May 27, 2015

a how-to: road trip edition

Exactly a week ago I was road tripping from Georgia to Ohio with my family. Road trips are so our thing. Growing up we never flew anywhere, but we sure did drive everywhere (AND I WAS ALWAYS STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BACKSEAT BETWEEN A CAR SEAT AND MY BIG TEENAGE BROTHER BECAUSE I AM THE MIDDLE CHILD, AFTER ALL). Which is why I am going to act like an expert and tell you things you should definitely do on road trips. You will read these things and be like Hold up, what an expert and/or genius this lady is! Then on your next road trip, kafreakingboom, you'll be road trip rocking it. Hair flip.

Step One:
Everyone always says hit up the gas stations and get yo self some car snacks. I agree with this statement; however, I will take it one step further. You should rack up on snack food, yes, but in order to really be a real road trip rock star you have to make excuses as to why you don't want to eat said car snacks and instead stop several times along the way to eat. Mo' money spent on mo' food? Worth it. 
Step One And A Half: take selfies with your on-the-road-purchased food. Bonus points if your pre-roadtrip-purchased food makes it in the background of your selfie. You will notice that I did not earn bonus points here. 

Step Two:
In an attempt to ignore your whatareyoudoingtome?!Igothealthycarsnackfoodsforareason stomach pains you should probably take a napsies...
but remember if you take a napsies then someone will more than likely document said napsies so it is better to be a napsies photographer than a napsies victim <<words by which to live. 

Step Three:
You have to be willing to explore.
By this I mean you definitely have to misinterpret your Google Maps map and take the wrong turn so you can take a scenic route through Cincinnati. Because Cincinnati is pretty! Dangit, Google Maps! Don't you know how pretty Cincinnati is?! Let us drive through it! So we did. 

And it was so pretty that I took zero pictures of that road trip step. Close your eyes and picture really pretty hilly, scenery, really calm and definitely not lost/freaking out people in a car, and delicious Chipotle. That is how I will forever and always picture Cincinnati in my mind.

Now go forth and use your new road tripping knowledge. Where are you road tripping this summer?
Because hey-oh! It should be Texas!

May 22, 2015


My best friend (BFFWWQAMADORTWM--best friend forever who wore Queen Amidala make-up and did other ridiculous things with me), Caroline, is getting married today. Today! Not tomorrow, not yesterday, but today!
In honor of such an exciting event I thought I would take everyone on a trip in my trusty ol' time machine.
translation: we are about to see some seriously old biffle wiffle pics of Miz Bride. 

You're probably wondering why I'm not about to post pictures of her and her soon-to-be husband. Valid. But see, Caroline and I have been together going on fifteen plus years now so...I get these five pictures on Friday. Especially since we had matching not-wedding bands since we were ten. He can have the rest of her life as long as I get these five pictures. Deal.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are taking it back. Back before Limited Too was a thing. Back when GapKids was where it was at. Our matching GapKids outfits are proof of this. This is the first documented picture of our lifelong, love you forever, hate you for never friendship. 

We went through this phase where we would do Queen Amidala make-up (don't play, you know what I'm talking about) and then take about fifty polaroids of our made up selves. So vain cool at such young ages! These beautiful Polaroids have yet to be found, so I'll give you this instead: Hairstyles by   Hoes, How To Look Good At Age Eleven.

Pulling off those butterfly clips. That's my Caroline, always with the trends. 

Why did I limit myself to five pictures again? I'm thinking Fifty on Friday has a much better ring to it than Five on Friday, right?

Because the majority of our friendship has been confined to dance studios, here's a flashback to Beauty and the Beast. We're both the beauties, obviously. 

We just fast forwarded about five years between pictures four and five and you can already see that aging has been good to us. Dresses were also good to us, much better than butterfly clips and Beauty and the Beast costumes were to us. Matchsies rings for days. 

(towards me...and maybe a little bit towards Dan...)

Also, pysch. I'm making it Six on Friday because I'm saptastic today. Saptastic Six on Friday. 
 Let's switch places and get chu married tonight. Over and wedding time out. 

May 20, 2015

from this to that

The layout of the rooms in our new apartment is quite similar to our apartment in Charleston. This means two things: 1) the placement of the wall decor is almost exactly the same and 2) I could never get lost in our new apartment! 
side note: I couldn't get lost in it anyways since city life means downsizing life means tiny apartment life, but we'll pretend it's because the rooms are similar. 

But really, when I'm saying the placement of the wall decor is almost exactly the same what I really mean is the placement of the wall decor IS EXACTLY, 100%, no doubt the same. 
What you can't see is that the end tables switched sides. So there. And our bed is now on risers, dorm room style. This means we are now at least 5 inches higher. #royalty. 
I can decorate differently, okay? You don't see the Merry Christmas sign up in these Texas pictures, do you? Mmhm.

