April 29, 2011

Learn (ing) Something (s)

Now that I have kept my blog updated a little better(...), I have been slacking on my Learn Something posts. Whoopsies. I'll get the science of blog-estry down eventually. Sounds like I need a few more classes before I can graduate with that degree.

This week's learnings:
  • Choosing a favorite Parks and Rec character is next to impossible. Seriously, you try it because I bet you can't pick just one. Ron Swanson? Oh but wait, I really want a piggy bag ride/shoe shine from Andy. But then there's always Tom--who doesn't love Tom? Lemme get some LL Cool Aide. 
  • Half off Easter candy magically just tastes better than that regular priced stuff.
  • Prince William went by Will Wales in college. He and Kate were both studying History of Art (which is a fancy way of saying Art History, duhh) and later became roommates with two other people. Thank God for TLC pre-wedding specials. 
  • Even though it was their wedding day and she was marrying a Prince and everyone was outside screaming (and we were all inside screaming everywhere else in the world) Prince William and Kate must have been harshly threatened and told not to smile. How do you not smile while you're getting married?! To the prince?! Or to a gorgeous girl?! On live TV?! Give us something to work with, y'all. We only got up at an ungodly hour for this fest of stoic-ness. Sheesh.
  • I sang along with all the hymns so it definitely felt like I was there. Minus the whole actually being there part. Minor details, people. We're still talking about the Royal Wedding, try to follow along. 
  • I do not do a good job comforting little children when they are shaking with fright and there are tornadoes nearby. Because I too am shaking with fright. Solution? Cuddle up and watch Disney channel. Loudly.  
I tried so hard to steer clear of the Royal Wedding madness, but whatcanIsay. I'm human. (And female!) And it's a wedding. And yes, I learned so much from it. 

Kate, thanks a lot for stealing my dress. 

Also, BIG NEWS. Even bigger than the Royal Wedding. Are you ready? My last post was the 50th post. 50! How did I miss that? I needed some big party for my blog with Over the Hill balloons and canes and light up crowns. Blog, I am so sorry I missed celebrating your 50th. Can we make up for it with your 51st?  
Happy 51st! Let's go for 51 more.

April 18, 2011

When I say Sweetwater, you say...

beer. Or, you say 5k. In this case, 5k would be more accurate. I have lived to tell the tale of my second 5k, the Sweetwater 420 5k.

Words I never thought would come out of my mouth or out of my fingers onto the keyboard: my second 5k. The Universe has tried its hardest to make it clear to me that running is so not my thing. I'm all like, "Universe, dude, come on. Just let me be free to run." And the Universe is all like, "Emily, dude, stop. Seriously, I will make you miserable." And I'm all like, "Laugh laughsies. I'm going to do whatever I want." Basically, all of this means I envy the people that say things like, "Good morning! Just ran 15 miles--feeling great! Can't wait to run 18 tomorrow!"

Seriously? You people are not my friends.

I learned several lessons throughout my experience with this race:
1) Running a Disney race as my first race spoiled me rotten. I am that little girl in the toy store who expects only the best and finest things. (Belle and the Beast were not there to send us off at the Start line. My pre-race dance party was nowhere to be found, and instead of running on the flat ground of the Epcot countries I was running through hilly neighborhoods in Decatur).
2) Georgia is hot.
3) Running alone is about as smart as the 127 hours man who decided it was a good idea to go hike alone and not tell anyone where he was going. However, I managed to keep all my limbs so I win that round.

I say these things in jest, of course (ish). The race started at 11am. I started in the middle of the mob of runners. I had Miss I Am Determined To Run This 5k In 20 Minutes Or My Life Will Be Over to my left and the We Are Only Dating Each Other Because We Both Run An Obnoxious Amount couple to my right. Yeah! Let's do this! Off we went. I felt like I spent the first 1.5 miles with people flying by me. I was the slow car on the interstate that really doesn't belong in any lane even though there's that sign that says MINIMUM speed 40 mph.. I kept looking behind thinking surely every single person has passed me and I am holding down the fort here at the back of the line. Somehow there were still people back there...but I still looked back every now and then just to make sure.

Side note: I did manage to find myself a "running partner." Enter Mr. Moaning/Heaving/Spitting man. It actually wasn't that bad (other than the constant spitting), because he was vocalizing all the pain I was feeling. I found a winner!

The last mile was mostly up hill. I am fairly certain the person that made the route didn't get in a good April Fools Day joke this year and decided to make up for it by adding in that hill for the last mile. REALLY FUNNY. I was laughing so hard. That was officially when I realized there was no longer anyone passing me because they were all walking. Psh, walking shmalking, right? WRONG. I caved and gave into all that peer pressure and start walking up the hill. My little Jiminy Cricket conscience was reminding me that I ran the entire race last time and now my time would be longer. My little Emily Moore body could care less and enjoyed the walking break.

