September 30, 2013

and then I don't feel so bad.

Where would you say your home is? 
Is it where you live now? Or where you grew up? Or, as Edward Sharpe says, is home wherever I'm with you?
I am a sucker for that quote, by the way. Me and everyone else in the world. But I was definitely the first to use the quote as wall decor. Right? No?

I spent the month of September finding my home. Or, I guess I should say, creating a new home. A new home in a new place with my new husband. I decorated. I rearranged furniture. I cleaned. I did laundry. I rearranged furniture again. I decorated some more. I got into my work routine. But I wasn't concerned about making our apartment feel like a home. I've lived enough places throughout college and post-grad life to make a room or an apartment feel homey. 
But how do you make a place feel like home? 

For my entire life, home has been in Georgia. Home has been my little sweet town of Newnan or the big bad city of Atlanta. Different scenes that both just feel comfortable, familiar, and like home. Ya know? I'm pretty sure the word home doesn't even have a definition in the dictionary. How do you define something so earthly and physical, yet so emotional?! 

You just can't. So you write a babbly blog post instead. 
Hey, Newnan, I see yer pretty little self.
The ATL skyline showing off her grandeur from on top of Stone Mountain.

While I usually think of these places when I hear the word home, it is more so because of the people who live in these places. 
My fam damily. This homebody-licious girl loves me some family. 

And yes, my family is in Georgia (and Disney... And off at college...) and they are the people I love the most, I chose to marry Freds. I chose to move to a new state, a new city. I chose to make a new home with this boy who I happen also to love the most. (There's room for lots of loving most in this heart here).

I made these decisions and I would make them all over again. Yes, siree! I would. Life isn't about being static. Life isn't about getting comfortable and staying comfortable. Although, I sure do like staying in my itty bitty comfort box. 

Life is about change. Life is about exploration. 
Life is about love. 

Change, exploration, and (mostly) love brought my life to Charleston, South Carolina. A.k.a.--my new home. 
And I've kind of been having a ball finding my place in my new home. 
 I don't mean my place like the couch, where I sit most nights when Frederick slaves away in the kitchen...

That, my friends, has been my favorite (and sometimes not so favorite) part of September. Now, enjoy some pictures of home
Okay, I lied. Eating my way through this new home place has actually been my favorite part.
home. the end. period. 


Kayla Peveler said...

I love this. It has been hard for Caleb and I to make our apartment feel like HOME...because I always refer to it as "our apartment"... since when does a "HOME" only qualify as a 3 level house with huge doors/windows?! ;)

Happy for you dear.

Nicole | Pharr Away said...

I've always felt like home was where ever I am...funny, right? I've just always found a way to make where I am at that given time feel like home. Very interesting to see/hear others take on this!

Helene in Between said...

I can imagine it would be so hard to figure out where your new "home" is, but you're right, it's about being with the people you love. and for the record i do love that quote too.

Fash Boulevard said...

I've always had a hard time answering this question. Born in Georgia, moved to Florida from 13-18. Then Alabama from 18-21. Then LA from 21 to now. I never know where to say... seems like such a simple question, but I totally know how you feel. Such a fabulous post, love. If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit. :)


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