October 11, 2013

nothing here, folks

Well, it's Friday. That's cool. I'm trying to go along with the theme I've been having of posting 3x a week on this here blog. Do you know how hard that has been? All of you who are churning out 5 posts a week should consider cutting back to 3 because well, it will make me look a heck of a lot better and on top of things.

Just consider it, okay?

Last night during Jeopardy I mistakenly asked Freddie what my Friday blog post should be about. Write about how dumb this girl is!! Oh. My. Gosh. Said through cackling laughter, of course. While that would be a blast of a post...

As any desperate blogger would do, I then turned to my mother for help. That wonderful woman actually gave me some good ideas...so I will not share them with you just yet. But then she shared the fact that she is going shopping today at the Mall of Georgia, which for all you none Georgians, is humungous. That used to be our thing to do while her precious puppies got beautified at the groomers. Sigh. Remember those precious puppies? The ones who ate my wedding dress? Sigh again.

Where was I? Oh yes, speaking of my mom slash my dad, a.k.a. my parents, they are coming into town at the end of this weekend for a little Fall Beach Break trip in Chucktown and I could not be more excited. They haven't been here with me and Freddie here and basically I can't wait to take them through Freddie and Emily's Eating Tour of the City. There's really no better way to meet and appreciate the beauty that is the city of Charleston than to eat your way through it. So consider it done. Consider my leotards needing to be upped to size el Large-o all next week. 
Perma-licious, MC! Mom has been cleaning out the house since the children have all up and moved out. That means I get weekly picture find texts like this one. I don't think I could rock a bowl cut harder if I tried. Which, I wasn't trying. I was 2 and clueless. 

Do you ever miss those younger days? Meaning the days when your bladder was way way bigger? I do. I got up at 5 am this morning because my new pea-size bladder told me to get the you know what up. As I stood up and my ankles popped and as I took some steps and my knees and hips popped I realized, I am old. Old-er? Getting older? I realized all of those things together. I used to never use the bathroom at school because, well, they were gross. Then once I got home from school I wouldn't go pee because playing outside is tres important for the elementary age social hour. Soon enough it was dinner time and I hadn't even taken the time to pee all day. And I was fine. Big mumbo jumbo size bladder, I miss you.

Just like that we went from Jeopardy to my parents to my bladder. And just like that I somehow have an entire post about absolutely nothing.

You are welcome. 
What are some post topics you would like read?


And So I Did said...

Um, the dogs ate your wedding dress?! Did I miss this story?! Fill me in, pronto!

Alexa said...

1. I LOVE the Mall of Georgia! Amazing.

2. Holy cow, current you looks so much like your mama in that picture! However, I'd say going back to the bowl cut could be kind of amazing, too.... ;)

Yaaaayy family visits! Have so much fun!

Amy said...

Hahaha this is an awesome post. Jeopardy, parents, bladder. What more could you ask for?

Happy Friday!!

Sarah said...

bhaha, this post is amazing. So random, so funny.

Have an awesome weekend, friend!

Jennie Grange said...

Old photos are the best!

Kayla Peveler said...

You seriously look like your momma! Beauuuutiful, ma'am!! ;) have fun eating your way through Charleston, I want to come!!


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