October 31, 2010

When in Rome...

do as the Romans do. And that is what I did. Granted, I don't think the saying extends to the vicinity of Rome, Georgia; however, for the sake of this post we are going to pretend that it does.

Rome, Georgia. Floyd County. Home of Kay White. What an exciting place. It got even more exciting when a little white Corolla with the letters MLE stuck on the window came rolling on down 53. Funny side story, that is not the only thing that had been rolling down 53 that day. Kay's cell phone that had inadvertently been left on the roof of her car decided to take a little plunge onto 53 prior to my visit. But that's not my story to tell :)

I went to Rome to spend Halloween weekend with Kay and her foster children, a.k.a. R and Z. Our agenda for the weekend: eat lots of goodies, have lots of fun, eat some more goodies, go trick or treating, and maybe sleep a little. First of all, let me just say SUCCESS on that list. Check, check, check, check, and check. We wasted no time getting into the Halloween spirit by carving the pumpkin the first night I got there. Now, I used my pronoun a little loosely in the previous sentence. When I say "we" carved the pumpkin, I really mean Kay carved the pumpkin. "We" were the cheerleaders.   
Go Kay! Carve that pumpkin!

Wow, we made great cheerleaders because just look at that pumpkin...perfect. Even Z squealed and squirmed a few cheers for Kay. 

We spent the next day celebrating and eating in Downtown Rome with Jackie (Grammy). After a scrumptious meal at Harvest Moon (gimme more sweet potato chips, puhlease), we went trick or treating down Broad Street with the other 30,000 children in Rome. No really, masses and masses of ducks and vampires and princesses and cowboys and rockets and lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
Jackie pushing her way through the crowds. You don't mess with Grammy and candy. 

I remember being a little kid and how the anticipation of getting ready to go trick or treating just killing me. My thoughts would be bouncing back and forth from, "I AM GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH CANDY TONIGHT!" to, "IS IT TIME TO GET DRESSED YET?!" to, "CANDY CANDY CANDY!!" to, "WHY IS MOM MAKING ME WEAR A TURTLENECK UNDER MY PRINCESS COSTUME? :(:(" You get the idea. Anyways, I am sure R and Z were having similar thoughts. Kay and I were so mean and took them out to eat before the big night. After flying Vienna sausages and broken chopsticks (all now on the floor), we decided that it was time. DUNDUNDUN. Let's go trick or treating!!

I also click my heels at the thought of Halloween candy.

"Yes, I know I am the cutest dog ever. That does not mean I want you to pet me."

Now, this was interesting because only 3 or 4 houses in Kay's neighborhood decided to give out candy. Whaaaaat?! Where's the Halloween love, y'all? These poor children just wanted to be on a sugar high. Can't you help a poor kid out?! 
This tricky house had their porch lights on, their garage open, their tv on, and a bowl of candy sitting on a table inside. Did they answer the door? Nope.

Don't cry for these kids. Between Trunk or Treats, Girl Scouts, and Grammy there was plenty of candy stashed in the house. (I only stole a liiiiitle bit). 

My last day in Roma was just as packed as the others. I spent most of the morning finishing the touches on teaching Z to say, "Go Jackets!" Super success there. We now have our newest Yellow Jackets fan! Jim was excited about that one. I spent most of the trip trying to get Z to say my name. Here is how that went:
K: Say Emily
Z: Daaawg
E: Em-a-lee
Z: Dawwwwwg
Z: No ::furiously shakes head::
Z: Jackets!

So, I just want to give a quick thanks for Russ and Mary Caroline for picking out a name too hard for babies to say. I have been called Elily, Emma-ee, and Honey. I can now add Dawwwg to that list. Oh well, at least Z had no hang ups about showing his Georgia Tech lurve. 

It was a great Halloween weekend! Kay went from being a part time mommy to the Moore kids, to a full time mommy to R and Z with no time to think. She may have lost a few brain cells in this process (Hello, old phone smashed to pieces on the side of 53), but it's all worth it. Mommy Kay is a great mommy. And Jim and Jackie are a great Grandpa and Grammy. (Or, as they were once called, Grandma (Jim) and Jackie). Thanks for letting me come in for a few days! No worries, I haven't stolen the kids...yet...

P.S.- This is how one looks after spending a full weekend with MLE. We party hard. We sleep hard

October 23, 2010

"Is this the Grand Canyon?"

