October 10, 2013

who's the teacher?

I've had a certain topic on my little list of blog ideas for awhile.
Things Kids Teach Me.

It's a pretty genius topic seeing as I'm the teacher and I'm supposed to be doing the teaching, yet somehow it always happens the vice versa way of this. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard teachers make comments about how they are the ones getting taught. I always thought that was so. dang. cheesy. 

Until I realized that is exactly what happens when you teach, especially when you teach children. 
(remember that one post I did about how I'm always wrong and always put my foot in my mouth?)
(even though it was about my wedding it applies in all aspects of my life...apparently).  

The past 1.5 months have brought about some b-i-g big changes. Marriage, new state, new city, new students, new teaching hours, new friends. New. New. New. It's all been so exciting and almost refreshing as that first sip of Coke (mmmm, carbonation and sugar. can't go wrong there), but it has also been nerve-wrecking, lonely, and sometimes as refreshing as that first sip of Pepsi. Which, by the way, means it is not refreshing at all. Duh. Even though I will be the first to admit that these sweet, precious children that I teach can bring me the biggest stress some days, they also do a pretty fantastic job at bringing me bits and pieces of happy happy joy joy every day.

Instead of getting all deep and emotional and bringing tears to your sweet cheeks (Hey, I could if I really tried...), I'll stick with a short 'n sweet 'n fun list.

Things Kids Teach Me/Taught Me/Will Continue to Teach Me:

one. If the sky is gray and dreary but there is no rain coming down, you still have to wear your rain boots. We spend a lot of time picking out these fabulous rain boots (at Target usually. Everything cool happens at Target) so why not pull them out once in awhile and be ready for some puddle jumpin'?!

two.  If you are excited about something, then squeal! Laugh! Jump up and freaking down. Why hide how you feel? Every Wednesday morning when we get our special glitter for being good listeners, one of my students does this little happy glitter dance that consists of quiet-ish squeals, tiny jumps, and fists in the air. Oh yeah, and a HUGE smile. I think we all need to find something that makes us do a happy glitter dance. 
Fred's happy glitter dance happens when arcade games are involved.

three.  If you're having a grumpy day, think of something that makes you smile and actually smile. We lame adults try to do this, but often don't let go of whatever is making us Mr. Grump Pants so that's exactly the way we stay. Grumpy. We are reading Doc McStuffins this week in class (who has two thumbs and never heard of the good 'ole Doc until this week? Moi. Time to start watching Disney Jr.). The mere mention of Doc McStuffins has turned about 5 grumpy frowns into rockin' teethy smiles in the past 4 days. I need that ability to adjust a bad attitude and I need it now, please and thank you. 
Ice cream is usually what I need to turn my frown upside down. Ben and Jerry's flavors preferred, but not required. 

four. Mixing patterns is a must. When you are wearing a plain boring pink ballet leotard you must accessorize with the proper gear. Such as a leopard print cardigan. Or a skirt with the galaxy on it. Hello, starry night. Or leg warmers that have glitter sewn in them because glitter-less leg warmers are such a drag. If they get to wear all of that combined then you better bet your bottom dollar that I get to wear polka dots and floral. 
Looky here, a terrible quality selfsies that was only supposed to see my sister's phone and not the light of day on this here blog. Typical. 

Basically kids see the world as being a happier place where the fun never ends, even when you find yourself wearing grumpy pants for a few minutes. And even when the skies are gray. And even when... well, you get the picture.
Life is more fun through the eyes of a child.

So let's all be kiddos again.

UPDATE: I wrote this yesterday afternoon after feeling particularly sentimental and kid-squishy after some sweet, sweet classes. Then, oooh then, I taught yesterday evening and wanted to pull my hair out. All of it. Every single piece. So maybe another thing kids have taught me is to appreciate my little family of 2 for the (long) time being ;)


Helene in Between said...

#2 is my fave for sure. showing emotion is not always easy but necessary most of the time. and i hope you didn't pull all of your hairs out.

Ashley said...

Phish Food!!!!

I agree about showing that you're happy. I love that about kids...they don't worry about hiding their emotions....and that can be a wonderful thing (it can be a scary thing, too), but mainly wonderful :-)

Lacey Daniels said...

okay, that picture of you spashing in the water is adorable! I LOVE IT!

Lacey Daniels said...

I love your water boots!


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