January 29, 2016

friday favorites: the end of january edition

Happy Last Friday of January! And holy cow, is it really the last Friday of January? Do I really have to already start thinking about what to get Freddie I want for Valentine's Day?! 

Favorite Song
For some reason it won't let me post the original music video, so please enjoy this blurry lyrics video. You should be up and dancing anyways so the video doesn't even matter. 

I started this Never Ending '00 Hits playlist on Google Play, and Holy Mother of Millennials---such good music! Ugh, why are people of today listening to Justin Bieber when Outkast existed in this world? Come on, people. Can you shake it like a polaroid picture to Justin Bieber songs? Okay, yes you totally can to Baby and I will forever love that song, but! But but but. Outkast. Listen along and have yourself a lil' Fri-yay morning dance party. 
Favorite Food
Pinterest turkey burgers
Homemade Southwestern Turkey burgers. With guac and onions and all the yum. 'Nuff said. In the words of Marie Antoinette, Let them eat cake turkey burgers.  

Favorite Pilates Move
The Hundred
Pilates the Hundred
Go ahead and accept the fact that this seemingly simple move will make you break a sweat when done correctly. For realsies. The Hundred is all about connecting your breath to your body---breath gets strong, blood gets moving, and you get groovin'. You inhale for five counts and exhale for five counts, all while pumping your arms. Repeat for ten sets, and there ya go. Say hello to your warmed up body.

Favorite POUR MOI?! Moment
One of my clients came into the studio toting tulips and then proceeded to hand them to me because I had to put up with her that day. ?! It was the smallest and kindest gesture, and you know what? I haven't killed them yet so I think that says something to any magical green thumb fairy dust she sprinkled on them before handing them to me. It was kind of an a-ha moment--like Emily! You can totally do small and nice things like this to other people, too! Get on it! 

Favorite Photo. Period.
Remember when I wrote about one of my best friend's weddings? (heeeey-oh, let's all go watch that movie right now). And how it was the greatest party? Ever. This picture pretty much sums up the entire day/night. Lots of laughing, the biggest bride smile ever, and a whole HECK of a lot of dancing (including my husband all up on the groom because why not?).
flowers from clients

Happy Friday!
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January 26, 2016

on field days

There are two words that, when phrased together, scare the pants off of anyone.
field + day = 

Field Day

Cue the horror movie music. Dun dun dun. The dreaded day of field-ing. Or something. The day of being outside in the heat and having to do things that make you even hotter in the already hotter than heck heat. Slash things that make you feel like a failure. Can anyone remember specific details from his or her field days past? I really just remember hating it because a) it wasn't anything dance related and helloooooo, ballet rocks (and is hard. I'd like to see YOU do a triple pirouette into some fouettes! ;)) and b) did I already mention the being hot outside part? and c) I'm just not athletic at all/I don't care. 

Well when the Pilates instructors at my studio decided to have an instructor field day this past weekend I wasn't sure if I should be excited or if I should be pants-off level scared. Would we be doing Teasers off of the slide at the park? Would we have to memorize all facts about Joseph Pilates and recite his life history while running a five minute mile? I had no idea what to expect. 

You know what I should have been expecting?
A field day full of FUN (it's always fun when the alliteration comes out). 
Because that's exactly what it was. Fun! Funsies. No horror movie music played, no one lost his or her pants from of being scared, and no one lost (okay, that's a lie. My team technically lost but shhhh. Losing is all relative, amiright?). 

Spoiler alert slash PSA: no Pilates moves were used or harmed in the making of this field day. 

Let me sum this up the easy way.
Here are Three Ways Why Adult Field Day Rocks Way Harder Than Kid Field Day:

Because you're an adult doing fun kid things. That's way more fun than being a kid doing kid things. 
Being grown a** women decked out in all kinds of blue? Way better than dressing up as a kid. 

Because you don't have to be sad when the day is over. Guess what? You don't have to do homework at school tomorrow while daydreaming about field day fun day. You're an adult and adulthood = no homework.
Heck! You're an adult so you can just take yourself back to the park for field day fun day, part II. 
Sidebar: adulthood does equal a lot of responsibilities which are worse than homework, but we won't spoil the fun right now. 

