October 18, 2013

china, not the country

When my parents visited they graciously offered to bring a china cabinet for us to use in our dining room. Read: we needed something else into which we could cram and stuff like wedding presents/china/crystal/silver. Read: storage space is limited in our apartment. Read: when I said dining room I meant dining "area." 

My parents had an extra family heirloom china cabinet just chilling in their garage and it was dying to come live on the coast, as most furniture is wishing to do. Wish granted, you china cabinet you. I hope you're enjoying beach life. 

Have I mentioned I am so glad we registered for china and crystal? I heard a lot of Really? China? When are y'all ever going to use that? Couples don't do that anymore. Save your registry for more fun stuff. And for a hawt second I almost was swayed by the naysayers. Lame. Growing up, I loved every time we used my grandparent's or my parent's china so I'm pretty excited to have our own little treasures.  I could also probably tell you everyone who got us a piece of that there treasure. Even if we only use them a few times a year, fine by me (or...supper every night on the china!). Because don't they look mighty fancy and fine sitting up in that china cabinet?!

Yes, siree, they do.

Fun story time!
Every year my ballet company went to perform and take classes at a regional ballet festival. One day in our class the teacher asked a girl her name. Her response? 

China. Like the continent. 

I didn't say everyone at the ballet festival was smart, okay? 
Psssst. China's a country. 
I also couldn't write an entire post with the word china plastered all in it without telling that gem of a story. 

You're welcome and The End. 


Kayla Peveler said...

Bahaha best story ever. I can see that little gal saying that with so much 'tude, too... "um duh, China...like the continent" ;) so hilarious.

Caleb and I registered for the most BEAUTIFUL china and didn't get any of it, sooo I'm hoping maybe for an anniversary gift or something he'll surprise me ;) that hutch is gorgeousss!

Helene in Between said...

hahahaha i'm literally dying. thats hilarious. and that cabinet is so pretty!

Kate Whitney said...

I literally can't wait to come visit!!! Looks lovely.

Bhumi said...

I read this as we're going to use china when I come to visit you.

Sarah said...

hahahahah you make me laugh!

And So I Did said...

Biggest bummer ever? I registered for china and didn't get a SINGLE piece. :( I was devastated because now any china I buy won't ever be my wedding china.

I love the idea of tradition and having something special. :( I guess I'll just have to invest in it when we have space for it. :)

So glad you got a cabinet!


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