October 21, 2013

Sister, Sister

Another weekend over. Another week begins.
When you read between the lines that reads a week of stressing out over what costume to wear to a Halloween party this weekend begins.

Side note: Halloween as a child is easy peasy. Oh hey, I pick this princess this year! I'll save that princess for next year. That was the life! Now I'm like hmm...can I cheaply make a costume with the clothes in my closet? The extra towels in my linen closet? The fancy high heels I bought and wore once? Or...can I wear my jam jams and eat all the candy myself? The answer is yes. Yes candy. Yes pajamas. Forever and always.

But that's for next weekend.

My sistah-in-law came into town this weekend and Freddie and I put on our best Charleston Tour Guide suits. Again. Man, we are starting to rock this Chucktown life.

Remember Sara?
You met her a few posts ago when we discussed how she is definitely Freddie's sister and I am definitely not his sister.

Anyways, Sara came. We ate. A lot. We drowned in all things Netflix. A lot. We walked through and around and in all the beautiful parts of Charleston (so that's every part of Charleston, by the way). And then maybe we ate some more? I can't remember. The Monday blues make my brain hurt. Mondays are bad enough since they officially end the weekend. Throw in a Monday that ends the weekend and fun family time? Screw you, Monday.
(Just kidding, Mons. Me love you long time if you will love me in return).

Around the square...and go.
one. Best view. The End. Moving on.
two. We found the tiniest dog I have ever ever ever ever seen. It almost came home with us Sara.
three. Sister, Sister! Come on, sing it, you know you want to.
four. Brother, Sister! Not as catchy as a tune, but still pretty great siblings.
five. Taking pictures in the sun is so hard. Sigh. Life on the beach.
six. Saturday morning farmer's market is kind of becoming our thing. By our I mean most of the people in Charleston, but whatever. I like to think it's just me and Freds that go there every week for 2 whole weeks in a row.

I retract my former statement about this Monday being especially sucky. That's not true. This Monday is a Monday worth celebrating because I married into a fabulous family and moved to a fabulous place. Combine the two and BAM. Moore Weiss, Moore Fun is a real thing and this past weekend proved to be all the Moore Fun with my Freddie and Sara Weiss folk.

Sara, come again next weekend. Mostly so we can wear green and recreate fun pictures like this.
Sami's Shenanigans


Ashley said...

Yes...I'm totally singing, Sister Sister in my head right now!! (and out loud)

Halloween as an adult really is hard. That's why I usually just go with my regular clothes (I really am so boring) :-)

What a fun sister/netflix/food/everything fun weekend!!

lil desiqua said...

I am SO with you on Halloween costume planning! What do I have in my closet that I can add a few accessories to and make a costume?! I may have been scouring the internets for ideas!
Looks like a really fun weekend!

Sarah said...

Haha, I'm the same about Halloween. I'm ALL about trying to find whatever I can in my home to make a costume! :)


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