Because you aren't timed on your mile run. Instead you just have to scream and run as far as you can until you run of out breath. 50 Yard Scream > all other kinds of running. You get bonus points if the other kids/adults in the park start screaming with you. 10 points for Team Gryffindor Blue! 
no shame in my scream game.
Other field day favorites include: A Day at the Beach, Playground Obstacle Course (children included as obstacles) (no children were harmed in the making of this adult field day), and the Three-Legged Race (not to brag or anything, but my third leg friend, Miranda, and I rocked this one. We were more like three-legged sprinters, but like I said...no bragging).  

So really all that matters is my main end of blog post question: 
Why haven't you had an adult field day yet?
Why don't you work with us at Pure Body yet?

January 25, 2016

on baby showers and babies

I was at a baby shower this weekend. 
Let me rephrase that: I was at a baby shower/dinner party/shindig/gathering of the year/feast extraordinaire this weekend. Our good friends are expecting their first baby in March, and I got to spend the evening on Saturday celebrating them and their probably/most definitely best/most awesome baby of 2016 baby.
I mean, come on, a gift teepee?! Genius. 

Insert a paragraph here about how beautiful and amazing and fabulous and to-die-for everything at the shower was. Ellen, I'm hiring out your friends (a.k.a. profesh party planners) when I am pregnant one day!

And actually, that right there ^^^ that's what I want to talk about. When I am pregnant one day

I spend a lot of time thinking about babies. Not because I feel my ovaries whispering, Eeeeeeemily, where's your baaaaaaaby?, but because that's just something someone who wants kids in the future and has always wanted kids thinks about. Just like some people think about pizza a lot because they've always liked pizza and plan on continuing to like pizza (I think I fall into that category as well...). 

If you had asked a young Emily what her future looked like she probably would have said something about dancing a lot (I think she meant on a stage and not in her kitchen, but whatevs), and that she wanted a brood of children and she wanted to start having that brood young. Now, don't get me wrong, I never wanted to be the next 16 & Pregnant star, but I just always imagined having my kids early on and being done with the brood by the time I was 30. 

Ugh, Young Emily, you are so funny. 
Really though, trust me guys, Young Emily was a hoot. ;)

Being done? By 30? Birthing 3 to 4 (or heck! Let's add in #5 for funsies) kids before I turned 30? 
Have you ever sat down and done baby math before? Like x+y = making a baby. Then divide that by z and you get the nine months to grow the baby. Then add a, b, & c and you'll find the number of months it takes your body to recover from the Great Birth Event (where you poop on the table and don't you dare tell me otherwise. I can see through your lies), and somewhere in there you have to add in the # of months/weeks/years you go without sleep and then...

Well, and then you end up with me being a lot older than 30 when I'm popping out that last little Ricky Jr. My b. We obviously will have to call him Lil' Ricky and not Ricky Jr.
Here's what little Big Ricky looked like. Read: here's why I have to have fifty children. 

Ugh, 'scuse me, but I totally forgot the math part about adding or subtracting or multipli-viding the years I want all of Ricky's lurve for me and me only. Selfish? You bet your bottom dollar. 

My point is that maybe I shouldn't spend so much time thinking about babies. Because I'm not very good at math, I'm easily stressed out, and when you start to think about it for too long you/I get scared.

The same scary feeling you feel when you look down and realize you ate an entire box of pizza. Hashtag my stomach hurts. 

But I guess what my REAL point is is that being at this beautiful shower on Saturday and being surrounded by beautiful moms and moms-to-be made me realize that you know what? Screw it. Doing the math isn't worth it. Stressing out about the timeline isn't worth it. Trying to plan my life down to the second isn't worth it. Worrying about pooping while giving birth isn't is worth it. Because  at the end of the day I know that I want our Weiss/wise brood of children, I want to snuggle the shiz out of them, I want to include them in on the kitchen dance parties, and 30 is just a number and/or a hot, fabulous, young age. An age that I can rock with or without having children or starting to have children or finishing having children. 

