August 31, 2012

i simply remember my favorite things

I cannot think of a better way to say goodbye to the month of August than simply with remembering some of my favorite things. August was full of heartache and loss, but it was also full of friends, family, and most importantly, love

I love my family. And I love that when times get hard we can all get together and still find something about which to smile. 

Like shoving Ann in the paper thin closet in Mr. Diddy's hospital room...

I love that I had the opportunity to choreography for our local theatre's production of Suessical the Musical. What a show! What a great cast! What great dancing! ;)

I love having a thoughtful Freddiefriend who shows up on my front doorstep with flowers in tow. And then lets me sit and listen to his laugh. Mmm, that laugh. 

I love unexpectedly running into children that I used to nanny. Especially when they have grown up and just want to sit around and talk to me. I'm still a little cool, phew

August, you were handful and I am welcoming September with very open arms. I bid you adieu, until next year. 

This post was inspired by one of the blogs that I follow, Dancing With Ashley. Check out her favorite things!

Oh yeah, what are some of your favorite things?

August 21, 2012

on the time i had thoughts on a tuesday

I have to take a big second to thank you for all of the love, support, prayers, kind words, sweet sympathy, etc., etc., after the last blog post. Miss Momma's legacy lives on in not only how we as her family continue on in life, but also in the precious words and memories you all shared about her. Nothing is more comforting than having people from all stages of MM's life come forward with stories and laughs from time spent with her. Let me tell you what, the amount of people sharing these moments was overwhelming, as was the comfort we felt from these times. 

I've realized a lot in the past week as I've been riding the roller coaster of emotions. The main thing I've realized is that this roller coaster is long, and sometimes the hills and happiness are super high and sometimes the drops and tears seem to last too long. In the end, when the hills and drops have slowly disappeared and all that is left are normal twist and turns, you somehow keep moving forward. For me, I keep moving forward because I choose to. I keep moving forward because I let the memories of the good times and the prospect of meeting again push me forward. 

With that in mind, I think now is as good a time as any for a happy list. Whatta whatta what?? I know, it has been forever since I made a happy list. Tsk tsk. It's like I've been running around angry all these months or something... 

I'm never angry, by the way. In the words of Russ Moore, I'm not angry, I'm emphatic. So there. 

Happy List take two. Or three. I'm not sure, but take some number.

1. Hugs. I've come to really appreciate good neck grabbin' hugs. Hugs from friends, hugs from family, hugs from little ballerinas. Good hugs, sad hugs, hugs with added in back rubs, hugs with added in kisses (Alriiight! You know you like those). H is for Hug and Happy. 

2. Pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words. It is also worth a thousand memories that otherwise may be forgotten. I have gone through so many old photo albums this past week and my brain has been refreshed with some of the happiest memories. Russ Moore used to have a camera up people's bidness in order to catch the right shot and we have had our share of fun picking on him for that. Well Russell, the joke is on us, because you managed to capture the best parts of our lives. P.S.--I'm of the belief that no picture is really a picture unless it has been instagrammed.  Nobody point out that I'm horrible at documenting my life as of late through pictures.

Thanks for not pointing that out.

3. Seltzer water makes me so happy. The first sip is an experience. Ahhh. No more words needed, just ahh. 

The people in this fancy instagrammed photo make me happy too. Especially when we're all together watching Bob's Burgers. Alright!

Well then, what makes YOU happy?

August 13, 2012

those wheels keep going 'round

As some of you know, my grandmother, known around famously as Miss Momma, passed away Sunday morning. I hesitated with the idea of writing anything about this, but writing (and reading!) this may be helpful and healing. And honestly, what better subject about whom to write than the gentle and sweeter than honey Miss Momma?

Growing up in the Moore family meant growing up close to your family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, and most importantly, grandparents, were just as close as brothers and sisters. I never even toyed with the thought that this closeness is strange until I got older and had friends who barely knew their grandparents. 

