October 8, 2013

what is a picture worth again?

I've learned a lot of things since getting married. 

Like, how to say 'thank you' 100-or-so different ways so my thank you notes don't all sound the same. 

I have also learned, or rather forgotten, how to take pictures. Here I am living it up as the wife of a Weiss in Charleston of all places and I can't even lift a finger to hit the camera button on my smarty pants phone. Lazy? Or having such a good time living life that I don't care to pick up my camera?

While I would like to get all Sentimental Sally on you and claim that it is the latter of the two, the reasoning definitely falls closer to the l-a-z-y end of the spectrum.

This is the most recent picture taken on my phone...get ready...
Ta-da! Voila! Or something.

Now while you are probably super impressed with the lighting on the baby and the fact that the recipe in it sounds like it is delicious (which, btdubs, it is supa' yummy in the tums), the fact remains that this picture is no representation of my life as of late.

Other than being a representation of what delicious creations I get to eat for din din since marrying Chef Freds, but that is besides the point.

My life lately includes things like:
-Sunset bike rides to the farmer's market.
-Creating shrimp n' grits and fajitas dumplings with friends (Holy Mouth-gasm, make these too. Yes, you.).
-Luscious blue skies with a blue ocean background.
-Scoping out Hob Lob for the best Halloween-y fall decorations.
-Operation Decorate the Weiss Apartment. Never thought I'd be so excited for dining room chairs. Chairs! On which we can sit and eat! At the table! Like grown ups! Exclamation points for everyone.
-Promised walks on the beach (which will happen soon and there will be pictures. Pinky promise, cross my heart, needles and stuff). 

Did you do a good job appropriately picturing all of these life moments in your head? I hope so. I also hope you didn't forget to add in Freddie leveling the legs on the wine cooler (VIP stuff happening over here in Operation Decorate the Weiss Apartment) or add in me eating a Chocolate Sea Salt pop at the farmer's market <<a.k.a. me dripping chocolate down my arms and legs like a boss fool. 

I guess what I am saying through all of these wordy words in this bloggy blog is that I will take more pictures. I am pretty blessed with some amazing surroundings (huzband included there, daw) and I should be documenting the crap outta this fabulous part of my life. 

Oh, wait, here's another recent pic. Almost forgot!
I call it, "Places Freddie Leaves His Wedding Band: Edition 5" (out of 43 or so).

Don't know how I'll top that picture...
But here's to snapping the camera a bit more!


Kayla Peveler said...

So HAPPY I'm not the only one to take (way too many) recipe photos on my phone. Like, seriously. It's a problem!

Also super excited you and Freddiefriendddd are having the best time as newlyweds. You two deserve it :)

Helene in Between said...

man your pictures are so nice. and luscious blue skies are the best.

Hailey Peterson said...

okay bike rides through a farmers market and luscious blue skies.. you are living the life. Seems to me like you are just enjoying your life instead of having to take pictures of it. After i do something really fun and I don't take pictures I am so sad cause I am like dang I didn't document it but then I realize I just had so much fun it doesn't matter!


Alex[andra] said...

You have some mad photography taking skills.

Speaking of taking.. take me on that walk on the beach!

Kodi Jensen said...

I hope you post more of the "where Freddie leaves his ring" pictures -- that his HILARIOUS!


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