My brain hurts from all that math. Time for some breakfast. 
I'm off to snuggle the shiz out of Ricky some more and enjoy not having a brood of children running around just yet. And that's a-okay because they'll be here eventually (way down the road so calm down, Dad). 

January 22, 2016

friday favorites: the crack edition

This week went by really slowly. In a really fast way. You know what I'm saying?
Favorite Song
Live and Die by The Avett Brothers
I've been on a big Avett Brothers kick lately. By lately I mean for the past three to four years, of course. I used to listen to their I And Love And You album when I would go up to Atlanta to visit Freddie when we were first dating. What I'm getting at is that me and the Avett Bros are supa' tight. 

Favorite Food
Have you ever done crack? Yes, I'm talking about cocaine, obviously. I haven't done it so I'm not sure that my comparison is accurate, but this Whole30 compliant chicken salad is as addicting as what I imagine crack to be like.
Whole30 chicken salad
TRY IT OUT. Chicken crack salad + homemade mayo. I think it's the homemade mayo that does it.
We made it for lunches this week (with apples instead of grapes) and...it lasted for only one day of lunch. Plus snacking that day plus some dinner snacking that night. Good thing we're not gluttons or anything.

WAIT. We added in dill, too. DON'T forget the dill. 

Favorite Purchase
I had a Nordstrom gift card burning a hole in my wallet, and I like my wallet (come on, its a HOBO!) so I decided to take matters into my own hands and use the burning gift card. 

Zella leggings
Do we like these workout pants? Do we think they are too busy, or just the right amount of fun? I'm using the pronoun we because these are questions that I cannot answer by myself. Ah well, I guess we/I will find out soon when these are delivered to us/me.

Favorite Pilates Move
Pilates swimming
As a society we tend to live in the front of our body. Following? The computers, the phones, the texting, the reading--it's all done in front of us so we're all hunched and crunched forward. That's one of a million reasons it is so important to work on the back of our bodies, work in extension. This move is great for waking up the back of your body that's been napping since 2007 when the iPhone came out. 
Pro-tips: Use your back muscles (NOT your neck) to pull yourself up. Back of the neck stays long as if you were staring at the bottom of the pool. Hip bones and pubic bone are heavy on the floor, and abdominals are lifted up out of the floor. Put a thumb tack under your belly. That'll get you lifting out of your abs ;)
Favorite Lupe Picture
I hope you understand how difficult of a category this is for me. My camera roll contains a plethora of Lupe pictures, and somehow they all end up being THE CUTEST PICTURE EVER TAKEN. It's weird that 75 pictures can all hold that one title, but whatever. Who am I to argue? This week's favorite goes out to my favorite yawning, 'bout to eat your face off doggy.

Happy Friday!
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January 20, 2016

lessons from emily

It's been 70 degrees here in the past couple of days. Not like a warm 70, but a crisp, cool 70. 

Does that make sense? We were walking the dog yesterday and Freddie was making fun of me for wearing a jacket when it was 70 outside. I had to explain that 70 degrees can feel very different. A low of 70 is one thing and that one thing is warm. A high of 70 is a tad different. A high of 70 means a low of 40 which means cold.
A crisp, cool and beautiful 70 degrees. 

So yes, 70 degrees can feel very different depending on if it's the high or the low. Do you think Freddie appreciates that he can learn so many important things from me? I hope so. 

Here are some other tidbits of knowledge that I have ever so graciously shared with Freddie:

It's better to stuff and cram things in drawers than to have it out on the counters. Drawers looking messy is okay (for a bit). Counters looking messy is not okay for any bits. 

Shut the dang shower curtain. I can deal with closing the toilet seat all day, erry day, but we wouldn't want a mildew-y shower curtain now, would we? WOULD WE?!?!

Even though we have an endless supply of throw pillows, it does not mean that we have an endless supply of pillows. Throw pillows are for looking at, not laying on and scrunching up. Obviously! Not all pillows are created equal.

