted to teach high school. No one likes going to high school (thanks a lot, Regina George) much less reliving it every day by teaching. So...sorry. I realize I'm crazy in my enjoyment of teaching kids this age. 

But these kids! They're so much fun. And they're accountable. They go home and practice their choreography and technique. As a dance teacher, that's really all I ask of my students. Is that too much ya, 3 year olds?? Sheesh. 

Just kidding, my baby ballerinas are pretty cute too. They just only remember they get a stamp and glitter. Plies shmlies. 

Back to the story. I never thought it was weird that I call my students "my kids" until recently. My high schoolers were complaining about something being hard and I told them to shut their yappers because I teach the same thing to my kids. One of the students excitedly responded with, "YOU HAVE KIDS?!?!" I looked at the poor child like she had just spoken in tongues and was the craziest until I realized... I was the crazy one. Calling my students my kids?

Then I said a quick little thank ya to Jesus that I don't have kids yet and can come home and have a break from the silly little chillun at the end of the day. 

Ready for some crappy phone pics?! Sorry, you skimmers, these will have to do for now.
Don't my kids students look awesome? They are. Their Bob Fosse performance last night was hot. In these pictures they are probably thinking about how much they love my class. Or something like that.

February 11, 2013

so it's monday

So it's Monday and we are all walking around with pouty faces because...it's Monday. And the weekend literally ended after 5 seconds. At least, that is what it felt like. 

The only way to to turn my frown upside down is to look at pictures of my weekend and be reminded that for the 5 seconds that the weekend lasted, I had some funsies. And you know it was fun if I add the -sies at the end of the word! Duhsies.

Weekend recap/operation smile begins now.

Probably my new favorite picture. Ever. Other than the fact that the look on my face looks like I am ready to eat my sister, the eyes closed way, but still. Ann's senior play, Fiddler on the Roof Jr., was this weekend. Yes, there is a Jr. version of this play. And yes, it is better than the original. I am not a Fiddler fan (I mean, who is?) but as I sat through watching a high school Tevya shimmy down the church stairs and then the boys break dance in the bottle dance scene, I was all like Cool, this Fiddler is cool. Let's also talk about the fact that Ann stole the show (and my heart) belting it out as a Jewish daughter not wanting to marry her match, but her true love. Russ Moore got a little teary eyed in the wedding scene. He also took one too many pictures of Little Ann in her wedding dress costume. But anyways, this picture and my sister are the tops. 

The Newnan Theatre Company gala was this weekend and boy oh boy, there are few things in life better than a) dressing up b) being invited to an invitation only event (and we are not talking invite only birthday parties here. This was a fancy party. Not Chuck E Cheese and cake.). I spent my Friday night wondering when my sister grew up and learned how to sing really beautifully. I spent my Saturday night sitting in a fancy dress and heels watching my mom act like a beast. Side note: she acted and was a very Southern lady in one scene, an old uppity family member in another, and finally an over-egotistical singer who really couldn't sing at all. She was not actually acting like a beast. 

The end of the weekend brings about Freddie's last week in Atlanta. GASP. It also brings Valentine's Day. I wrote about the lovey-dovey/schmoozey-doozey stuff we did last V-day and honey, this one will be even better. You know why? Because I can't let Freddie leave Atlanta on a low note in the cheese factor department. Meaning, I tend to give the world's cheesiest gifts and this holiday will be no exception. Just wait, Freddie will leave Atlanta never doubting that I am the cheesiest. I am also the whine-iest. Not to be confused with the wine-iest. He can leave Atlanta forgetting about the whine part. Just not the cheese. 

Like all my made up words?
Also, this pillow. Kind of the best. I asked Freddie if he wanted it for Valentine's Day and well, I'll let you imagine the answer to that question. 