Well crap, I didn't realize how creepily crazily twinsies it looked until I edited these pictures together. But as yo mama (or someone...) says, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Meaning, if your wall decor works as is, then definitely don't change it when you move.  

One thing that is different, the handle to flush the toilet is on the left side of the toilet. If I had a nickel for every time I've reached to the right to flush then...I would be swimming so deep in nickels that I wouldn't even be able to see the toilet, much less which side the handle is on.

A second thing that is different, Central freaking Time. I loathe Central Time. I am such an Eastern Time snob. Is that a thing? I just made it a thing. To me, traveling from Eastern to Central and back and forth is much worse than traveling anywhere with any kind of jet lag. I cannot get used to it. I can't! Ever! I don't care how long we stay in Texas I will never be used to it! <this is me not being dramatic because gag, Central Time. My shows now come on at different times. My alarm for my medicine is now a hour earlier. My internal clock wakes me up at an ungodly hour here in the central time land. When my friends post things on Facebook I never know if I'm seeing the time in Central Time or Eastern Time. 

MY LIFE in Central Time IS HARD.

To cope with these rather difficult toilet handle and time change changes I am going to go sit on my couch, under my forever-the-same-decorated floating shelf, and stare at my definitely-decorated-the-same cube shelves. Change is good for you, but sometimes you just need to look up and see your dang pictures in the same dang places. 

May 18, 2015

mother's day is every day

Musings from Saturday night:

My mom just left Houston. Freddie and I stopped for groceries. Now we're back and he's asleep on the couch. From the window I can see the sun setting over a cityscape. I'm up "high," six stories from the bayou, and as I look out at the big buildings and interstates I'm thinking...

holy poop, we moved. 

Transitioning is a silly thing to do. You get worked up, anxious, excited, worried, excited again, worried again, and all with a touch of fear. Sometimes it feels like time will never ever speed up, but then all of a sudden you blink and the time has passed. Suddenly you're in Houston, your mom is gone, and it hits you like a ton of bricks: you have transitioned. Successfully. It happened. You survived. The sun is setting. Tomorrow is another day. Shoot, in just a few days it'll be Christmas, I'm sure!

But for now let's go back to the mom leaving part and the transitioning part. I could not have done any of this transitioning without my mother. Well excuse me, that is a lie. Technically I could have done all of it, but it would not have been half as graceful or fun without my mother. And really, what is the point of living if it's not to do things with grace and enjoyment (and with your mom)?

My mom left behind her work, her dad, my dad, my sister, and her precious puppies to drive across the country with/for me. 
Then she drank with me on Bourbon Street.
Then she ate beignets with me.
Then she helped me unpack and decorate every inch of our new apartment.
Then she studied a map of Houston with me so we could act like we knew what the ham sandwich is going on in this city. 
Even when we said IKEA was east of the city when the map claimed it was west...

Then she got a tattoo with me because why not? Finding a tattoo parlor in a new city is just as important as finding a grocery store. 
Then she left.

And then I was left thinking, Dayum, I am really lucky when it comes to the mom department. Double dayum, am I going to be that rockstar of a mom/person some day?

Obvi, it's in my blood and all. Wink.

Hmmm, I guess what I'm trying to say is go hug your mom. Right now. Do it. Hug your mom or your dad or your friend or anyone who is amazing towards you. If you learn anything from this space of mine, learn that Mother's Day is every day and you should shower those you love with love and attention every day. Especially on the days when your mom drinks Hurricanes with you in NOLA. And the days she says Sure! Let's get a tattoo! And the days she drops everything to help you transition.

The End. 

May 11, 2015

treat yo self 2015

Do you know what the hardest part about growing up is? 
All of your friends are off doing amazing things, but these amazing things cause your amazing friends to live in and around every corner of the country (or world). 

Do you the know what the best part about growing up is?
When you and your live-far-away-amazing friends are finally reunited and it is the best. thing. ever. The best thing ever which is made even better when it's to celebrate an impending wedding.

Which is exactly what brought together all of my amazing friends this past weekend. Remember when I could not for the life of me decide on a theme for my best friend's bridal shower? Thanks for nothing, Pinterest, amiright? I knew it had to be the event of the year (well, of the week at least...) because hello, it's my BFFWWQAMADORTWM (best friend forever who wore Queen Amidala make-up and did other ridiculous things with me, obvi). 

If you've ever watched Parks and Rec (as you should) and if you've ever become obsessed with Parks and Rec like me and Caroline (as you should), then you'll understand why a Treat Yo Self themed shower party won. Hands down. No questions. Treat Yo Self 2015. 

Now, what in the world does a Treat Yo Self party entail? <<<<is what you're probably asking out loud or in your brains right now. Good question. My crafting hands decided it meant naming all foods after Tom Haverfoods, having sparkly decorations, having a special personalized cocktail (because...treat yo self...), and having lots and lots of cupcakes. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 

When I was a bride I always felt so awkward opening presents in front of everyone. Mostly because I was the worst best at checking our registry online and seeing what had been purchased. My BFFWWQAMADORTWM handled the awkward present opening so gracefully.