As a preface to this posting, I must talk about my current obsession. It is not really my "current" obsession---I have always and will always love this. However, this time of year only feeds my obsession (literally), making it worse. HALLOWEEN CANDY. Chocolate Halloween candy to be exact. One of the girls I babysit pronounces it, "chau-let." So I have been eating SO much chaulet lately. It is everywhere I go. It is everything about which I talk. I love me some chaulet Halloween candy. Let's get together and eat some chaulet.

This blog should really be entitled, Things My Family Hasn't Been Able To Do In 11 Years Because Of Nutcracker Rehearsals. I know that that blog sounds fascinating to all of you. I hate to break it to y'all, buuuut that is kind of what y'all are reading about. Phew, I feel so much better having let that secret out.

Today's adventure was... a trip to the mountains! Cloudland Canyon to be exact. It was beautiful (and I don't even like being outdoors...).

As per usual, we left late. Between 8-9 am was the decided departure time. Ann and Dad were slowly rolling out of bed around 7:55 am. Just in time to throw on an old pair of clothes and hit the road! Right? Wrong. Just in time to take a shower, and scramble some eggs, and post a few rantings on Facebook....I mean, check some e-mails. 3(ish) hours later we arrive at Cloudland Canyon State Park, pinic in hand. By picnic I mean Chick-Fil-A nuggets, fruit, and.....can you guess?? Some chaulet! I had to fuel up before descending and promptly ascending 600+ steps. After some yummy sugar we were off on the Waterfalls Trail.

Here are a few samples of the talk on the way down...

After 10 stairs:
    A: This is so fun!!!! So pretty!!! (she clicks away taking pictures) p.s.-Ann is taking photography class now so a camera is constantly attached to her hip.

After 150 stairs:
    Dad: Woo hoo! These stairs are nice. Who built these? They had to like...design them. I wonder when they were built? How did they design them this way? Mary Caroline, were they here when we were younger? Can I think of some more questions?

After 322 stairs:
    Mom: I just twisted my ankle. Oh well, I'll just keep walking!

After 515 stairs:
    Dad: Wooeee this is gonna be fun on the climb back up!

After 600 stairs:
    A: Were we really all the way up there?! I hear water. Where is it? Ow ow ow ow ow ow my legs. Ow.

Now, nothing is more inspiring on a 600 step descend then knowing that you'll see a beautiful, tall waterfall at the bottom, right? Wrong, yet again. There was no beautiful, luscious, tall, free-flowing waterfall anywhere. There was a dribble. A leaky faucet. A light drip of water. Whatever "it" was, "it" could not qualify as a waterfall. I can climb down 6 stairs to my kitchen to see flowing water like that. In all seriousness, well...in all seriousness that really is what we saw; however, it was so beautiful outside and we had lots of fun exercising in the fresh air :) (And picking on Ann's...I mean each other's out of shape-ness). Thankfully the engineers who designed the "fascinating to Russ Moore stairs" put in lots of benches.  There were lots of much needed sitting stops on the way up. Hello, quads! We meet again. Please be nice to me.

Here are a few pictures!
View from one of the Outlooks

The beginning of the stairs...dun dun dun

We were all the way up there looking down here, now we are all the way down here looking up there

Carry me back up, pleeeeeeeease :(

As far as the title of this post....yes, a child did ask his parents this question as he ran down the stairs. Also for some more exciting news for today, congratulations to Bridget and Randy on the birth of Evelyn Sophia!! The newest member of Studio Dance Theatre :) Now, I wonder what exciting, blog worthy adventures will happen next weekend...

October 17, 2010

Down with the Red and Black

Georgia Tech is out for a victory! And they got one.

Are the Moores/Caldwells good luck? Obviously. You want our group at all of your sporting events. Just hit my cell up  to book us for your game.
It's Mr. Diddy's cuteness that helps the team win.

We (meaning me, Ann, Russell, Mom, Diddy, and Uncle John) went up for the Tech vs. MTSU game yesterday. The saying, "made a day out of it" does not even accurately describe our festivities because we also made a night out of it. Our day began when we left Newnan at 10:30 a.m. "But Emily, the game didn't start until 3:30." Yes, thank you for that reminder, but we had several pre-gaming stops on our list. No, none of these stops involved fraternities. We pre-gamed in a different manner...

