July 31, 2015

on important things

Your alarm goes off. Or maybe it's been going off? Who can really tell? All you know is that that thing is loud and you could have sworn you just went to bed 30 minutes ago...

Now. What's the first thing you do after turning off and/or snoozing the alarm?

Think about it. What is the very first thing you do in the mornings? Snuggle? Give a good morning kiss? Actually get up out of bed? Pee (not in the bad, ya nasty)? 

I'll tell you the first thing I do in the mornings and no, it isn't take out my retainer. I leave in that bad boy because I'm too busy...


Listen, I'm sure we've talked about my obsession with Timehop before. It's a ridiculous app (emphasis on ridiculous in the best way possible) that shows you what you were doing on said day last year, two years ago, three years ago and, if you are really old, it will go all the way back to show you all those crazy teenage Facebook posts from many moons ago. People (me) go nuts over seeing this crap and then they (I) repost the pictures that are already on Facebook and Instagram because hey, what is life with social media if not to repost the same stuff an endless amount of times?

Like wanna know what I was doing today six years ago?
Being tagged in this picture on Facebook, duh.

What about yesterday last year?
Congratulating my sister on bathing herself, obviously. 

Or how about when I saw I wished my cousin a Happy Birthday 2 years ago yesterday AND I went ahead to wish her a Happy Birthday again yesterday! I mean, technology! Come on! I would have totally forgotten I wished her Happy Birthday on her birthday two years ago!

And nothing makes me happier than seeing who used to write on my Facebook wall. Hello, one name I didn't even recognize, nice to meet you (again? apparently?). 

File this under Things I Definitely Shouldn't Love, But Not So Shamelessly Do Love.

Hmm, wonder what else is in that file?

-When people post rings pics after the proposal
You are smart and know what everyone really cares about. 

-When you order regular fries and a stray curly fry ends up in the mix.
Same goes for onion rings. 

-When places of business have a way to schedule appointments online.
Does anyone really enjoy talking on the phone? Riddle me that. 

-When you're vacuuming and you hear something being sucked up.
Imma clean the crap outta you, carpet!

Happy Friday!
Me love you long time, Timehop.

July 27, 2015

what's in a name?

I always knew I would change my last name when I got married. Actually it's not that I always knew that, it's really more like something I never thought about much. It wasn't a big deal. My brain was too full with Lizzie McGuire quotes to deal with things like future name changes. 

We got married, and I did go on to legally change my last name. It was fairly painless and relatively quick to get rid of a name that I had had for decades. Just like that my legal name no longer contained Moore anywhere. 

What. The. BLEEP?! Enter identity crisis mode. Who am I? What's my name? What do I say when people ask my last name? Do they think I'm lying? I mean it's legal, BUT I FEEL LIKE A MOORE! I'm a Moore! I'm Emily Moore. That's me. That's who I am. 

Long yada yada story short, I never really felt like a Weiss. Whatever that even means, but look...I just didn't. 

All of this changed for me this past weekend (read: I actually remembered to sign Weiss while signing a receipt this weekend. Big steps, people). We spent the weekend in Connecticut celebrating the marriage of one of Freddie's cousins. This means we spent the weekend in Connecticut surrounded by the most loving and fun group of people: the Weiss families. 

Other than our wedding I had never been around Ricky's extended family. I don't even think our own wedding counted because it was like Hi, nice to meet you! Bye, I have to go talk to these other hundred and fifty people. Hi, oh we have to leave now? Bye? So yeah, that definitely doesn't count.
Hi. Love you, bye.  

After this weekend suddenly everything about being a Weiss made sense. Lightbulb moment! You know what it takes to be a Weiss? A mix of always being ready for fun, having an A+ sense of humor, giving nice, big hugs, laughing every 5-6 seconds, and living life straight up ABBA Dancing Queen style (and 467 other great things, too). This family CAN and WILL dance and CAN and WILL out dance everyone else dancing. 
So there. Now you know. Now I know. Golly gee, my new (ish) last name is a good one and my new (ish) family members are the best ones. I mean, is there anything better than family? Whether blood and/or name related or not. The answer is a big, fat HECKalicious no.

