June 20, 2014

blast from the not so past

I've been working on a photo project that has caused me to go through a lot of old pictures. A lot. 

And I love every second of it. Every mille-second of it! Shucks, I want to share the lurve with you, Five on Friday style.

I have a whole slew of pictures just like this from our rehearsal dinner. Both the wine and kissing were aplenty that night. 

Take. Me. Back.

My sister took these Thanksgiving photo booth-esque pictures over T-giving break. I just got a hold of 'em a few weeks ago. Gold. En. Golden like Willy Wonka's golden ticket golden.

Time hop is my new favorite app. Nostalgia for the win. A year ago today I was doing this...
Wedding playlist planning. Today I am...not wedding playlist planning. 

This is what happens when Disney gives you a chocolate Mickey for your honeymoon. This is what happens with the chocolate Mickey is delicious. This is what an arm-less/ear-less delicious chocolate Mickey looks like. 

We've got friends coming in town this weekend (heeey, Kate and Quinn) and this is exactly what the weekend menu looks like. Desano's, Desano's and (beach time) more Desano's. 

Happy Friday!
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June 18, 2014

the cheese with the sparkles

Whenever my mom visits I like to make use of her time in town and drag her around to places. Let's call it: sightseeing.

Any time I pass an interesting looking boutique, or cheese shop, or delicious restaurant I add that to the Mom List. The Must Take Mom List. The I Don't Want To Go There Alone So I Will Wait Until Mom Is In Town List. Ya know, that list? And yes, I am married which means I know have a permanent drag along buddy for all of these places, but Frederick would much rather park his booty on the beach than spend his days sightseeing shopping around Charleston. Interestingly enough, that's exactly what my mother would rather be doing, too, but that's neither here nor there. 

Point is, I get ruh-eel excited when Mom comes in to town. You can imagine my excitement last week when my mom was here for a whole four days. One, two, three, four! Think of the cheese we can buy at the cheese shop! Think of all the adorable clothes I can purchase after not having to go into the big, bad scary new boutique alone for the first time! I was a tad excited. That's all you need to know.

We start any Mom trip with a visit to Goat, Sheep, Cow (or add on pig, frog, lamb if your name is Freddie). If you ever come to Charleston (which you should), then please just pop into this store and tell 'em Emily sent you (which they probably will pretend to have no idea who this wonderful Emily person is). Because this store is so cutesies. And the people are so nice. And they let you sample the delicious cheese. And they even remembered my mom's name was Mary Caroline and not Mary and well, I thought my mom was about to kiss the man on the lips and buy a $90 wheel of cheese x2 just for that. 
Actually, tell 'em Mary Caroline sent ya for the cheese with sparkles. Sparkly cheese--that's my mother's professional cheese connoisseur way of talking about aged Gouda. 

Then we usually walk from the cheese shop to a restaurant downtown. When it's just me and Freddie we park and walk and walk and walk and then do not come back to the car until the very end of the day. When it's me and my family, we park and walk and walk and then they ask me why we are walking so far and I assure them it's not that far and then 45 minutes later they ask why we're still walking and well, I guess their ATL living selves are not accustomed to the pedestrian friendly town of Chuck just yet. 
Please tell me that by now I've gotten some kind of award for best run-on sentences. 

After eating is as good a time as any to hit up all those uh-maze looking boutiques I always pass alone. Which more likely than not are all tres expensive and I wonder why I wanted to go in them anyways? Don't worry, I made out like a bandit this past trip and came away with a cute little pink lace bandeau. Hello, so needed that. Life is hard when one doesn't live with one's sister and can't borrow one's sister's clothing all the time. 

Now that it's not hot as you know what o'clock I agree to head to the beach. Ahhh, the beach. The breezy beach. If I didn't hate sand so dang much I just might love the beach more than anything. But that sand, though...

The Mom Must Do List always ends with sparklers. Always. She likes sparkly cheese and sparklers--the woman is easy to please. But who can say no to sparklers and a view of the bridge? No one, that's who. 

The. End.

Now who's ready for a cheesy, breezy Charleston visit?

