October 15, 2013

brother husband

Listen here, my parents are in town and for someone who is the homebodiest of homebodies I am soaking up every minute of their visit. Meaning, I was at the studio teaching from 9am-6pm yesterday so today I am reclaiming by title of Best Daughter Ever (reclaiming? Who am I kidding? I've always held that title. Sorry, Ann-y poo) by getting a sub for all my classes of the day so I can spend all day playing Charleston tourist. Fanny pack not included. Food baby (babies) included. 

Until their vacation trip is over and until I remember to take all sorts of funsies pictures before they leave and until I write a really funny update for ya I will leave with you a story from my weekend.

Once upon a Saturday morning (as any good story starts) Freddie and I went downtown for breakfast bagels.

Then we were like What the hay?! We're downtown anyways, so let's go to the farmer's market and be cutesies Charleston people.

So we did and we were (were cutesies Charleston people, that is...).

In our efforts of being cutesies Charleston people, Freddie stopped to buy some sweet South Carolina muscadines. As always, Freddie becomes best friends with everyone he meets. As always, I'm quietly awkwardly standing in the back. Stranger danger! But then I hear the "Sweet" Muscadine Sellin' Man say that Freddie and I look just like brother and sister.

I had to join the conversation and assure this man that Freddie and I were A) From Georgia, not Alabama and B) We were definitely not brother and sister.

But he didn't stop. He kept trying to assure us that he didn't mean it in a bad way. A bad way? That's right, every married couple wants to hear they look related and that it's a good thing.

He went on. And on. And on.
Then added that you know sometimes when couples have been together so long that they start to look alike?

Yeah, I don't know that either. At least, after a short 2.5 years of being together for "so long" I don't know that. If we're already looking like brother and sister after 2.5 years, maybe after 50 we'll be twins? The same person even?!

The possibilities are endless.

Meet Freddie's real sister who really looks like him.
Hi, Sara! 
p.s. Freddie is a twin. But not with Sara. Which makes no sense because they really do look alike unlike Freds and his twin, Jimmie. Twinsies for not realsies.

We did what any sane married-and-definitely-not-brother-and-sister couple would do and just stood there courtesy/awkward laughing until he stopped.

Point of this story is to just stand there and laugh when a muscadine man goes on and on about how you and your husband look like siblings.  

Let's review...

The End.
I also got a delicious delicious baguette at said farmer's market. So that was an exciting end to this story, right?


gayle said...

So, more than once Danny and I have been told we look alike. Once on the plane when Danielle was like 3 a fellow passenger commented to Danielle "I was about to say, 'You look just like your mama' but your mama looks just like your daddy so y'all just all look alike!" We had a good laugh. Speaking of look alike comments, my favorite came from Sheryl Reagan. Referring to Hailey she said "I don't see how a baby can look so much like her daddy and still be pretty." :-)

emcee said...

Funny, your father and I have never been told we look alike.

Russ said...

First your Mother and I have to start thinking alike. And she has to start capitalizing "Father"...

Kenzie S said...

My other half has been mistaken for my dad once.. he is only a few years older than I am! It was pretty mortifying ha ha!

Helene in Between said...

haha ohhh man. people sometimes think michael is my brother based on the way i treat him in public. sorry.

Recently Roached said...

Haha. This is hilarious. :) "Definitely Not."

They say you look more and more like your spouse the longer you're together... maybe in a few years people will think y'all are twins!


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