October 25, 2013

being married for 2 months is like...

Yesterday marked 2 months of married life for me and Freds. And while this relationship is not a teenage romance or a child's first year of life, recognizing the months is still...well, it's still fun. We're still newlyweds who are soaking up every day of marital bliss. And life is full of giggles and rainbows. Or something like that. 
Oh sorry, I meant life is full of giggles and cake, my bad. 

Last night we did what any couple celebrating 2 months of being married would do and went out to dinner. Just when I think we've officially found all the delicious you-must-try-it restaurants around here we manage to up and find another hidden gem. Meaning,  if you ever come and visit us in the town of Charles, bring your elastic waist pants. This is one time in your life you won't regret it. 

I told Freddie to help me think of good analogies for a Being Married for 2 Months is Like... blog. That's what any good and not annoying wife would ask her husband at dinner, yes? Yes. Just like a sweet husband, Freddie humored me. Freddie, start writing my b-logs, plz?! Here's what he came up with.

Being Married for 2 Months is Like...

-Being on permanent vacation. That you can never get rid of. 
He added that second sentence after a pause. I like to think he meant to add a third sentence that said something along the lines of, and that you never want to get rid of. Anyways, dude has a point. We are starting the Weiss married life in this place.

This one was said with a head tilt and a smile. Maybe even some schmoozy eyes. Isn't that what guys do? Schmoozy eyes instead of batting eyelashes? Who knows. All I really want to know is if our marriage feels like heaven to him, does that mean I get to wear white after Labor Day?

-Being at IKEA.
His explanation for this was...not blog worthy. So we'll make up what I'm sure he really meant. Like something about the hard work of going through all the levels (years of marriage?) and how sometimes you want to poke your eyes out (the times when marriage isn't like giggles and cake. Shocking to think, I know.) but when you've got your new snazzy, easy peasy furniture sitting up in your house you can't help but feel proud and happy at how mighty fine it looks (this obviously refers to the wife being a hot hottie who is intelligent beyond her years and beautiful not-so beyond her years that the husband can't help feel proud and lucky and wonderful and happy and...you get it).

P-h-e-w. IKEA explanation run-on sentence, over and out.

The main point that comes from my sub points up there is that being married for 2 months is fun. It just is. I can't wait to see how much more fun it gets at 2 years. And 12 years. And 20 years. And even all the years that don't have a number 2 in them.

Happy 2 months, my snazzy husband.


Alex[andra] said...

Girl, you are on cloud 9 and it is so, so sweet!

And So I Did said...

It gets better at 4 months! :) We still celebrate our monthly married anniversaries. :) I think it's the little things that remind you why you went through all the stress of planning a wedding... Hahahah!

Helene in Between said...

hahahaha ikea. happy 2 months!

Kenzie S said...

This is such a sweet post! Happy two months ♥

Erin LFF said...

Happy 2 months (a lil late) ! It's so true though, what those old married folks say. It just keeps getting better and better. After just 2.5 years our marriage has changed and grown so much-- it excites me to know that life only keeps going up from here! :)

FlowerlandStyle Flor valera said...

So cute post


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