January 21, 2013

on the time i pretended to be a model

Ann. Ann Ann Bo Ban, Banana Fana, Fo Fan. If you have been following my writings for awhile then you know how jealous I am of my sister. Of her dimples (face cheek dimples, y'all, sheesh), her fashion sense, and her hair. UGH, her beautiful wonderful hair. It hurts to even bring it up. My hair is hiding in shame. 

Anyways, for the past couple of years Ann has picked up a new hobby/talent/specialty of which we should all be jealous: photography. And lemme tell ya, that little sister of mine takes some mighty fine pictures. She's been taking classes and experimenting and building a portfolio for awhile now. I felt like it was my sisterly duty to offer my modeling services in order to help her broaden her portfolio as she prepares for college next year.

Hahaha, sorry y'all. I couldn't keep that one up any longer. I have zero modeling bones in my body and tend to smile like a teething cheesy baby when a camera is in front of me. Here's what really happened...Ann is always looking for new creative ideas for her pictures. I am always missing the days of dancing 24/7. Ann felt like it was her sisterly duty to accommodate to my dance yearning and suggested a dance photo shoot.

A dance photo shoot! Dance. Photo shoot. Doesn't that just sound cool? I thought so. 
So we studied the Ballerina Project (which you should study as well because it is more fun and more beautiful than really studying) and set out on a project of our own. 

Best part of the photo day? We waited to do it until our brother was in town visiting and turned it into a big sibling talk/fix the dance lines (veeeery important in posing for dance, der)/laugh until we hurt kind of photo shoot.

Enjoy and Ooo and Ahh. And trust me, we're all in this "I'm jealous of Ann's photography talent" together. 

These last two are frame worthy. Ann and Broseph make for a good time. 

photo credit: Ann Moore Photography


Kayla Peveler said...

You are so cute! Makes me want to go back into dance, I used to live for it!! :)

Helene said...

these pictures are beautiful!!! you should model. for real

Russ said...


Ashley said...

Ahhh!!! So gorgeous!!!


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