Worry about everything. Everything! Are you worrying that you aren't worrying enough about everything? Good! That means you're headed in the right worry direction, but could still use some worry work.

When singing along to the Jake Owen song, Beachin, sing 'cocaaaaaaaaaine', instead of 'cold can.' Just do it. It sounds like that anyways.

While writing and brainstorming this very facetious post, all I kept coming up with were serious and very helpful things that Rick Rick has taught me. Like always try the vegetables you swear you don't like because you haven't tried them in years and they will become some of your favorites (hey, Mr. Eggplant, I'm talking to you). Or just swallow the dang Tums when your tummy hurts, no matter how chalky and gross it tastes. It will help. 

May your 70 degrees always feel sunny and warm!
What are some important things that you have taught your lavah?

January 18, 2016

on loving your neighbor as yourself

This weekend was one for the books. The biggest, fattest, encyclopedia-width books. 

You see, this past Saturday at precisely 10am tickets for the Rodeo concerts went on sale.
What's Rodeo? you ask. Good question. I'm still unclear about that, but I am clear on that fact that Darius Rucker is performing at Rodeo and that we had to get tickets to his concert. Had to. Not a want, but a necessity.  

If you've been reading this here blog for awhile then you know that me and Darius are biffles. We were neighbors first, then grocery shopping buds, and now biffles. And biffles support each other by going to each other's concerts. I make it easy for Darius and his crazy schedule by not performing. 

At 9:30 am sharp Freddie and I got ourselves in some virtual waiting rooms for some Darius tickets. You get randomly placed in this said virtual waiting room and once 10am hits, you randomly get chosen to buy tickets until all are sold out. Seems fair, cool, easy, and stress free, right? Wrong.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. 

80% of the tickets were already sold out to season ticket holders which left not a lot of tickets for US.   Who invited season tickets holders to this party??? Get out. 

I was in two waiting rooms, and Freddie was in one. We were serious about these tickets, folks! Seriously serious. 10am came and left. 10:10 came. 10:20 came. 10:30 came. All left without us having any Darius tickets.
post wouldn't be complete without a blurry picture of my virtual waiting room computer screen. 
How are we supposed to support our neighbor/best friend if we can't get out of the waiting room?!!?!? Riddle me that. 

I started doing what any crazy and annoying completely sane and logical person would do and began bargaining. To whom I was bargaining, I'm not quite sure. Maybe the Rodeo gods? Or Darius on some Jedi brain wave power? I don't know, but I was bargaining a lot. 

Pleeeeeease! If we get tickets I'll buy cowboy boots! You know how much I don't want to buy cowboy boots. Whoever you is/are, I hope you did know that. 

We'll stay in Houston for the rest of our lives if we can just get out of this waiting room!

I'll sing all the lyrics to all songs correctly from here on out! 
^^^That's a hard one to keep, people. This proves how serious this thing was. 

Around 10:43 Freddie was chosen to purchase tickets. Freddie. Who had been in ONE Darius waiting room. Not two, but one. I only held it against him for about 0.00005th of a second because it meant that WE HAD DARIUS TICKETS!!!


They may be super cheap and in the bloodiest nose-bleed section, but I'm going to pretend that they are VIP neighbor tickets and sing my heart out. Maybe even dance in some cowboy boots. Who knows. But I do know that we'll be cheering on our favorite neighbor. Wink. 

Take that, virtual Rodeo waiting rooms. Come on and get here, March! Yeehaw or something. 
Oh, no one is as excited as we are? Cool. Carry on with your Mondays...

January 15, 2016

friday favorites: the one where we won

Today is a day worth celebrating. 
All days are worth celebrating, of course, but today is a Friday and it's my half-birthday. Emphasis on my half-birthday part! 