February 7, 2013

opening presents: february edition

If you've been following me for a hot minute then you know how crazy I am for Christmas. How I sink into a great deep depression when it is over and all that (okay, maybe I'm not that crazy). However, this year is the tops because I participated in a Valentine's Day Party. And no, not the kind where you sit in a circle and "deliver" your cards and candy to your classmates. And no, not the kind where you hang out with your friends drinking a lot and bashing everything lovey dovey. This is the kind of Valentine's Day party where you meet a new blog friend and exchange gifts via snail mail. And it's the kind of party that Casey, Lauren, Alycia, Nicole, and Ashlee threw.

Which kind of makes it the best party ever because who doesn't l-o-v-e getting packages? Seriously, made my day when I came home to a little brown box on my front doorstep. It's like Christmas in February! Mind blown. 

I was paired with the ever so lovely Kodi over at grey et al. And lemme tell ya, Kodi is one cool gal. She lives in Wisconsin (this Southern girl is shivering just at the thought) with her husband. She works in photography which is just about one of the coolest jobs out there (says the girl who only posts phone camera pictures, take my word for it) and she has uh-mazing fashion sense. I am seriously considering having her come down just to style my wardrobe for me 'cause you know, that is not at all ridiculous. Trust me, you'll agree when you go check out her blog and see the outfits. And see the beautiful pictures she takes. And then don't come back to my blog and judge my pictures. ;)

Are you ready for some phone pictures of Christmas from Kodi? Should I say Kristmas from Kodi? Yes, way cooler. 

Clockwise from top left:
1- Obviously too excited to take a picture before ripping it open. 
2- A sweet note! Another fun fact about Kodi, very neat and pretty handwriting, just in case y'all were wondering.
3- What female doesn't love some Lip Smackers?
4- Kodi must have gotten the memo that Georgia winter is rain rain rain. And now I have an umbrella to face the nasty rainy winter. Can you believe I didn't have an umbrella? Better believe it.
5- The best hair bands ever. They don't leave a crease in this thinner than thin hair 'o mine. Thank ya, Jesus.
6- A scarf that I have literally worn every day since opening the package. Same scarf, different day. Is that a saying too? It should be. 

Check our Kodi's blog to see the gifts I sent her! Spoiler alert: they are Valetine-y!

February 5, 2013

in. sane.

Well, folks, life has a way of changing course really really quickly. So I decided that Tell Me About It Tuesday was as good a day as any to tell y'all a story about life. 

Story time! Come over to the reading mat and sit criss cross applesauce, mmkay?

Once Upon a Time there was a man named Freddie(friend).
 This picture is my favorite. And makes my heart melt into 5000 pieces. That face! I just wanna smack a big 'ole kiss on it. 

Freddie worked hard. He was tired a. lot. 

One summer Freddie and Emily (hey, that's me!) visited Charleston and Charleston was quite the host. Beaches, glorious food, beaches, history, fun, etc. Freddie kind of fell in love with Charleston, but I mean, who wouldn't?! You totally would.

Freddie really wanted to move there. Mostly so he could do stuff like this in the ocean all the time...

Well fast forward seven months and Freddie got a phone interview for a job in Charleston. That phone interview turned into an in person interview. And that interview turned into....


That is the text I got right as I was going in to teach for the morning. WHAT WHAT WHAT?!

Saying that I am proud of Freddie is only the biggest understatement of the year. I am SO proud! (Adding the word "so" before proud totally makes it better, right?) He went out there, put himself out there, and now he is putting himself right where he wants to be, in Charleston, starting in two weeks. Two weeks, people! Two weeks from today Fredster will no longer be in the ATL. The other night he pointed out that his start date is exactly two years from the day we met. Is that crazy or what?! And let me tell you, it is definitely crazy and not or what. Freddie keeps saying that this all feels surreal. I just keep saying it is insane. This is the face of an excited Freddiefriend...
and an excited for FF, Emilyfriend. 

Freddie, you are the sexiest knees on the hottest bee. And I'm glad that these people think so too. I bet they think exactly that about you, too. I cannot wait to see your overly excited smilin' face in Charleston. I bet that face will be nice and sunny too which is kind of the best. Which means you're kind of the best.

Now excuse me, we have two weeks of celebrating left to do over in these parts. 

Helene in Between


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