October 31, 2012

raindrops on roses

Everytime I do a Favorite Things post I want to include some witty joke about Julie Andrews and singing and the Sound of Music and yadda yadda yadda. So pretend that that was my witty joke! Badda bing, you can even chuckle a little if you want. Ya know, to make it even more realistic. 

Anyways, let's get on with the answer to the ever-exciting question of, "Emily, what are some of your favorite things right now?"

Well y'all, these are some of my favorite things...

1. Pinterest crafting. Me Oh My, I cannot get enough. Don't worry, I am planning a big 'ole post about all the crafting that has been going on over here. Here is a little taste to hold you over. Yum!

2. It's ombre or the highway. And I choose ombre. Yay for new hair and a hairdresser than can make my hair look like something other than stick straight. Girl please, I wish I had those magic powers. 

3. Home. To me, home is where the prettiest courthouse is. And that is definitely in Newnan. Sorry Atlanta, I might live with you, but Newnan is my home. 

Photo credit for all three pictures goes out to the lovely Ann Moore. I got lucky in the sister department. And in the photographer department.  

Now it's your turn! Me and Julie (Andrews, duh) want to know what are some of your favorite things?

October 27, 2012

happy happy joy joy

I wanted to post this list mid-week. You know, like right in the middle of the week when you can't believe you've made it that far, but you don't think you can make it any farther to the weekend? Yeah, that day. But, obviously, I didn't get it posted then (because I was too busy wondering how I managed to get to Wednesday). 

So Saturday seems like a pretty great second choice day to post this happy list. You made it to Saturday! We conquered the week and for that, I am happy. 

Here are some other reasons I'm smiling this week:

1. I smile and sing like an American Idol contestant (so that means badly) as I listen to the new Mumford and Sons album over. And over. And over. And...well really all the time. Listening to that CD is an experience and honey child, I cannot get enough. 

2. I smile everyday when I hear little voices calling me 'Miss Emily'. "Miss Emily, look at my releve!"
"Miss Emily, watch my grand jete!" Little ballerinas are the best, as are their releves and grand jetes. 

3. I smile when I go to my fridge to get water and notice Freddiefriend has put butternut squash ravioli and goat cheese in there. I mention something sounds good once and bam, it's in my fridge. Hubba hubba, that's romantic to moi. 

Speaking of food, this makes me the happiest. 
                                                                                                                                                                                          photo: Pinterest

Any justification that makes my fatty tendencies look good sounds like a mighty fine justification to me...

This is the part where I ask you what makes you happy and you tell me! Thank goodness for whomever invented commenting on blogs. Make them proud and tell me why you're smiling. 


October 21, 2012

hey, it's ellijay

If I had to pick one of my favorite things about Freddiefriend I would probably say...that it was too hard. But since I am writing this and have had plenty of time to think and pick just one before posting, I say one of my favorite things is that he is always up for an adventure. No matter how crazy my reasoning for the adventure may be or how little sleep he gets the night before, he just puts on a smile and packs some food and blankets. You know, the necessities for any adventure.  

Last year we decided to spend a nice fall day in Ellijay. Why Ellijay? I mean, hellooo we live in Atlanta, the most happenin' place around.  Well, Ellijay has trees. Lots and lots of trees that have lots and lots of pretty and colorful leaves this time of year. Ellijay also has a lot of apples. A lot. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so I'm pretty sure there never has  been and never will be a doctor in Ellijay. It also is quiet. And quaint. And the complete opposite of Atlanta. So there, that is why we went.

Well, fall came around again this year (imagine that...) and I decided we should go spend another day in Ellijay. Because it's pretty! And Atlanta doesn't have apples, right?

This is the part where Freddiefriend just smiles and picks me up and off we go.
And off we went!

Life post-college doesn't really slow down. While I may see FF more frequently during the week when homework isn't consuming all hours, when we do see each other during the week I feel like we are in zombie mode. Must eat dinner. Must keep eyes open for dinner. Must sleep now. The other night we were sitting on the couch and I was about to get up and leave so I could go to bed when I realized it wasn't even 9. Clock say whaaat?! Why did we fight early bedtimes so much as children?...