Stop #1- GT Bookstore- Really, no trip to Atlanta is complete without a stop to the Georgia Tech Barnes and Noble. That is, according to Mr. Diddy anyways. What do you get for the family that has all the Tech get-up and gear one could imagine? Why, more Tech supplies of course! Once we had rounded up plenty of t-shirts/face tattoos/cups/cds/mugs/pompom goodies, we headed out to our second stop.
Ann and I have even begun to pick out clothes for our future children. Um hello, cutest shirt ever. Why don't you come in my size?
Stop #2- The Varsity- Another Atlanta staple. No one can leave (or enter) the city without filling up their bellies with some greasy goodness. I've managed to avoid (lovingly avoid) the Varsity for over a year; however, in part of the bribe to drag Diddy along for Game Day I agreed to eat the Varsity. My order: Hot Dog with a Ring One. For all you foreigners out there, that is a chili dog with a side of onion rings. You can brush up on your Varsity lingo here: Varsity lingo. Our lunch ended three hours prior to the game. Time to go kill some time...

Stop #3- Tech Tower- In order to kill some time, we walked and sat and walked some more around part of the campus. Our tour guides: Diddy, who graduated from Tech in 1957; and Russ, who worked at Tech until 1997. So, this is what we heard..."Well, this is new!"  "Well, this place used to be located at ____."  "When I was here, this building was for Chemistry." "This is new too!"  "What's this?!" Pretty awesome tour guides, right? :) 
The Tech Tower--good thing that hasn't changed places.

Stop #4- Bobby Dodd Stadium- Game time, finally! We got to our seats, got some snacks, cheered on the Ramblin Wreck, and attempted to sing the Alma Mater all before the game started. Highlights from the game:
  • GT intercepting the ball four times
  • Never being behind
  • The second string scoring
  • Scotty Blair missing his first field goal of the season (not a highlight, come oooooooon Scotty)
  • BUDWEISER SONG---the BEST part going to games  When you say Budweiser, you've said it all...
  • Did I mention GT intercepting the ball four times?...
  • Nesbitt proving he is, in fact, better than Draper 
  • WINNING, always a good highlight

We had a fabulous time at the game. Ann peed in her pants with excitement multiple times. Since Dad worked at Tech when Joseph and I were growing up, we went to many, many Tech games dressed in ridiculously cute fan clothes. Ann, however, came around once Dad had begun working in the education field so her memories include tours of charter schools instead of tours of Grant Field. I don't know if Diddy will admit it, but this was probably his most favorite day ever ;)
He is looking off into the distance pondering if he will ever be so lucky as to spend another day at a Tech game with MLE.

...when you say Buuuudweiser...you've said it all 

October 7, 2010

Faring to the Fair

Every year, at the beginning of fall, something magical happens. Yes, the leaves start to turn pretty, crispy colors. The weather gets cooler and cooler. Local stores start to put out Christmas...I mean, Halloween decorations. However, these are not the magical things to which I am referring. I am referring to....dun dun dun...the county fair!

11 years ago I decided give all of my time (plus some more) to dancing. 11 years ago was the last time I went to the fair. I know what you're thinking, "Oh no! Poor Emily! Your life must have been so empty without the sparkle and shine of the lights and rides of the fair." No worries, my reunion with the fair was nothing short of memorable--ginormous corn dogs, shaky rides lightly dusted with some good 'ole rust, 5 legged sheep, and all the stuffed animal prizes one can imagine.
yummy, yummy in my tummy

Highlights of the fair:
  • Russ Moore spending 3 hours there and only riding the Ferris wheel. Twice. He took on the role of paparazzi and took lots of pictures of the three of us living on the wild side.
  • Mom, Ann, and I riding "crazy spin you around/mess up your vision/make you barf" rides.
  • Eating my first ever caramel apple...and getting the caramel all over my nose. It's the cute new thing.
  •  Riding the Ferris wheel with Ann. Example: "Ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ::grabs side of seat:: ahhhhhhhh" "EMILY, STOP LAUGHING YOU ARE ROCKING IT." "I hate this I hate this I hate this I hate this."
  • Avoiding the petting zoo and any areas nearby where the "animal" smell managed to seep.
  • Wanting to play a game and win a cheap prize. Ann played Game 1: scooping up rubber duckies. She won a whale. I think, "Psh, stuffed animal? No thanks. I want a cool fuzzy, pimp hat." Ann and I moved on to Game 2: water gun race. Oh, guess who won that round. ANN. What prize does she choose? A STUFFED PENGUIN. Russ and I played Game 3. This story does end well, I promise. I beat Dad because obviously my aim with water guns is impeccable, and I finally got my fuzzy, pimp hat. My "cheap" prize turned out to be not so cheap. Oh goodbye $14.
"I've always wanted a baby green whale!"