Miss Momma taught me how to play piano. She taught me how to sing alto and be a functioning member of the Von Caldwell-Moore Family Singers [Seriously, sometimes my family just sits around and sings in four part harmony. How embarrassing...;-)]. By example, she showed us how to have strong faith, a positive attitude, and unending patience. Oh my Lord, did that woman have patience. (And not only because she put up with that silly little jokester, John Caldwell, for 55 something years!) Together, by example, Miss Momma and Mr. Diddy showed off just what qualities like commitment and love are. The truest form of commitment and love.

Having multiple sclerosis never slowed her down in the sense she lived a very full life. Oh, you say she'll eventually not be able to walk? Not a problem. With her scooter, Miss Momma traveled to places where that scooter probably never even dreamed of going! (I mean, hello, 3 trips to Disney World. Luckiest scooter ever). Mr. Diddy was right behind her (literally, she was a flying speed demon in that scooter) the whole way, never once stopping to let MS tell them she couldn't do something. 

As we were flipping through old photo albums yesterday compiling pictures for a memorial slideshow, I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude. Gratitiude for all of the birthday parties, all of the Sunday dinners (post church lunch at Miss Momma and Mr. Diddy's. It's a thing), all of the Christmases spent tightly situated in their living room, all of the Nutcrackers, all of the Disney trips, and all of the thousands of hours I got to spend with Miss Momma. I got to spend that time with her. I'm the lucky one. 

Miss Momma, you may be gone (and this may be so cliche), but you are not and will not ever be forgotten. I can't wait to continue to learn from your life and apply those lessons throughout my life--to let your example shine through as I go on on this earth. 

I love you. 

I'll close with my favorite MM story. At the time (and for several years after), this story did not amuse me. Now I am very amused. 

Once upon a time, I wanted nothing more than a sister. And when a sister is all you want and a sister is what you get, nothing can get you to the hospital fast enough. Especially with a speed limit abiding Mr. Diddy driver. I was the antsiest of pants on the drive to the hospital. I must have asked How much longer until we get there?? every minute. I'm sure my constant nagging was not endearing by any means. Finally, after a good while of only hearing my woes, Miss Momma calmly said,

"Emily, every time the wheels go around we get that much closer."

That sure shut up an impatient 5 year old. And it is something that I'll never forget.

All my love, Miss Momma. All my love.

To read her obituary (beautifully written), click here and search for Ann Caldwell. 

August 10, 2012

gotta get down on factual friday

Since I've started this new thing of five FUN facts on Friday (as in I did it once, therefore it has been started), I figured I would continue on with the tradition on this lovely Friday. 

Ready, set, fun facts here we go!

1) I'm off to the beach this weekend and this post is on a scheduled time post setting. Isn't technology fabulous? I feel almost as fancy and magical as I did when I learned how to embed a picture. I know, my computer skills are at an all time high. 

2) I posted about the Olympics on my last #2 so it is only fitting that I post about the Olympics here. Who else saw the Flying Dutch gymnast on the high bars Tuesday night?? W-O-W-EEEE. I feel like the Netherlands has been hiding this man and secretly training him for years. And honey child, that man did not disappoint. I always scream for Team USA, but I'm screaming ice creaming for Team Zonderland Netherlands as of Tuesday night. Hey-oh, Epke!

3) Summer is winding down, but the heat is still winding up. Fact. It is hot. Fact. I am starting to dream about boots and sweaters. Oh, fall boots! I am feeling some serious boot shopping trips coming up in the near-ish future. Maybe we'll wait until the weather is at least not going up in the 100s before looking at boots. 

4) I wear my retainers every night. GEEK fact. Sometimes I think my life would be easier if I had big ole white veneers. The amount which I stress over having straight teeth is ridiculous. Therefore, I will not share that amount of time with you. Just know, Emily + retainers = serious business. 

5) I've been taking too many pictures of this guy while home this week. I was beginning to have a little soft place for him in my heart until he chewed up half the den floor the other morning. Then I remember the one time he chewed and ruined my shoes. Then that soft place hardened a little bit. Nevertheless, Dagi, you know how to werk that doggy bowl cut. 