So, if you ask me, spending a whole day up in the middle of nowhere mountains with FF was perfect. And maybe if you asked Freddie he would say the same. Except not. (because he would probably say it was beyond perfect). I betcha didn't know FF talks like that and all. 

Ain't a good blog post without some pics, y'all. Enjoy feeling like you're looking at pretty postcards. 

And this creepy scarecrow/mannequin hybrid is saying Score, you picked some good apples! or something like that...

October 13, 2012

bite sized candy? chinese finger puzzle?

Halloween brings in lots of good things.

Like the cooler weather. For those of us in Georgia that means 70 degrees, but girlfriend I will take that 70 degrees and I will happily shiver and wear a jacket just 'cause. 

Halloween also brings in Christmas. Okay, roll with me here. Halloween ends and Christmas is only 50ish days later. That means that Halloween brings in Christmas. Why doesn't anyone dress up as Santa on Halloween??

But the best, the absolute best thing Halloween brings?

Say it with me my fatty friends. Candy. 

I try to hold out until at least mid-October to purchase the first bag of Halloween candy for the year. So, that means that I have my first bag by October 5. I did say mid-way through the first 1/3 of the month, right? I just have one teeny tiny problem with these Halloween candies. They are "bite-size." First of all, how realistic can one really be when choosing a size to be classified as "bite-size." My bite is probably smaller than Big Foots, but bigger than the kiddos that get these candies in their goody bags. (My bite might actually be close to Mr. Large Feet. I can't help it. Eating is my thing. Like for some people, working out is their thing...) 

My problem as the consumer is the opposite of a problem for a producer. Those producers are in their secret planning meetings going, "Tee hee hee! We make the candy bite-sized and people eat more and think they are eating less! We are geniuses!" 

And they are. They are very smart. And their tricks work on my treats (hey?! anyone? anyone?). I eat 10 bite-size candies and give myself a pat on my back because at least I didn't buy that regular size Milky Way bar, right?

Let's all celebrate this Halloween season by not dressing up at all. Because in reality, we will all look like real life sumo wrestlers if we keep eating these bite-size chocolate bars. 
And by we, I mean me. Dear Lord, do I  mean me. 

I will leave you with this picture of more sugary things. The Freddiefriend has recently decided to become Cake Boss Jr. Here is a cake plate complete with piping galore done by Buddy/Freddie Jr. 
my new favorite thing ever? Going to Hobby Lobby with FF. Hobs Lobs plus that hunk really is like a going to a candy store with a kid. 

p.s-- if you can guess where the blog post title is from you will win a very special prize. 

October 5, 2012

once upon a fair

Do you ever sit down to write the most amazing post ever and when you start typing you just...

can't think of the most amazing thing ever?

Like me right now?

I did think of the most mediocre post ever and I think it will have to do for now. I've decided to keep a note in my phone of thoughts and experiences that would make great blog posts. Like when was the public announcement that the 55 mph speed limit on 285 is just a suggestion? I feel like what a snail must feel like while travelling down the autobahn. Or a post about visiting the mountains and basking in the changing colors of the leaves (kinda like my girl, Pocahontas). But a trip like that hasn't happened yet and most of the leaves are still greenish and today was like 85 degrees so that post wouldn't work for now.

But this post, this post about the Coweta County fair, this post will work for now. 

When I was a kid, the fair was like the hot spot. The hot spot where all fun things could happen in one place. Oooh, the rides! And the big slide! Man, that slide. The food, the games that I won (because people would let me win, so what), the F-U-N. I even won a few ribbons for art work in my glory fair days. That's celebrity status right here.  Well, the Coweta County fair moved to a new fairground and continued on for years and years while I was too busy to go. So when the fair came around this year I decided I must go. I must ride all the twirly whirly swirly rides. I must eat all the double dog deep fried food (for real, there were fried Milky Way bars this year. What?). And so, I did. Ann and I rode out to the boondocks and skipped on in to the fair. The fair!!

Mistake #1- I ate a full lunch before going. There was no room in my stomach for fried (or not fried) anything. 

