January 30, 2014

let it snow (on the beach), let it snow (on the beach), let it snow (on the beach)

Frederick and I had this deal, this pinky promise, this let's shake on it type thing. 

If it snows in Charleston, we will get to the beach and stand in all its snowy-sandy-beachy glory. 

I mean, that's the kind of deal that no one would want to break. Snow! Beach! Ocean! So many crazy and wonderful things! Sure enough, the same crazy Mother Nature and her minions that reeked absolute havoc in our hometown of ATL decided to bring some snowflakes this way towards the coast. 

But you see, the thing about where we live is that you kind of have to cross a bridge to get just about anywhere. (Anywhere other than the grocery store, the movie theater, the best burger place, and my studio, that is). Standing at the grocery store/movie theater/Coleman's/ballet studio as it is snowing just isn't the same as standing on the sand by the ocean. And here's the other thing, when it is sleeting, freezing raining, and snowing bridges have a tendency to get crazy slick and icy which causes said bridges to be shut down. Closed off. You may not enter kind of thing.

This is the part where Frederick and Emily can't get to the beach. Not by car. Not by foot. Only by our private jet that we have yet to purchase (I knew I forgot to buy something at the store before the storm...). Cue the extreme teary eyes emoji! Wah wah.

So we spent our time looking at frozen palm trees (the oxymoron-ist of oxymorons, I know).

And boat-cicles.

And we looked at pictures from our families in Georgia where the snow looked like this:

And we were like yeah, whatevs cause our snow looked like this: (oh wait, they have tons more. cool.)

Yesterday a few of the smaller bridges opened again and the roads seemed drivable so we hit up Publix for some brownie mix because brownies and snow days are like a thing? Yes? Well, in this household we made them a thing. Yesterday...so it's a fairly new thing. As we got to the turn lane to our apartment complex we could see the bridge to Sullivan's Island. Right there. Open to traffic. And we were like kbai, apartment! Let's go see this snowy beach.

Freddie using his shoes as ice skates, Winter Olympics style.

Sand dunes or snow dunes? Or ice dunes? I'm so confused.

And this ^^ became ^^.

We stood there in all its sandy-snowy-beachy glory... for a good 30 seconds until the wind made it feel like Jack Frost was eating off our skin so we ran back to the car. I mean ran like we were marathon runners getting to the finish line. We jumped in the car, blasted the heat up to 90+, and squealed about seeing snow on the beach. Eeeee!

Then we drove back home and made brownies.

And that is the story of how Frederick and I kinda sorta kept our deal and went to the beach after it snowed in Chawlston.


Emily Carnes said...

It's still beautiful!!!! I think snow on anything is pretty--and it's o fun to compare with/without snow. Beautiful!!

Christina Schergen said...

pretty and a tad bit crazy! i live in the midwest and honestly i think the south has had more snow than us! very cool photos!

Helene in Between said...

that is just so weird to see! but kind of awesome and cool.

Kayla MKOY said...

This is so awesome! You'd straight up die if you saw all the snow/ice we have up here in OH!! And um yes. Brownies and snow days are TOTALLY a thing!

Jenna Griffin said...

This is amazing! Beautiful photos, girl!

Ashley said...

Um yes...that is exactly what I do in this weather. Go outside for a hot second, and run back to the heat screaming the whole way!!

The beach is really pretty with those few drops of snow on them :)


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