Well, as my oh so smart blog is posting this at the scheduled time, I am probably off sunbathing and not having a care in the world at the beach. Toodles. 

August 7, 2012

and let's give each other makeovers

Ladies and gentlemen
may I present a new and oh so improved blog.

If you are looking around and thinking that it doesn't look very different, then...don't tell me. Because the 10+ hours I spent learning HTML codes will come and haunt you in your sleep. Your sleep, not mine. 

Y'all, I have to say blog redesigning is pretty addicting. I felt like a giggly girl doing makeovers at a slumber party. More make-up! More curling irons! More changes! More HTML! I couldn't stop. But, after some eye shadow(new header), blush (hello! look who has new about and contact pages on my left sidebar!) (and who has links to all her other social media sites!), and lipstick I decided that this girl blog was all purdy enough for now. 

So, have fun exploring! I'm sure some of you are thinking Umm, seriously crazy pants? This is nothing hard or different. Whoa there, sassy. I realize I am at the bottom of the novice of the most novice list when it comes to the mysterious language of computers. But I was feeling pretty nerdy figuring out how to embed a picture and other super cool things. Embed a picture! Oh my lawd, it is like I am a magician now!

Let the exploring begin, my little Christopher Columbuses.

This is the only new picture I have lately. It shows Freddie's excitement about things such as makeovers. Or maybe it shows Freddie trying a new makeover trick of strawberry gummies as lipstick. Y'all decide. 

August 3, 2012

factual friday + HELP ME PLEASE

Five Facts on a Friday begins...

1) I am choreographing Suessical the Musical for Newnan Community Theatre. <<<This is a fact. I've been rehearsing every night this week and am half expecting my brain to explode and lots of "step touches" and "ponies" and "passé walks" to emerge. Stay tuned. 

2) Holy Olympics and All Thing Muscles. Other than Christmas and my birthday, this is my favorite time of year. Erm, I mean of every four years. I must be getting old and emotional because every time Team USA wins (gymnastics since that is about all I've been watching) I almost tear up. Almost. They look so happy! And their parents are so so proud! And that makes me happy and teary and emotional-y.  I told Russell that I was sorry he would never have that emotional moment of his child winning an Olympic medal. Good thing he and I both know I'd win in the Olympics of Suessical Choreographing. Or the Olympics of Eating. Oh honey, would I win the gold in that one. With Russell close behind me. 

3) I washed my hair less than 24 hours ago <<<fact and it is already greasy looking. Hair, how am I supposed to be all healthy for you and not wash you everyday if you are going to make me look like a McDonald's worker who wipes her greasy hands on her hair during work? Not okay. 

4) Mr. Diddy up and fell and had to get a nice 'ole big number of stitches in his arm. Hey there, let's all pray and hope that everything is okay with this man because he is Mr. Diddy! Mr. Diddy = the cutie patootie social butterfly old man who goes to the hospital with a huge gash in his arm and leaves the hospital with 50 new nurse and doctor best friends. Biffles is what I'm sure he would rather me call them. Anyways, Mr. Diddy! You're the bees knees. Get better. 

5) While living in Newnan this week for Suessical dancing, man oh man did I miss that cuteness of a Freddiefriend of mine. Not many things make me happier than cuddling up next to my v-neck t-shirt wearing FF and hearing his perfect laugh. I'll take a double order of that laugh, puhlease and thank you. 

Go Team USA! Bring on the tears. Bring on the muscles. Bring on the medals. 

HELP ME begs begin...

Alrighty, here is the deal. My blog is getting to be a yawner in the looks department. I need some exciting new layout and header changes! Flashy and classy and cute. Problem is, I would not win an Olympic medal in blog design. I wouldn't even place. It is mind boggling that I was even able to get this current header and layout set up. And that was so long ago that my 23 year old brain cannot grasp or remember how the 21 year old Emily did it. 

So pretty pretty please, any offerings of advice or suggestions or tips or help in any form would be greatly appreciated. I want fun. And simple. And circular cropped pictures? Or something neato like that. 


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