Lastly, let me mention a new trend I witnessed while at the fair. Most people go to the fair and see lights everywhere. Or children running around. Or people eating funnel cakes and candy apples. In Newnan, you see couples wearing matching camo. Everywhere. Camo camo camo.
Next time I go on a date I know what I'm wearing. Yeahhh buddy.

All in all, as you can see, we had a really great time... I think this is the beginning of a new fair era. Get ready.
"Yay, we are having so much fun! Wait, where's Russ?"

On a different note, I am not reading The 19th Wife anymore even though "Yippee! I'm reading..." says so. However, that book is just too good for me to take it down yet. Maybe I'll just read it again and again. Y'all should definitely read it AT LEAST once. Let's make a deal...all of you read it then I will make the picture up to date with what I am really reading. 

October 1, 2010

A Truly Tranquil Thursday

I had a wonderful Thursday yesterday. While some people use the phrase "Thirsty Thursday" to describe their activities for the day, I decided to find a better suited adjective for how I spent my day. Now, when one hears the word "tranquil" their mind probably creates a scene with someone sitting around on his/her behind relaxing. Maybe some soft music playing in the background. Maybe even a servant man bringing lots of food and drinks and pouring them straight into the person's mouth. This is not how you should be picture my Tranquil Thursday. I did a lot of things and spent most of my day out and about; however, it was tranquil to me for various reasons: 1) I did not have to do anything or be anywhere. 2)... Ok, I have no number two. My number one pretty much sums it all up.

After a gift card inspired shopping trip and a scrumptious lunch, we decided to enjoy a self-guided tour of the newly refurbished Coweta County Courthouse. So, here go the Moores, meandering (meandering is the best way to spend a Tranquil Thursday, of course) around the courthouse.

We meandered up to the balcony in the courtroom.

We meandered out onto the terrace.

And, we attempted to meander up to the clock tower. Meander fail.

In the midst of our tranquil courthouse visit, we got news that Nonny had had a bad fall and was pretty banged up. Grandaddy says that Nonny has a talent for falling down stairs.  A talent that I am sure every child dreams of having one day. I know I did. Her talent extends even further because she is able to fall and hit her head of railings, floor, stairs, scrap up her skin, and fall down any number of stairs without breaking ANY bones. Also, without getting seriously injured. This is a good thing. I don't want to make it sound otherwise. Yes, we all DO want that talent of not getting seriously hurt after falling down a flight of stairs and gashing our heads open. So, back on subject, Nonny has fallen and Grandaddy, the 88 year old wonderman, is having to take care of everything. Now we enter phase 2 of Tranquil Thursday: a visit to Granddaddy and Nonny.

See what I mean about tranquil?! Tranquil to me equals deciding at 3 pm that we will head up to Smyrna for the evening. This post should be dedicated to Thanksgiving because we made a feast for Granddaddy and Nonny while we were up there. (It could also be dedicated to Thanksgiving since we are so thankful that Nonny is doing well, despite her new trend of bandages and ankle wraps.) After 2 huge COSTCO (yayay) bags and 10 Publix bags later, the feast was ready to be cooked. Between chicken stir fry, quiche, fruit salad, and chili, I hope Granddaddy and Nonny will have some happy bellies this week. Bonus points go out because these meals can be reheated in the microwave a.k.a. Granddaddy's safe haven. :)

Chicken stir fry anxiously waiting to be consumed.

Big pot 'o chili. Still trying to figure out how much Russ stole from their fridge...

just kidding. He would never.

"Quiche" the cook. Bad joke?

Well, that sums up my Tranquil Thursday. You may not find it exceptionally tranquil, but I do and it's my blog so you just have to agree with me. :)

Here's hoping to a speedy recovery to Nonny and for many more Tranquil Thursdays to come!


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