October 23, 2013

pics from a sis

Meet Ann. 
My sister.
Is it sibling week on this blog or what? I guess I'll have to start introducing you to my brother. And my brother-in-law. And...

If you've been here awhile you've met her before and you know that her hair is amazing, her dimple is precious, her photography skills are real, and I am jealous of all of the above. 

But let's not get that tangent started because I could go on and on all day long about how insanely generous I was to suck up all the crappy genes (like straight, stringy hair and zero zilch dimples) and how she should thank me for that... but like I said, let's not get that started. (Love you, Ann-y poo!)

The other night I received this text from Young Ann:

Do you sense the urgency?
Store, what store? 
Aren't you intrigued?
What store?!

Remember up there when I said Ann's photography skills are real? Very, very real. Well after years of photography classes and a few months studying the art of it all at college and several paid gigs into this bizness, Ann started her own little page on 
(which is an awesome awesome place, by the way. It's where I got my Ron Swanson MacBook skin. A.K.A.-it's the place that made me and my computer the coolest ever. But we can talk about that later. This is about Ann-y Doodle). 

She's selling some prints, and shirts, and skins, and cases, and lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! P.S. Those pointe shoed feet belong to me. Who doesn't want a tank top with my feet on it?! (And I'm not even being sarcastic. Pretty pointe shoes, for the win).

 Need some photographic evidence of her real mad skills? Ch-ch-check it out. 

Remember that time she took dance pictures?

Or when she took our engagement pictures?

Or when she walked around Newnan, the cutest little hometown you ever did see, and snapped some shots?

Or when she took a picture of the creepiest fish in the ocean? 

Have I successfully sold you on my sister? Convinced you to like her better than me? (Whaaat? Who typed that?) I figured my blog is a good a place as any to shamelessly promote and brag about my sister. 
Did I mention she gets it all from me?

Check out her shop. Fawn over her hair. Be jealous of her clothes. We all do it, it's okay. Go ahead.
But mostly just check out her shop! ;)


Helene in Between said...

she is gooood. i just checked out her site. love it!

And So I Did said...

Ahh! I'm heading to check her out now, but I have just confirmed that you also have an oval engagement ring! :) I've not met anyone else with one! Woo for us original girls! :)

But... I think I still like you better. *shhh* don't tell Ann-y poo

Kayla Peveler said...

I LOVE your ring, that shot is adorable. She is very talented, I'll definitely be checking out her shop tonight once I'm home! She is adorable!

Ashley said...

Yay for sibling week. Wow!!! For some reason I don't remember her taking these pictures...they are gorgeous. About to check out her store...NOW!

Meghan Kraft said...

Oooh she is SO good! Thanks for the link! I'll definitely be spending time over there for those holiday gifts...


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