August 14, 2013

the thing is...

This thing is...
I'm getting married. It's kind of a big deal to some people...slash maybe just me. And while maybe you don't want to read about in day in and day out, I can't really muster up any creativity and think of anything else about which to blog right now.

Basically, you're stuck with wedding mania for just a little bit longer. 
Or you can just keep scrolling along and not stop on that crazy wedding-brained girl's blog

Let's play a game. It's call Never Will I Ever, similar to the party favorite (which why is this game always brought out at parties?! Dumb.), Never Have I Ever. 

Once upon a time, a young lass named Emily put her foot down about lots of things. Girl knew what she liked and did not like, as we all do. This list of never's included some of the following: 

-I will never wear a strapless wedding dress. Nothing is tackier than people tugging at their boobies.
-I will never ever get married outside. What if it rains? And ew, bugs. 
-I dislike barns and things that smell of horses. Horses smell like poop.
-I will never honeymoon at Disney. How cliche and ew, crowds on a honeymoon? No.

That stingy young Emily needs to time travel and come laugh in my big 'ole fat lying face. 

I put the biggest, fattest, stinkiest foot in my mouth. That ridiculous list of never gonna happen's has turned into my actual factual really gonna happen wedding. 

My dress? 
I ordered it with straps and instantly disliked them. As soon as the straps were taken off and I looked in the mirror, I was a bride
And that is all that matters. And that is all you get to know about the dress until 2 weeks ;)

My wedding ceremony?
It's as outside as the green grass and trees can get. The actual ceremony will take place under a big pecan tree that is just calling to be the center of attention. Those trees, such divas. 

The reception?
In an old, refurbished barn that is to-die-for beautiful. It doesn't smell like horses, but the hay on the floor reminds you that horses were once there. And they were probably stinking it up. 

Our honeymoon?
After going back and forth and back and forth and back and freaking forth, we put a deposit down on a fancy schmancy room at Disney. Planning a wedding in 4 months equals no money for anyone. (Hey, Mom and Dad!) When you have a brother who works at Disney and can get all the nice discounts on rooms and get into the parks for free, you kind of take it and run with it. (Hey, Joseph!)

And ya know, everything is going to be perfect for a little Weiss Moore wedding fun. 

As the wise man (and J Biebs) once said, 
Never say never. 


Helene in Between said...

hahaha oh i love this post. i think when it comes to your wedding, anything goes and your mind can definitely change.

And So I Did said...

How funny! My wedding was nothing like I ever imagined it at all. :) Must mean good things to come!

Ashley said...

Hahaha!!! YESSS!!! Don't you just love that...saying that you'll never do something and do it! I can't wait to see this dress...You're going to be so beautiful!! And a honeymoon at Disney is pretty much perfect!!

The Style Dunce said...

Hey, just found your blog through Helene in Between. Love your writing style! Though I am not getting married anytime soon, I also have always said I do NOT want a strapless dress and I always feel like because I am so adamant about it, the dress I fall in love with will definitely be strapless. Because life has a funny way of making you eat your words like that.

Suzzie Vehrs said...

I said I would never get married in the winter.... it was snowing I'm my wedding day. still it was beautiful and yours will be too. congrats!

Kayla Peveler said...

Nothing I love more than proving ourselves wrong!! SO amazing. Emily, you're going to be a GORGEOUS bride. eeeeek for Disney! I have to say, I'm jealous!!!

Allison said...

It's funny how things change as we get older isn't it! I just found you from Kayla's blog. :) My husband and I went to Disney for part of our honeymoon because my husband had never been! We loved it! I'm jealous of your Disney connection!!


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