February 14, 2014

cheesy cupid

Serious question first: Are you already delving into the Valentine's chocolate and candy? For breakfast? And second breakfast? 

Happy Valentine's Day! 
I will answer the above question with a big, fat YES. I had a handful of Sweetart heart gummies with my breakfast which means I've already made one excellent decision for the day and it's only 9 am. Bravo, day. 

Last Valentine's Day was 4 days before Mr. Freds up and moved to Charleston and started his new job in Charleston. This means that last year Valentine's Day I was a hot mess. This also means that Freddie is 4 days away from living in this b-e-a-utiful place for a whole year! A year! 365 days! You know how much has changed since he left last February 18?! 
The answer is yes, you do know how much has changed because you read this blog like your life depends on it. 

But that's information for a different-non-Valentine's Day-but-still-sappy post. 

Let's focus on V-day gifts. Because that's the real reason anyone really like Valentine's Day. That and the candy, of course. Now, I'm not one to spend oodles and boodles on cash monies for gifts however I love love love giving gifts and love coming up with the cheesiest possible gifts to give. It's kind of my specialty. How big can I make you roll your eyes with my cheesy gift? How long can I make you shake your head as you giggle over my cheesy gift? These are the important things I think about when going into the gift giving process. 

In years past Freddie has gotten some cheestastic things. 
The strawberries count as cheesy too since they are filled with CHEESEcake!

This year is no exception. Cheesy gifts are coming to Freddie in T minus 9 hours. Let the countdown begin.

What do you do or give or eat for Valentine's Day? 


Kayla MKOY said...

We normally don't do anything big but I'm excited after we get home from dinner tonight to stay in, put a fake fireplace DVD in the tv... And bake/decorate sugar cookie's together!!!! Your gift giving makes me laugh, I'm so like that too!! Hope you guys have a great one :)

Bhumi said...

I made the cheesecake strawberries this year and I MISS YOU AND BAKING AND EATING SO MUCH CANDY ALL MONTH LONG!!!!

And So I Did said...

How cute! :) Beer-y much... hehehehehe! Love it!


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