September 18, 2013

the man of the hour

Today marks 29 years of Frederick being alive and oh boy, the world has been puhretty lucky for those 29 years. (especially for the last 24 of those 29 years. An Emily and a Freddie in the world?! Lucky duck).

In honor of the birthday husbandboy, I present to you...
Not 29 facts, but still a lot, about Freddiehusbandbirthdayboyfriend.
Phew, his nicknames keep getting longer and longer. 

one. He's the birthday boy!! What a fun fact that you totally didn't know!
How is this the only picture from birthday's past that I have? Worst wife/ex-girlfriend ever. 

two. He loves to cook. Which, if you've ever even skimmed through this blog, you should know. But I mean loves loves to cook. As in, he is chopping away in the kitchen right now as I type and doesn't even care that I'm in here typing and sipping wine and he's in there all alone chopping and stirring and sizzling. Loves it. I knew this marriage was a winner when we realized I could do laundry and fold clothes (which I oddly love doing...) and he could do all the cooking. Everybody wins and everybody stays married, or something like that. 

three. He makes this really serious face when he is concentrating. So mostly when he is cooking. Or fixing things. Or building things. Or killing roaches for me. All usual everyday things. It's a mixture of a furrowed brow/biting lip and/or tongue thing going on. And I kind of love it. 
Exhibit A. Terrible example, but I know what I'm talking about so...that's enough, right?

four. Back to food...He has a plethora of cookbooks, yet he never follows a recipe. Cookbooks are more like idea books for Mr. Weiss. A little bit of this and a little bit of that and Voila! Most delicious dinner you've I've ever tasted. 

five. Meet Freddie's lucky green shirt. Hi, lucky green shirt! This shirt was there on the day Freddie interviewed for the Chucktown job, the night he proposed, the wedding rehearsal, and on and on. 
Hard to see the lucky shirt itself, but it's underneath the jacket. 
It's also hard to see the ring he's hiding in the jacket pocket...

six. I wrote this post about my cowlick when we first started dating. We're talking like one date down. Soon after I hit the publish button I got a text from Freddie: I think your cowlick is cute. Well Freds, I think yours is cute too. Also the first time I realized oh hey, dumbo, your blog is a pretty public place that anyone can read. 

seven. James a.k.a. Jimmie a.k.a. Freddie's twin brother will always and forever be his best friend. Even now, at a young 29 years old, they are still so twinsy and it is so cutesies. Jimmie also managed to give one of the sweetest toasts ever given at a wedding at our wedding. James and Freds, stay twinsies and cutesies forever. 

eight. Freddie gets things done. Sometimes it might seem super impulsive, but man knows what he is doing. Example? June 2012: Freddie and Emily vacation in Charleston and F decides that that is his dreamboat of a spot to live. Fall 2012: Freddie gets serious about applying for jobs near the beach. February 2013: Freddie moves to Charleston. The End. 

nine. Freds is never in awkward situations because he can talk to anyone and everyone and somehow become their best friend right off the bat. This is the exact opposite of me who is the Queen of Shyness and Awkwardness and Not Talking to Anyone-ness. This was one the first things I noticed about the guy meaning it was one of the first times I realized how much I liked the dude. 
Freddie and Diddy, two Georgia Tech alums, two Industrial Engineers, two biffles. 

ten. Mr. Weiss makes being a Mrs. Weiss one of the most fun adventures in life. Let's just say the dude knows how to have fun and how to laugh every. single. day. I love that I get to be laughing right next to him. Even if he is laughing at me. I mean, with me. What?

Happy Birthday, Freddie! You are one heck of a Freddiehusbandfriend. I can't wait to celebrate many many many more birthdays with you. 

Party on, Wayne. 


Russ said...

YOU? Shy? Awkward. Psfhtpt.

Nice post. I just realized that I'm (about) five years older than your Mom, and Freddie is (approximately) five years older than you.

Circle of life...

Alex[andra] said...

Happy birthday Freddie! I could definitely go for some of his cooking. It looks so good!

Sarah said...

That food looks incredible!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday to Freddiehusbandbirthdayboyfriend! I think I got that right...;) This is such a cute post! Can I pleeease invite you over for dinner...but have him cook?? Hahaha.

Recently Roached said...

Happy Birthday to your man!
I loved number 10. So sweet! :)

Helene in Between said...

happy birthday to him! this is beyond cute, deal with it.

Noor said...

Oh you two are so cute :) happy birthday to him .


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