August 6, 2014

california adventures: disneyland

What more can I say? We all know Disney is the best of the best and the most amazing of the most amazing and basically well, period. 'Nuff said and all that. 

Now, that being said, we all also know that I've puhretty much lived at Disney World since my brother started working there 7 years ago. Lived/visited often mean the same thing in that there sentence. I mean, there are two unspoken rules in our family: 1) We visit often enough to where we know we secretly live there, but my brother still just thinks we are visiting. Shhh. Hey, Joseph! and 2) Joseph is never allowed to quit.

Dun dun dun. Cue the dramatic music. 

We've been talking for years about taking advantage of his discount and getting our booties to Disneyland. Insert July of 2014. Our booties were finally are Disneyland. 
Excuse me, our booties were finally sitting at Disneyland. 

Because I really don't want to write a novel and because you really don't want to read a novel, I will keep my thoughts and recaps of Disneyland to myself short. 

The castle is tiny. Tinier than tiny. Minuscule. Like, What the hay, Walt. I have to have Alice's special potion just to fit in this place small. You know when you turn the corner on Main St. at Disney World and the castle is big and in your face and your heart skips a beat and your breath leaves for a quick sec because it's so beautiful? Yeah, moment does not happen at Disneyland. 
Hashtag: spoiled. I know. Good thing it's still beautiful and Disney is still the most magical place in the world.
...but I'll keep making castle jokes for a few more years or so. 

Everything is extremely walkable and extremely wonderful because of that. If you stay on property you do not need trolleys. You do not need shuttles or buses. You do not need your car. You do not need the monorail. All you need are your legs. Hotels to Downtown Disney to the entrances to both parks are all together. And it is glorious.

Disneyland is/was the guinea pig and Disney World is everything they corrected/made better. The End. Period.

...except Space Mountain, Pirates, and It's A Small World. 

Enough nit-picking. It's amazing. 

Now that we've gotten the business out of the way, let's look at a few days worth of Disneyland pictures, shall we?
Very important to not lose your hair when riding Space Mountain. 
Freddie landed himself in ticket jail on Day 2. Go figure. 
Castle, why you so small?

Stay tuned tomorrow for California Adventure (the park not the trip, ya crazies). 
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Helene in Between said...

omg #3 made me laugh out loud!!! good to know.
i want to go and act like a kid and ride rides right now.

Erin LFF said...

LOL! Love this and even though I haven't been to Land yet, you are spot on! DW is a bajillion times better because they learned from DL, the end ;)

Ashley said...

I’ve only been to Disney World, but Disney Land is on my list!

Jenna Griffin said...

this looks like sooooo much fun! i really want to go to disney world again soon. it has been years!


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