Brb, gotta go convince Freddie we need to have four plus children (in many moons from now) so we can keep having big Weiss family parties for all the years to come. 

July 20, 2015

on riding with rick

Freddie asked me to go on a bike ride with him this past Saturday. Actually, technically I think I said we should go on a bike ride. 

Which is crazy because I don't even enjoy bike rides. Am I the only one who has these delusional moments where you seem to completely forget every past negative feeling on a certain subject and your brain tricks you into thinking you actually like said certain subject?

That's what happened to me this past Saturday. I was the one who said we should take a bike ride together. I mean why not?! Bike rides are great! (<<my brain in a delusional state). They're a fun way to explore our new city! (<<my brain deeper in the delusional state). Plus it's good exercise! (<<my brain disregarding the 100+ degree weather while in its delusion state). 

Saturday came. We slept in. It got hotter outside. We got up. It got hotter outside. We decided to go on a bike ride around the park. It got hotter outside. I tried to get out of bike riding because Freddie can ride so much faster without slow me. It got hotter outside. Freddie played a mind trick on me and somehow convinced me a longer bike ride was the way to go.

And guess what? It got even hotter outside all while this was happening. Shocking!
Now what's a girl to do when she's bike riding with her bike riding loving husband in the Texas heat in the hottest part of an already hot day?

Complain, obviously. 
That's what!

Every time the guy and girl pass a potential water stop the girl should always say they need to stop for water. Because heat stroke, hello. I'm already terrible at drinking water and I think we chugged three to four giant water bottles while out yesterday. Chugged. And never had to pee. Is that TMI? No. Look, I'm just trying to share my near death by biking dehydration experience with you all so I can help someone avoid this tragedy in their future. I straight up had a Cheryl Strayed Wild moment yesterday! No jokes! (except all jokes because I never ever ever could be that hardcore) (except I have ripped off lots and lots of my bruised toenails before, thanks pointe)

What else is a girl to do?

Bargaining is one of the five stages of grief, after all. And when you're outside for 4+ hours on a bike that hurts your freaking crotch (BUT FOR REAL) life kind of feels like a big ball of tragedy. Grieving is only natural and you should definitely bargain. 

-Please God, if you let me survive this bike ride I promise I will start singing hymns instead of Rihanna songs.

-If I can just make it through the death rays of the sun, I promise I will almost always do a top notch application of sunscreen before heading outside. 

-Body, I'm sorry I only drink 20% of the recommended daily intake amount of water. If you don't pass out I promise I will chug at least fifty gallons on water when we get home. 

Bargaining may sound dramatic to you now, but once you're entangled in the pretzel ball of tragedy suddenly this will all seem very, very logical. 

Four hours and twelve miles later, we got home.
Dripping in sweat.
Barely breathing.
Waddling (me) because bike seats (ow).
And I only chugged half a gallon of water (sorry for the broken bargaining promise, body!).

All in all, it was actually, kinda, sorta fun. I can say this now that it is only a mere memory and I am currently sitting in an air conditioned apartment drinking an ice cold water. Yes, I guess this bike ride was fun. Ish. 
Let's do it again next week and/or never!

July 17, 2015

number eleven

Wednesday was my birthday. My birthday! Are you tired of me writing about birthdays on the blog yet?! 
Remember here when I asked all of you to plan my birthday for me? Yes. You did a brilliant job planning! Pat yo selves on yo backs.

Good news is I did do one thing on the list (wassup happy hour!), and not bad news I last minute changed my mind and ended up picking #11

Gasp! 11! That wasn't even on the list! 

You see, I spent the four days leading up to my birthday in the beautiful lands of San Diego. And let me tell you, San Diego is so beautiful. Then I flew home on my birth-morning (and lost two whole freaking hours off of my birthday since I was flying east. Horrors.) and got back to Texas only to have a couple rough birthday hours later in the day. 

Ain't no thang because my Freddiehusband and our friends, R Squared, went out and partied the night away. They didn't care that it was a week night. They didn't care that the restaurant said sake bombs weren't allowed. We took one anyways! Take that, restaurant! I have a feeling 26 is going to be my most rebellious year yet (not not not). 