Oh, no one celebrates half-birthdays? Okay, moving on. 
Favorite Song
Cassy O' by George Ezra
We like to go around the house singing and/or (mostly) yelling, "CASSY-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo." Try it, it's fun. 
Favorite Food
Never in my life did I think I would be typing these two words together as my favorite food: cauliflower rice. Yum! Seriously! Stop making that face at me! Sauté it up with a little oil, add in some onions and done. Unless you want to get really fancy and add in an egg. Well, not done because you still have to eat all of it, preferably in one sitting. I take that back. Save some for lunch tomorrow. It is so yummy, especially when you're on Whole30 and can't eat rice...

Favorite Show To Watch For A Second Time
Ugh, so this favorite point is actually unfair because my real favorite(s) (notice the plural) are Parks and Recreation (we've watched the series through too many times to count), The Office, 30 Rock, Scrubs...etc., etc. BUT currently my favorite show to watch for a second time is Dexter! I forgot just how much Dexter Morgan Weiss felt/feels like part of the family.

Favorite Pilates Move
Leg Pull Front
This is the sister move to the Leg Pull Back we all (WE ALL, right? right?) practiced several months ago. This is a great way to step up your planking. By taking off one foot you're causing instability that's going to help you figure out how to use your abdominals and shoulders to stabilize your torso and pelvis. Don't rock or lean side to side. That's cheating, and the Pilates gods will find you. 
Pro-tip: find the oppositional pull from the crown of your head to your heels before lifting off on foot.  Balance is all about opposition. Also, you might want to get your hips a liiiiiiittle more in line with your spine than I did. The Pilates planking gods are definitely coming after me today.

Favorite Moment Of The Week
When Freddie and I won the PowerBall Wednesday night!!!

Except not. January Fool's. 
Happy Friday!
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January 13, 2016

things you never told me about having a dog

As I'm sure you all recall, we got a dog

In less than a 24-hour period we went from not even entertaining the idea of having a dog, to actually factually having a dog.
Lupe dog
 My camera roll would suggest that I kind of like this dog, too, which seems crazy for someone who kind of never liked dogs. And while I'm so glad that A) you're all rejoicing for our new-ish fur addition (not my IKEA white fur rug! The dog! Sheesh!) and B) you're all non-creepily following along with all the Lupe Instas, I have to admit I'm kind of pissed the heck off

Emily, why are you pissed the heck off?
Oh, I'm so glad you asked! Let me tell you...

You! Yes, you! You never told me a lot of things that would start happening because of this dog. 

He sheds.
I sat here for about three to five minutes trying to think of a better way to describe what Lupe does with his hair other than just a simple he sheds. That does not give you an accurate representation of the Hairy Bomb that goes off every ten minutes in our home. Anywhere or anyone Lupe sits or sits on is subject to fall victim to this terrible tragedy. When the Lu-ster gets up from sitting or laying, he leaves behind enough hair to create an entire other Lupe. He is cloning himself! I just figured it out! Duh!

But seriously, the majority of the time Freddie looks more like Lupe than Lupe looks like Lupe. I look more like two Lupes the majority of the time. It is...ridiculous. I sweep up all the fifth and sixth and seventh Lupes, and then about 12 hours later eighth, ninth, and tenth Lupes are hanging out on the floor. 

Stop shedding! This is not a hair party. I used to actually like my hardwood floors. Now I judge them against our carpeted bedroom that hides the hair travesty so well. 

He gets sick.
Now, give me a little bit of credit. I knew animals got sick. But. But! But! You didn't tell me how much it would effect ME when HE got sick. Holy Emotional Roller Coaster Get Me Off Of This Right Now Emily, I couldn't/can't handle it. Can't Even. Right before we road tripped to Georgia for Christmas, Lupe started having these terrible, horrible, no good, scary episodes. He would start gasping for breath, shaking uncontrollably, whining, and his eyes would water like crazy. This would last for about ten minutes before he would be fine. Completely fine---fine and even playing like, Ain't no thang, Em! Almost died, but NBD.

Right before we were taking him to the vet for observation, he had the worst of the worst little episode. I sat on the floor with him until it passed. Erm, let me rephrase that. I sat on the floor with him, crying, and ever so not-gently saying, Please keep breathing! Lupe! Breeeeeeath.

