March 20, 2012

thoughts on a tuesday

Why isn't graduation right after Spring Break. These next five weeks just seem so so silly. Can you tell I'm laughing?

It's nice not to have to get dressed in the mornings. I simply walk outside and am clothed with layers of yellow dust. Sup, pollen? You and your 9,000+ friends sure do love Hotlanta.

This spring time heat wave is crazy. It's okay though because it just helps us literally to sweat the pollen out of our pores. But, really, aren't you sweating out yellow dust? I am waiting for the summer heat wave. Hello, 120 degrees! Not nice to meet you. Anyone else up for having a nekkid summer? 

I really really really want a new header on my blog. This one has been great and all, but I'm kind of tired of seeing my face look like it is going to eat off the face of whomever is reading my blog. Does anyone speak HTML? And like making blog headers? Yeah, yeah? Help me fix it, please!

I'm gonna need people to comment on my blog, y'all. I know like 3 people read this, so where are my 3 comments per post?? Or even 4 comments if one person is feeling particularly sweeties. Ready, set, GO.

p.s.-remember how Emily Moore doesn't like animals? Ugh, first Cello Wello and now this dog. I 'm smitten by this fluffy ball of sweetness.

March 15, 2012

on working hard and playing harder

Once upon a time I swore I would never go to college and get a dance degree. I went on to say that I would never teach ballet, especially to children. I had taught ballet to young kids for years and always thought I would end up doing something else. Well folks, life is puhretty funny. Because here I am...about to graduate college with a dance degree and continue on with my new job of teaching dance to the cutest kids in Atlanta with a great new studio. And I couldn't be more excited about it. Freds told me I was obviously just denying the things that I really wanted to do.  

I have spent the week in Charleston training for my new teaching job. The studio originated in Charleston and brought a location to Atlanta this last year. Teaching proper dance technique to kiddos is no joke and I have had the pleasure of observing, learning, and teaching a grand total of seventeen classes this week. Seventeen! This is a dream come true for a dance freak like me. As if reliving my glory days of ballet classes and rehearsals in the studio life wasn't exciting enough, I got to spend this week at the beach and in this beautiful city! !!! Exclamation points all over the place, people!!! 

I met the sweetest teachers here in Charleston and am so excited to begin work with their studio this summer in Atlanta. So technically, while I did spend my spring break week working, I consider it more of playing. I got to work play dance with some sweet, sweet children and spend free time getting my freckles on at the beach. I also got to eat a plethora of nom-licious local food. Charleston, you were too sweet (and delicious) to me. Thanks for making me not want to return to the ATL tomorrow. I love you long time! Promise I will be right back. That promise only makes me feel better, I MUST COME BACK. 

p.s.--I often forget I do not have sun friendly skin. Every summer we go through the same thing. I'm like Heeeey body, let's go get our tan on! And my body responds, Heeey stupid pants, hope you enjoy your terrible sunburn! Well, if you can tell at all from the last picture my latest sunburn work of art is a two toned body. One side blood red and one side bright and white. It's called body art and I am the master. 

March 5, 2012

on going steady with freddie

Ladies and gents, today is a special day. Yes, it is ten days before the Ides of March and yes, it is the week before my spring break and why yes, it most certainly is 4 months and 10 days before my birthday. While these are all thrilling events, none of these things could even compare to today being a year since I went on a first date with a dude named Freddie (friend). Oh great, here she goes again. Didn't she just post about Freddiefriend on Valentine's Day? Uh, guess what? This is my blog and I can blog about whatever my little heart desires. (Which is pretty obvious from my cowlick, furry vest, and obsession with chocolate posts). 

Where do I even start? I mean, it's not like I am some relationship expert about to publish my first book and decided to blog about my lurve advice. I am the farthest thing from a relationship expert, but here are some words of the wise from me to you. Because yes, I am a very wise non-relationship expert. 

Life happens and a lot of the time people (me) tend to focus on the negative things or get mad about stupid things. Hey, sometimes it is over legit things though, okay? The overall point---remember how great relationships are? They are kind of all around us. Friends, acquaintances, classmates, professors, moms, dads, siblings, boyfriends, girlfriends, employees, bosses, etc., etc. You know the list. Life is short and it really does fly by (when you're having fun!) so why not make the best of it? Why not tell those people that you love just how much you love them instead of spending most of the time being all grr to them? Unless they deserve the grr-ness, of course. But anyways, remember my FF and my year anniversary with my FF? Yeah, so about that...

A year with Freddie has gone by in what feels like a blink of an eye. Sometimes when I am feeling all giddy and Eeeee! Freddie! I am like Geeez, I am still feeling like I did way back in last March?! Awesome. In the end it was the little things that FF did that got me. Hooked me. Made me fall head over heels for this guy. Little things like the nonchalant grab of my knee on rides in that yellow Jeep. Or a kiss on the forehead. Or a good morning text with lots of exclamation points and emoticons. Or driving to Newnan and sleeping in my brother's old room just to spend a weekend with me (and the entire Moore family). Or standing in my kitchen making pizza for me and my family. The fantastic laugh and hot dancer legs were a big bonus. Seriously, this guy makes me smile bigger than the Cheshire Cat. I knew I was hooked during one of our first dates. We sat in Candler Park eating King of Pops and watching people try to play golf. It was a perfect day and I would have been perfectly happy to just sit there by the FF forever. (P.S.--the next weekend he came with me to set up music at my sister's high school dance and then went to see Black Swan with me. No protesting. He had me. And everyone around me.) I try really hard to steal all of his free time. Sometimes to the point of where I am sure he's like Uh, remember that time I had friends and no Emily? Maybe you should stop being so awesome if you don't want me to take all of your time. 

The point of this story blog?
Freds, you are my absolute favorite. Even above complaining. (what? I don't do that.) Even above peanut butter M&Ms and gummy candy. This year has been so much fun, especially the times when you tried to teach me math or we made pasta from scratch. F-U-N fun. Thanks for taking me on a date a year ago and then continuing to take me on dates and laugh at my stupid jokes n' stuff. I love you and every single day of the 366 days I've gotten to be with you! (Heck yes, leap year!) Well shucks y'all, insert some more gushy sappy stuff because it is all true when it comes to this man.

ready for some creepy cutesies couple-y pictures?


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