You see, the problem with birthdays is that adult birthdays never end up being like kid birthdays, and kid birthdays are the best birthdays. You always end up a little disappointed on adult birthdays. Anyone mentally hash tagging first world adult probs right now? I'm totes fine with that. 

Fret not, adults. There is a solution! I found the secret. As I looked back on Wednesday and the days leading up to Wednesday I realized that my life is so rich, my heart (and belly) is full (food baby), and I'm...so beyond bleeping thankful for it all.

Adult birthdays aren't about stupid birthday expectations. They aren't about bouncy houses (but maybe they should be). They aren't about princess crowns or trick candles. 

They're about being surrounded by the best kind of presents: friendships

Yes, San Diego is so beautiful, but guess what? Spending non-stop time with Wi was even better than all the views and sunsets. Pinky promise and sealed with a kiss and all that. Having a husband and friends who stay out way too late on a week night just to play shuffleboard with one hand and drink beer with the other because birthday, duh!--that's golden. These are the kind of birthday plans that don't disappoint. 

So there ya go. That's why I chose #11-Be surrounded by the best of friends as my birthday plan. And trust me, I definitely made the right choice. 

July 13, 2015

west coast, birthday coast

Remember last July when we came to California and I wrote a whole post about how that magical trip changed my life? Not dramatic at all (because it's not! Changed my freaking life! Pinky promise!). That trip is what spurred Freddie to find a job that made him happier. That trip is what spurred our adventurous spirits and we decided it would be fun to explore and live other places. That trip is, in my mind, kinda the reason we're here in Houston now. Freddie with a job he lurvey lurves and me pretending like I'm soooooo adventurous. Listen, I don't have to use Google maps anymore when I go to the grocery store. Take that, adventure. I win! 

Well, I'm back! In the San D, Sunny Cali, that is. Cali, baby! West Coast, Best Coast and all that. One of my best friend's (WI!) birthday is two days before mine. Hey! Hold up, that means her birthday is today. Happy Birthday, Wi! We used to spend our birthdays together every year because hello, ballet camp. It's what the cool kids would do every summer. 

2005 birthdays. Washington DC. Washington Ballet birthday girls. 

Then we grew up (big ew) and Wi became a doctor in California while I became a wife and little Pilates trainee in Houston. That meant we didn't get to spend our birthdays together anymore. If this were a text I would take this opportunity to insert all the cry face emojis. Wah! Wah!

But we are together again for our birthday madness! Insert all the happy cry face emojis here. Eek! Eek! Excuse me while we watch birthday sunsets. 
And eat birthday brunches. 
And take birthday ballet classes (and feel like 60 year old birthday girls because ow. Take me back to full time dancing days), And probably eating some more birthday meals and maybe complaining about sore birthday ballet bodies. Oh dear, so much to do!

And yes, we will be recreating that picture up there since we are now ten years older and finally together again on birthday fun week. Spoiler alert: I have the same zits on my forehead and we both still look like small children.

Now it's time to party, West Coast style!

July 10, 2015

birthday probs

July 10 is an important day.
Because it is T-minus 5 days until the big day.
Meaning my birthday
But I'm sure you already had a countdown going. 

I've been doing this really fun thing lately. I promise, it's super fun. Just ask Freddie. Every time I see or think of a fun thing to do or a new place to eat I say, Hey! Let's do that/eat there/see that on my birthday! 

I didn't think much of it until earlier this week when Freddie was like blah blah blah ::Charlie Brown adult voice::, how can we do ten things all on your birthday?

Hmmm, that does sound like a dilemma. A pickle. A dilemma pickle. I don't like dilemmas or pickles.  I like birthday fun. I like delicious new food and fun new activities. I also like chocolate.

But not chocolate pickles.

Here are all the things I think should be done between the hours of 4pm-midnight on July 15:

-Eating at The Grove. Fancy. 

-Buying all the chocolate desserts from Central Market. Necessary. 

-Eating dessert at The Chocolate Bar. 

-Trying Whataburger since apparently it's better than In-N-Out. 

-Shopping the special Amazon Prime day because HOW COOL IS IT THAT IT'S ON MY BIRTHDAY?!

