October 28, 2013

is this real life?

At 8:30 am on Saturday morning I opened our front door to head out to teach. A small FedEx package was sitting there. Early Saturday morning mail?! Yes, please. I quickly opened it just to see what our weekend funsies mail was and realized...

it was our wedding video. 
The DVD. Not just the DVD, but THE DVD. The one we've I've been anxiously awaiting since Day 2 of being married. Or somewhere around there. (I'm usually really good at being patient. Wink wink).

I exclaimed some things like Are you kidding me?! 
Don't watch it without me! 
Why do I have to teach on this one Saturday when the greatest thing happens?!
(I'm usually also really good at not exaggerating). 

As soon as my last dancer walked out the door with her parents, I ran out the door and into my car to get home as soon as possible. I felt so bad for Freddie having to sit around for 3 hours and not get to watch the tape...spoiler alert: He was fine. He has patience. Yadda yadda. 

And you know what? It was worth the wait. Worth my ever-so patient wait. I had forgotten the smallest details of our ceremony.

Like our first kiss. I remember the anxiety about saying the vows. I remember the calm I felt when it was actually time to say them. I remember thinking that writing the vows wasn't a competition, but if it had been Freds would have won. And then...I remember getting kissed and kissing, but where did I put my hands? Did we kiss once? Twice? A peck? So many questions which were all answered during our   movie time. Vows, kisses, flash mobs, cake cutting, dancing, a garter tossing, and a bouquet tossing later and I thought nothing in the world could make our Saturday any better. 

Until...10 hours later when I was dressed as the Tin Man sipping some wine at a Halloween party and I get the word that our wedding pictures are done. 

Done and needing to be viewed on my computer at home 30 minutes away. I exclaimed some things like Is this real life?!
Both in one day?!
I need my computer!
Can you believe they are ready now?!
My computer...at home...
Okay, one more glass of wine then we'll go home.

I was excited. Or something.

This long, Wordy McWordison blog ends with you picturing me crying at 2am while looking at some wedding pictures. The wine had nothing to do with the tears. 
But, shut up, they are so pretty. Trust me, you would have cried too/ will cry too.

And that my friends is how my Saturday shenanigans went down. They were so shenany and I would not have had it any other way. 

Sneak peek with pictures of the pictures commences now.
p.s.- dat would be how the first kiss went down. Worth the cooties.

Sami's Shenanigans


My Misters Mrs. said...

Stopping by from the weekend update! That is so exciting! People say that your wedding day goes by so fast that you can hardly remember it. It is great that you have those memories to hold on to! Have a great rest of the week!!

Bhumi said...

still sobbing hysterically at all the beautiful pictures. I LOVE YOU

Helene in Between said...

it really is like christmas when you get to see wedding pictures/video. yippee!!

Erin LFF said...

YAYYY!!! So exciting that they BOTH arrived on the same day! Can't wait to ooh and ahh over every single one :)

Kayla Peveler said...

OMG that first kiss!! SO darn saucy, and sooo precious!

kodi_jo said...

Yeyyyyy! So happy you got to enjoy them, and can't wait to see more!

Laura Darling said...

What a day!!! That's like better than Christmas!

The Weir House said...

How EXCITING!!!!!!! I just got married Saturday and we taped it ourselves. I am wishing someone taped it for us! :(


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