By the way, vet found nothing wrong with him so I'm guessing my tears falling on his fur were what healed him, obvi. 

He loves you all the dang time...and it's too much!
Stop liking me! I'm not that great of a person, I promise! 
Dogs are either really good or really bad for their owners' egos. Lupe thinks Freddie and I hung the moon, and honestly, I kind of start believing it, too. 
Why yes, I did just fill up your bowl with food like a boss. Thanks for noticing, dog!

You know, opening his crate door kind of feels like I'm opening the pearly white gates to Heaven.
Lupe dog
Lupe, never change. You're my favorite. 

January 11, 2016

from the deep, dark archives

**Originally posted on January 11, 2012. A.K.A. many moons ago. 

I am a lot of things. Left-handed, loud (rarely), sarcastic (rarely), and Ann just told me I was high maintenance. So take that with a grain of salt. One thing I am not: daring. Or, to show off my newfound GRE vocabulary, audacious. I don't like putting myself out there or being different or doing new things or meeting new people or blahblah you get the picture. Because of this lack of audacity, I have a wardrobe that consists mostly of gray clothing. As my sister puts it, I wear b-o-r-i-n-g clothes. 

Sorry that I think the color gray is fantastic and goes well with my coloring! What does that say about my coloring? My dad does say my eyes are "mossy stone"... I also am terrified of accessorizing because well earrings are the opposite of boring so I couldn't possibly wear those. So there, now you know just how boring my boring gray boring wardrobe is. 

That all changed today. Today I became fearless! Daring! I walked right up to Mr. Audacious and linked arms with him and walked away with my head held high. Did I mention I was wearing my newly purchased fur vest when I walked away? 

MLE say whaaaat? Yep, you nay-sayers (it's faux fur so let's all take a chill pill) can kiss my fur because I bought one and I am sportin' it harder than Billy Ray Cyrus sported/continues to sport a mullet. Or Michael Jackson sported a single sequined glove. Or Joseph sported his coat of many colors.

Enough with the analogies. Just know that I am wearing it right now with my jammies. Because everyone knows it is tres important to break in fur. 

rawr. Also, high five on the taking pics of myself. That is so 2003 and MySpace-y.

p.s.--New York tomorrow which means Book of Mormon soon which means cold weather soon which means I should probably wear my new meow vest soon. 

Also, as I began writing this post I asked my dad and sister what adjectives they would use to describe me. This is how that went down:
Dad: Funny. Brilliant. Smart. Wonderful daughter.
Ann: High maintenance. Annoying. Oh, (hearing Dad) uh...amazing. 

Ann, too late you can never borrow my not boring awesome furry vest. Dad, you are more than welcome to it anytime. 

January 8, 2016

friday favorites: the roll up, but not the fruit roll-up one

Favorite Song
Listen up. Rodeo is coming up in March and since this will be our first rodeo (har har) we have to be ready. Sidebar: I literally have zero idea what I am talking about or describing when I use the term "rodeo." I've been told it is the bomb, the best, the pinnacle of the year, but that still tells me nothing about what rodeo is.

However, in preparation I'm listening to a lot of Zac Brown Band because apparently he comes to perform at this mysterious, wondrous, month-long rodeo.

Favorite Food
I just realized how unappetizing a giant slab of meatloaf looks. My b. 
This week's 007 Date Night was all about From Russia With Love. However, in this household it was known as From Russia With Loaf. Eh? Eh? Get it?! So funny. We used vodka sauce for the meatloaf, and even ate regular potatoes because...vodka is made from potatoes. And because Freddie said so. I've only mentioned my love for sweet potatoes one or fifty times on this here blog, so regular potatoes were a big ol' sacrifice for me. I know, I know. I got through it just fine. Thanks for asking.

We (I) also said, MA! THE MEATLOAF! about fifty times on Tuesday night, and we (I) thought it was hysterical.