The man operating the Tilt-A-Whirl must have wanted to "do me a favor" and make some room in my stomach because he made the ride last for like a good 5 minutes. My squeals went from pure glee of reliving the glory days to getmeoffofthisridenowbeforeIvom. 

Mistake #2- Stumbling off the Tilt-A-Whirl and straight over to the Himalaya. And then the Scrambler. (What are these names?? How about the Comet Vomit or the Swirl and Spew). 

I have no idea how I did this as a child. How did I ride all these rides and still laugh and giggle and walk in a straight line? Ann and I lasted 45 minutes, 3 rides, and 0 food purchases. We definitely did not get a gold star for walking straight lines. 

Then I came home and had the most intense and satisfying hand washing of my life. Germs at the fair! What is this nonsense? There were never germs there when I was little. 

This is what we look like normally. I mean, when we feel sick.

This is the Crazy Bus. As seen on Arthur. 

This is the fair in all of its glory: germs, food, nausea, and fun. 

The End. 

October 1, 2012

take a sip

I am writing this post using a keyboard. A real keyboard on a real laptop. My thumbs are a little confused since they are not having to pull the weight and do all the typing. Ahh, it sure does feel good to spread the typing love out to all these fingers. 

But oh dear, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me explain. 

As I started rounding up all the ideas running free in my head about what angle to use on this post, I noticed that most of my recent posts have been happy posts, or posts trying really hard to be happy and positive and cheery. Because when life gives you lemons you're supposed to make lemonade (the raspberry kind, please and thank you) and all that, right? 

Well the lemonade I have been making lately has been sour. SO sour. Squinchy face and teary eyes sour. Eww! When they (you know, those people) tell you the making lemonade saying, they never tell you there is a chance it will turn out sour. And my most recent batch of life/sour lemonade had a pitch of crime mixed in it.

Dun dun dun! Crime Fighting CSI: Atlanta Blog Post begins now.

Three weeks ago, some person on this Earth, in this state, in the city of Atlanta decided to bust my window and steal my book bag out of my car. I am still unclear as to if they were bored, mean, or if they just really wanted to wear my new purple pants. Or my favorite article of unmentionables. Oh yeah, and use and abuse my Macbook. My precious Ron Swanson covered baby Mac. Whoever it was, the police officer assured me he or she was no professional 13 year old because of the thoughtless way they broke my window. 

Well, SIGH OF RELIEF, I'm glad the amateur 12.5 year olds were the ones that found my car. 

To be honest, I have had/am having a hard time dealing with this and all the other seemingly sour sips of life as of late. I've been through all the mad, sad, furious, scared, more scared, and upset phases. I still can't forget the feeling of complete fear that spread over me as I walked up to my car that morning and noticed half my window hanging on, the rest crumbled in on my driver seat. Or the feeling of dread when I approached the broken window and saw the empty spot where my book bag once sat. The book bag that had a big portion of my little life in it.

To make an extremely long story short, I will sum up with these words/thoughts:
1) Find My Mac app is great...
As long as you are rich and can hire a personal detective and bypass the police stage.
2) Russ Moore = Sherlock Holmes. 
3) Mary Caroline Moore = an angel sent to comfort and to replace make up and shampoo and brushes and toothbrushes and deodorant and clothes and shoes and chargers...

and maybe one day replace my baby Mac. For now, as I type on my dad's old netbook and feel so 2007-y, I feel grateful. Grateful that I wasn't in the car. Grateful that FF and my fam answered my desperate weeping phone calls that morning/following weeks. Grateful that I have the tools to make lemonade, whether is it sour or not. 

Grateful that I can finally write a new blog post! Hello! Did ya miss me??

And while I'm still scared and some days I still think bad guys are everywhere around me (yes, I am 5, so what), I will more than likely still sit here and sip on some lemonade. And type using all my fingers on this swanky keyboard.

And think about that person who is walking around in purple pants using my former Macbook.

What else has been happening?

This guy celebrated a birthday.

This guy also celebrated a birthday. And came home for a visit.

And this guy felt well enough to take his healing leg/hip out for a day on the town!


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