July 1, 2014

haircuts and rainbows

This past week was a whirlwind. A pretty fan-freaking-tastic whirlwind. A last minute work trip sent me to Atlanta for 4 days of pure bliss (minus the approximate 4 hours per day I sat in traffic. Every. Day.) (Have I mentioned how great my now 8-minute work commute is?)
Oh, Atlanta. You and your not 8-minute commute. 

Let's back up. Since I was home I took full advantage of all the things. Like hair cuts and Sprayberry's brunswick stew and stuff. 
Meet Cheri. 
The lady has been cutting my hair since I was 11ish. Remember that age? 11-ish. Such a good one. She also did all of the hur at my wedding, as seen above. Anyways she knows every split end, every grease spot, and every cow lick on my head of hair and finding someone in Charleston to replace her has been impossible. Sure, I miss my Georgia dentist. Sure, I miss my Atlanta gynecologist (except...is it possible to "miss" a gyno?...). But a hair dresser is turning out to be the hardest thing to replace. 

...so I haven't yet. I just wait until a random home trip and Voila! Fancy pants hair, courtesy of Cheri the Hair Goddess.

Another exciting part of whirlwind work trips? Getting to catch up/work with my former boss lady and good 'ole friend, Lindsey. Who also happens to make the most You-are-so-cute-I-could-eat-you-up babies. How's that for an adjective?
This is called a hug. Not to be confused with an infant headlock. 

But the best part about working back in the ATL? 

The students. My first little students who aren't so little anymore. 
If you ever want to feel like you are the Queen of Awesome and are truly, deeply, wonderfully loved then hang out with kids. True story. Here's what I heard all day Wednesday. And Thursday. And Friday. And Saturday.

Miss Emily!!!! ::followed my screaming::
I've thought about you every day since you left!
Why did you leave us?!
Why aren't you teaching me anymore?!
When you and Freddie get into a fight please come live with me.
No! Don't live with her. Live with me.
When are you coming back?!
Don't leave us again!

You get the picture? The picture of me being the Queen of Awesome? Wink. I have several videos on my phone of girls giggling things like We don't like you Freddie! You took our Emily away! I guess they don't realize I'm the one who said yes to a marriage and life in Charleston. Shh, don't tell them ;)

After many student selfies and many my mom is a crazy dog lady pictures...
Example A:

...it was time for me to head back to the lowcountry. As I drove up to the Ravenel bridge I was greeted by a beautiful rainbow. 
And I thought well dang, Charleston, I missed ya too. 


Courtney B said...

Sounds like such a gooooood, busy weekend!!
Those sweet babes, that picture totally made my baby hungry. Yikes!

Kenzie Smith said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! What an amazing way to end it with - a rainbow! :D

Emily Carnes said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit!...although I'm totally bummed we didn't get to meet up!

It sounds like Charleston is sounding a bit more like home for you? I'm so glad!

Erin LFF said...

Glad you had a fun few days (minus the traffic, ick!) And I SO am with you on the hair stylist. My favorite ever lives an hour away, so I routinely schedule my appointments with her when I'm heading that way to visit w/ my parents!


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