As I ran and crossed the Finish line I saw "34:50" on the clock. Say whaaat? Did I really finish a few seconds faster than the race where I ran the entire time? I still haven't figured out that mystery. Or maybe it isn't a mystery and I should just speed walk everything because apparently I can speed walk faster than I can run...possibly?

Whatever the case, I finished! Someone asked me why I felt the need to run another race and honestly, nothing feels better than that feeling of accomplishment when it is all said and done. I could definitely win an Olympic medal in exaggerating and complaining (as I'm sure you all can tell), but I really am glad I went through with both of these races.

Plus, check out my new sweet(water) shirt (the actual reason I sign up for races...)

Also, BIG bonus of the day: Kate and Nelly waiting at the Finish line not only cheering, but cheering with a bowl of creamy dreamy Flying Biscuit grits for me in their hands. Y'all are the best. Want to follow me to any and all races I run in the future? Just think about it---it could be great...

April 12, 2011

for the fans

A couple of people have mentioned my lack of blog updating recently. Knowing that I now have two readers is almost as exciting as Christmas morning (!!) so I figured I should please the people, suck it up and write something.

Several of my biffles (a.k.a. blogs that I stalk) use excuses like a) Ohh my baby has the stomach flu :( or b) I'm graduating this semester and am drowning in homework or c) I never get to see my hubby so he wins over the blog, to describe their blog slacking abilities. I wish I could use one of those, however I did not pop out a baby, get back in school, or get married within the past week so basically...

I'm lazy. And uninspired to write about anything. So just as any other uninspired blog writer would do, I am going to babble on endlessly about my week. Buckle up and get ready for this ride, baby.

We have exciting news in the Nan.

Oh hai, Yogli Mogli

That's right, more frozen yogurt up in here! Now there really is no reason to ever leave Newnan, right? Two whole frozen yogurt stores?! For all of you who are not in the know, frozen yogurt is the new cupcake. Once upon a time, cupcakes were the thing. Then frozen yogurt literally come out of nowhere and, if it were up to me, it would stay foreversies. 

I love me some froyo. Please never leave me.

Last week was spring break for the majority of Georgia which meant I had the week off from "my" kids. It was nice to have some time to...well, do nothing and I was kindofnotreally wanting to start this week. Pshhh, how could I forget how much I actually love children. I walked in today and Nicholas looked at me and told me how nice I looked. Then we had this lovely conversation over PB&Js:

N: So if I want to be your boyfriend what do we do?
E: We spend time together and go on dates.
N: What's a date?
E: When you really like someone you take them out somewhere like to eat, or to see a movie, or to do anything you want.
(N stares into space with some PB stuck to his lip)
N: Alright, I want to go see a car movie and then go get you some chocolate ice cream.

I'll work on the concept of froyo with him, but remembering chocolate is my favorite? High five little man.

On a completely different note, guess who is a smartypants and signed up for another 5k?

That's right, me. The person who loves running and never ever complains about it at all. Have I mentioned I love running and never ever complain about it at all? Hopefully, you've had time to get your giggles out about that piece of information. Should I have mentioned the 5k before I went off about eating my weight in froyo? Anyways, come rain or shine or hyperventilating and passing out, I'll be hitting the pavement (do I should like a real runner?) come Saturday. Most importantly, I get into the Sweetwater 420 Fest fo free. So basically, I'll be giving my race bib tear-off for a wristband to the highest bidder. Let's see how badly some of y'all want to go...

Let the bidding and sucking up and wooing begin.

April 3, 2011

a little late learning something

Let's put on your pretend-y pants and pretend that today is Friday. Yay, Friday! It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down (and pretend) it's Friday. 

Ok, now that we are on the same page and day it's time for some Learn Something action. Sorry I didn't post this on the actual Friday. Since I started doing this thing, Fridays seem to sneak up so fast. And then I'm like whaaa, it's Friday? Already? What did I learn this week? What did I even do this week? Ah. Too. Much. Pressure. Must. Make. Lists.

So, what did I learn this past week? Well, for starters I obviously learned or need to learn to pay more attention to my week and the fab things it is teaching me. I feel a (short) list coming on...
  • Self serve frozen yogurt places need to relocate to my kitchen. Because that's all I want.
  • Even though some days are 80 degrees now, I still cannot break up with the space heater and turn it off. 
  • Skimming a pool when it's windy is the worst idea ever. Everyone all together now, "Duh..."
  • I will get back to school. Somehow. Can getting back to school be a full time job? Yes? Good. I'll be back. IwillIwillIwillIwill. Keep saying that out loud while you finish reading the post... because I will be saying this (probs out loud) for the next few months. 
  • And finally, Butler will win. Maybe I didn't learn that (yet), but I am predicting that as an early Learn Something for next Friday. So get ready for this. I need to start writing fortune cookies I'm so psychic. 
Also, this man and his bow tie make everything better and cuter. That's a lesson I could re-learn over and over every week. 


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