We had family, friends from childhood, friends from years and years and years of ballet, and friends from college. Cocktails lasted about a hour. Cupcakes lasted about two. Homegirls know how to party.
so many Agnes Scott brides!

So there you have it. Next time you want an easy party, make it a Treat Yo Self party and just throw some glitter in the air, serve cupcakes and cannolis, and cheers those wine glasses, baby.

I cannot wait to party it up again, Matron (gag me) of Honor style in just two weeks for my best fran bride's wedding! And remember kids...the best part about growing up is celebrating everything with the best of friends.

May 5, 2015

thing i want, no need. edition one.

I am so naive. Really, I mean I thought that when big life changes (read: leaving a job, leaving a beloved city, moving across the country) happened that suddenly blog posts would be a plenty and/or the server wouldn't even be able to keep up with everything I was needing to say and tell. Get on my level, internet!

Ha. Ha. Ha. My life feels so shamble-y and crazy that I'm not really sure what I would or could tell. As interesting as it is to everyone that I wanted to take ballet class, but realized my ballet shoes are on a moving truck to Houston or that I really needed my modge podge for some bridal shower crafting, but nope, the modgey podge in also en route to Houston, I figured I would keep those stories to myself and let you all continue on with your days.

In keeping up with the whole I want, I need, I'm not happy with what I have theme in today's world, I thought I would just add more fuel to that fire and talk about everything I am pining after on Pinterest. Because we never have enough, after all! ;)

^^PSA: that entire paragraph is tongue-in-cheek. Well, I really am talking about what I am pining for on Pinterest, but everything else=totes tongue in cheek. 

If there's one thing in this world that I will never need to buy again it's definitely bags. So of course I need this bag. Right? Right. Okay fine, I'll go ahead and order it. 

I know some people aren't into the whole displaying oodles of personal pictures in their homes. That is a shame because a) it makes it more homey and b) it helps nosey guests coming in your home to stalk you and your life more easily. I prefer the decorating method of oodles and bagoodles of personal photos everywhere so I'm a sucker for any kind of Instagram display. 

Ughhhh, these shoes. My feet. Sole mates. 
Get it? Get it? Good. Get on my feet already. 

I think I've alluded to this several times, but I've been on this huge sweet potato kick lately. Like huge. Like you know how Violet Beauregarde turned blue in Willy Wonka? Yes, I should be quite orange and round and knobby right about now. I also think quinoa tastes delicious and could eat it in mass amounts all by itself. Apparently this thinking is odd so I guess to normalize myself I will add in quinoa with sweet potatoes and OMG my mouth can't even right now. I'm so hungry for this and this only.

There you have it. All ways in which I distract myself from crazy, big life changes.

But really, I need that bag...

May 1, 2015

where in the world is emily sandiego?

First hint: I'm not in San Diego. Although now I kind of wish I was's San Diego and San Diego is amazing. 

Okay, but back to where I really am in the world.

Second hint: I am no longer in my beloved Chucktown. <---that was a much harder pill to swallow than I thought it was going to be. For months I have been Freddie's cheerleader like H-O-U-STON, I KNOW WHERE WE CAN HAVE SOME FUN. HOUSTON! YEAH, YEAH, GO HOUSTON! But then I had to actually leave Charleston and I had to actually say goodbye to lots of students and friends and I had to close a show and I had to watch the movers take out everything from our wonderful, beautiful apartment and I had to drive across the prettiest bridge one more time and basically the point of this run-on sentence is that sometimes it's okay to get in a good cry. 
The farewell bridge drive

Third and final hint: I'm in the place I see in peaceful dreams where the road always leads me back to, which according to my buddy Ray Charles means...
If you guessed Jawjah then you are so right. If you guessed the more commonly known spelling of Georgia then you are partially right. 

I'll make it out to Texas at some point. I gotta practice gettin' my hair up nice and high so it'll fit inside a cowboy hat. But really I'm in the middle of another weekend of Pilates teacher training. After that I'll be in the middle of getting my hair finally colored. After that I'll be in the middle of throwing my best friend a bridal shower and squeezing all my other friend's cheeks (both kinds). Somewhere in between all of those things I'll be in the middle of some ballet class taking and some Trader Joe's shopping. 

And then, then I'll head to Texas where everything will be bigger and better. Except for my Rick Rick, it's impossible for him to get any better, obvi. I can't wait to squeeze his cheekies (both kinds, too). 
For now I'll have to just take all the ridiculous FaceTime conversations that I can get. 

Thanks for playing along with this week's game of Where In The World Is Emily Sandiego?
Come back next week to see if Emily has changed locations...the mystery never ends. 


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