August 7, 2014

california adventures: california adventure style

Now that we're all on the same page about Disneyland vs. Disney World, let's talk about California Adventure

Otherwise known as My Favorite

California Adventure is a weird mix of part Hollywood Studios, part Epcot (why hello, alcohol), and part awesome. That part awesome is divided up into different awesome things, one of which being that there was an entrance to the park straight out of our hotel. Kind of Platform 9-3/4 style. I like to pretend it was a secret entrance. 

^^When exploring new Disney parks always wear the ears. Unless your name is Joseph, MC, or Freds and you're too cool.
^^but no one is too cool for a matching Star Wars day. Except me, MC, and Freddie.
^^fake LA slash a version of LA we actually like.
^^Story time!! When Ann was little she had an imaginary friend named Princess Atta. But it wasn't like any 'ole imaginary friend it was the person Ann was always talking to, always talking about, and always doing what Ann was not allowed to do. Princess Atta was more like a part of the family. The End. 
^^While this is a blurry picture, no one can resist Freddie's windblown hair model status picture. No one, I tell you!
^^My "brave" sister, brother, and father decided to ride the Ferris wheel of death. Freddie, my mother, and I were "not brave" and found margaritas, milkshakes, and Mickey bread. You decide who won this game in life.
^^one of my brother's friends is a manager at Disneyland and got us VIP seats for the Aladdin show. Hair flip. And also, thank you!

The night show at California Adventure is called Colors of the World. It has water that shoots into the sky, images projected onto said shooting water, and music that makes you want to dance and sing (Spoiler alert: I did). 

So yes, the show was awesome. But you know what was even more awesome?  
My dear mother ended up standing next to a man who is the father of one of the dancers in The Wiggles.

No? Okay, well The Wiggles is a children's band who sings songs that are so ridiculous you can't help but love them. I saw their ridiculousness and lovability and had Wiggles sheets throughout college. Weird, yes. Also not weird and kinda cool? Maybe. People, I was obviously in the presence of a celebrity. He was the nicest Australian man who told me that I should move to Australia and teach ballet there. Apparently it's in high demand.
Now, back to some colorful worlds. 

I'm sure you can guess how the story ends. Our tired feet managed to take us back to the top secret entrance and we crashed hard. 

Disneyland, I'm sorry your castle is small and your technology isn't as advanced at Disney World's, but despite these setbacks (wink) you were super duper fo' shizzle fun

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