Favorite 2016 Moment
We're eight days in the year and so much has already happened. I mean, come on! We even already made meatloaf! What else do you have for me, other 358 days?! Personally I feel like it's already almost 2017. Kidding, but my top moment of these past eight days was definitely getting this text from Katie Bo-Batie on January 3. Three days in, suckers! Like I said, 2017 is already going to have to do a lot to top these past eight days. Let the wedding hashtag brainstorming commence! <<most important part of getting married. It is 2016, after all.

Favorite Pilates Move
The Roll Up
Instead of an MLE gif, you get the Big Man himself, Joseph Pilates, demonstrating this move. 

This move works your deepest layer of abdominal muscles (your transverses abdominis), and when done correctly, is far more of an abdominal workout than any number of crunches and sit-ups you could do. PSA: stop doing crunches and sit-ups and do this bad boy.
Pro-tips: Don't push down with the back of your ribs to get up. Instead think of almost levitating and pulling up with the front of your body. There's weakness in speed. Try doing this in a slow 8 count. 


Favorite Thing To Talk About Non-Stop
We, like 90% of the rest of the country, hopped on the Making a Murderer train, and it is going 95 MPH so there's no way in heck we are getting off any time soon. Listen, I've watched a lot of Dexter so I'm pretty much a blood splatter expert, people. That's all I'll say for now---you can come into your own conclusions, but. But! But! Watch this show if you haven't and then let's start a big butt long email chain talking about this case. Yah? Yah (<<<inside joke from the show, duh. Go watch it.).


Why haven't you started Making a Murderer yet?
And I haven't counted to eight yet! Are you still rolling up?!  
Happy Friday!
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January 6, 2016

currently: the organized, but not really edition

Insert paragraph ::here:: about being in shock that it's a new year. 
Happy First Hump Day of 2016!
My computer autocorrected ^^First to Friday so can I get an amen for where's the weekend?!

resolving //
I am terrible at making resolutions. If I never make them then I never feel guilty if I don't accomplish them. On that note, I actually think my way of doing things isn't so terrible, it's genius. Just kidding just kidding, kids, goals are good, stay in school and all that. In 2016 I resolve to pass this Pilates test-out in April and become a Pilates beast. Also, can I please be strong enough to do push-ups without my knees down. Please?

I also just spent a few minutes writing down my friends' birthdays in a calendar that is a BIRTHDAY ONLY calendar. This means in 2016 I resolve that every single one of my friends will get a birthday card from me. Handmade. With love. And on time. Okay, I should stop adding on before this gets to be an unachievable resolution...

reading //
Remember when I was kinda, sorta weirdly obsessed with everything space related? I had about fifteen astronaut autobiographies on my Amazon wish list, and that Santa. He somehow snuck on my wish list and brought several of those books right to my lap on Christmas morning. Time to let my 100% strange as hell obsession fester even more. Thanks, Santa. You're a real gem of a dude.

organizing // 
Freddie and I recently bought shelves for our patio closet. This is a big deal because when living in small quarters you have to utilize every inch of space available via closets. Our patio closet is about seven feet high so there were a lot of feet not being properly utilized. So shelves! Exciting! The patio closet looks so organized that I kind of think Freddie and I should have our own HGTV show. Except for the producers to look at our organized patio closet they would have to walk through our apartment which is now hosting all the crap that used to be in the closet so.... This is mostly because Freddie thinks my craft box can live in our storage room down the road. How. Insulting. And rude! How can I complete my 2016 resolution of sending everyone handmade birthday cards if my craft box isn't at my beck and call?!

According to the picture above it would seem I also need to organize my craft box....

loving //
Freddie. Even though he wants to put my craft box in our storage room.

craving //
One of my co-workers informed me that Freddie and I have only had the mediocre Tex Mex food here in Houston. WHAT. Such a travesty. She then told me stories about these handmade tortillas at a place here in Houston that sound so heavenly I have thought of nothing else since Monday (except for the five seconds I thought about Talenti gelato last night when it was on sale on Kroger) (but every other second has been dedicated to sweet tortilla thoughts).

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