June 16, 2014

jumping over puddles

Olaf sings a song about summer. I should know. I only hear Frozen songs about 5x per hour. Hashtag: workswithkids. And as much as I want to tell the people who sing Let It Go nonstop to actually let it freaking go, Olaf is on to something. 

I finished up the school year/Spamalot shows and had a week before moving into teaching and choreographing for summer camps. All I wanted to do last week was SING! And DANCE! It's summer! I wanted to jump over puddles and give warm hugs, too! The freckles on my face (we're at about 1 million now). The sunburn on my booty (it's a real thing). It's all so wonderful. I've already consumed copious amounts of froyo and it's only mid-June. Actually, I've consumed copious amounts of froyo toppings. We all know the topping to froyo ratio should always be like 5:3. Done. 

So while I was wanting to sing and dance and give warm hugs all last week I was also gallivanting around Disney. According to my mother's time hop app we've been to Disney the first of June for the past 5 years? 6 years? Apparently it's not summer until a Disney trip happens so I'm glad I could keep up with the tradish. 

Thanks, Olaf, for singing a silly song that I can totes relate to. All the 6 year olds have Let It Go, I've got summer. 

Did I mention I met Josh Gad once? Besties. 
It was obviously not summer when we met. 

Happy unofficial summer Monday!

June 6, 2014

on stars aligning

Have you ever had one of those Holy Cow, this was so meant to be moments? Where the stars aligned or all roads led you to the right path and hell didn't even have to freeze over for something amazing and wonderful to happen?!

I almost had one of those moments this morning. Almost. Let me explain.

Ever since we moved to our condo we've heard rumors that Darius Rucker lives in one the houses behind us. Let me tell you, we have had plenty of fun with that piece of information. Hear someone mowing their lawn? It's probs just our neighbor, Darius. No big deal. Wagon Wheel comes on Pandora? Psh, Pandora please. We can go get our neighbor to sing it to us live. Beat that. We've even tried to guess which house would be his. Since we know him and his tastes pretty well by now, I think we've successfully narrowed it down. 

But...I'm getting off track. This morning I'm going for my run and it is dark and stormy out there. Obviously I should stay close to the complex in case the sky starts falling, so I decide to run around the small little neighborhood behind us. That's when it hits me. Obviously this is fate! God made today rainy so that I would decide to run close to home so that I would accidentally run into Darius as he is leaving his house for some reason on a Friday morning and we would exchange hello's and become best of friends! Summer barbecues at the Ruckers?! We're in.

We are so not in, though. Because the stars were not aligned. And the roads did not lead me to the right path of Darius' house. And God must have made today rainy for some other reason.

I would say I'm a tad upset, but my family is coming into town tonight. Tonight! Family beach time. Family food time. And maybe family Moore time with family Rucker time?

We'll see. 

Happy Friday!

June 4, 2014

currently: edition two

<Insert beginning paragraph about me loving link-ups (Thanks, Jenna and Anne!).>

Ok, got it? Let's get on with it.
I feel like y'all know by now that I can never answer this question as myself, but rather as what is Frederick currently cooking? And I'll tell ya what, Frederick has been on this bread kick lately. I'm talking he's churned out 6 loaves in 2 weekends. My could-eat-carbs-all-day-'erry-day self is loving it. What else does one need in life other than a warm homemade loaf of bread and a tub of truffle butter? Nada. Pictured above is his version of a Hiroshima loaf. Too soon?

It's been very hard for me to let go of the fact that A) we finished the series of Dexter B) the ending...'nuff said. and C) I can't find another show that warrants my obsession like the Dex. However, Game of Thrones is wonderful and everyone who is anyone should be watching it and/or reading it. 

A family vaca to California! I think the furthest "west" I've been is...Louisiana? Does that even count? My east coast lovin' legs can't wait to stand on west coast ground. I'm also a tad excited about seeing one of my very best friends and partying it up at Disneyland. Just a tad. 

Who doesn't love a good 'ole beach book that you can knock out 10 chapters in record time while sunning it up?

So here we are. 14 shows of Spamalot later with only 3 shows left. I'm not sure what I'll wear after this weekend when my seaweed hair won't be an everyday accessory...

Anyone else sporting some seaweed hair as of late?


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