-Getting a free cocktail from Blues and BBQ night at our complex.

-Happy Hour at MKT Bar because pomegranate mimosas. Period. The End. Done. 

-Eating at the Italian place down the street of which I can never remember the name, but I can remember it sounds delicious. 

-Going to Ben and Jerry's to create my own Cored sundae. WHAT!

-Eating chorizo queso because we are in Texas, after all. Tex Mex is to Texans what birthday cake is to the other 49 states. 

Holy Cupcake, it all sounds so ridiculous and amazing written out. I guess ultimately the super fun thing that I want to do is gain 26 pounds to represent my 26 years of life.
Here's the pickle-y part though. Freddie and I can't make decisions so it'd be great if you could pick a number between 1-10 for me and that is what we will end up doing between the hours of 4pm-midnight on July 15. Life is hard. Woe is me.


Happy Friday!

July 6, 2015

a lesson in selfies

Let's talk about selfie sticks.

Like...what even? Am I right? Add in an eye roll and you've got exactly what my feelings about selfie sticks used to be.

I slowly came around to the idea of them and pretty soon I was full blown asking my sister if I should get one. You see, Ann is like the coolest person ever and in order for me to get on 10% of her level I have to ask her permission about everything. But Ann was all like NO WAY, DON'T GET ONE. And I was all like FINE, BUT WHEN I DO GET ONE YOU CAN'T BE IN ANY OF MY SELFIES. 

Then last week when I was home in Georgia Ann surprised me with a selfie stick. 
^^^I was pretty excited about it. For selfie reasons. 

So I used the stick for the next few days (and totally broke my rules about Ann not being allowed in my selfie stick selfies) until I flew to Kentucky to meet up with Ricky Rick for a wedding. 

Holy Teenage Girl Taken To A Selfie Stick. The stick became a permanent attachment to Freddie's hand. Captain Hook ain't got nothing on Captain Freddie Selfie Stick.  

The selfie stick made. the. rounds. Partied with the best of us. It was with us through the wedding vows and toasts, through the wedding dancing and drinking, through the post-wedding dancing and drinking, and well...just see for yourself. 
So. Selfie sticks. Totally and completely 100% absolutely freaking ridiculous.

And also totally and completely 100% absolutely freaking wonderful for getting the BEST of the best pictures from time spent with the best of our best friends.
 Selfie sticks: bringing friends closer since 2015.

Congrats, Brooke and Tyler! Thanks for providing our selfie stick with the best picture material this past weekend. 

July 1, 2015

currently: the birth month edition

PSA: It's officially birthday month which means let's get this party started!
::pump up music starts playing::
::backup dancers start grooving::

Now that this shindig is really going, let's get the birth month lowdown going, too. 
Not gonna lie, I'm craving some Rick Rick time. I've been here, there, and everywhere lately and will continue to be here, there, and everywhere else for the next few weeks. All I want is some Freds snugs. Read: Freddie sleeping facing away from me and me putting my cold feet on him. But really, semi-snuggly husbands rule foreva. 

Everything. No really, everything! Sweet potatoes, corn, mushrooms, onions, fish, Freddie's arm hairs (oh sorry, technically those were singed not grilled). Our new apartment complex has these fancy grills so Freddie and I pretend like we are at a fancy resort and go grill dinner on days that end in 'Y.' <<lame joke, for the win. Although I guess if we were at a fancy resort someone else would be doing the grilling for us... 

Well, actually factually I'm currently listening to my mom's dogs bark. Excuse me, my mom's precious puppies bark. Thanks for saving us from all the people walking their dogs, dogs! Insert the side eyes emoji. Not actually factually I've been listening to the new Mumford & Sons album over. And over. And over. And over. And maybe another over again. 

But mostly I just hear barking right now.

There has been a lot of planning that has gone into all the fun-and-not-at-all-annoying ways I can use my new selfie stick. YAS! A selfie stick! I don't even take selfies so obviously I needed one of these bad boys so I can start taking selfies. 

We've been decorating our arms with friendship bracelets because why not? It's summer and I have friends. We've also been decorating the house with red, white, and blue because it's American's birth month, too. I guess I'll share. 

Linking up with Jenna and Anne.


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