September 5, 2013

bought to you by the iPhone

Getting married is a funny thing, don't ya think? It's such a huge and exciting change, but also it's really not that big of a change. Following me here? 

When I sit down and take a second to take it all in, it hits me. This is huge! In a short 10 minute ceremony I agreed to spend forever with someone! Foreva. And after all the stress and planning it happened in a blink of an eye! Blink. We were married. Blink. We were on our honeymoon. Blink. We were home in a brand new state (to me). Blink. I was done with my first day of teaching here. 

Blink. Blink. Blink. 

And while it's all happening fast and it's all hard to believe that we are here and married and feels right. It feels right getting off the phone with Freddie and saying See you at home later! It feels right leaving work and meeting Freds at the a farmer's market to get some food for us him to cook for dinner. It feels right starting our lives together in Chucktown. 

And it feels good. 
That's why it doesn't feel like such a big change.  
The End.

Now... who is on their edge of their seat waiting to see crappy cell phone wedding pictures?? I can feel the bloggity anticipation and all the raised hands, I just know it. 

I'm sure to you these pictures are truly crappy cell phone pictures. Lamesies, right?! But I can't stop won't stop looking through them until I get the real photos. If these cell phones managed to capture all the small sweet moments, I can't wait to see what the big real camera captured. Sniff sniff.

Fun fact: I stuffed my dress with paper towel rolls because the pleats were folding oddly and I turned into that super annoying picky bride. Yay!

Teased hair and zero makeup equals glamour shots, babay. Yum.

Flexible photographers equal amazing pictures, I'm sure of it. 

Teeny tiny sneak peek of a teeny tiny portion of the wonderful decorations. I got super lucky in the friend department. Look at those free handed chalkboards! My left-handed-smear-all-ink-over-the-pages self is very jealous.

Rockin' that purple award goes to the most fun bridal party. 

First dances...
with Russell Moore, too. New favorite picture=done. 

Cutting the cake and lots of kissing. Sorry I'm not sorry.  Actually, I'm a little sorry. Kissy pictures are so not cool...except when they are cool because they're from my wedding day. Cool.

Errybody having Moore fun at the reception.

And then, then then then, it was time for...
Well, quick back story. 
I'm a dancer, most of my friends are dancers and so on and so forth. Freddie mentioned having a choreographed groomsmen dance to this one song he really liked and I balked and what not. I'm just not a fan of choreographed dances at weddings for snobby reasons. Hmph. 
Well remember that one post I did about how I put my foot in my mouth about everything for this wedding? One of my old dance teachers talked me into having a wedding flash mob for the Fredster since all of us dancers would be there.

And that is how our wedding flash mob was born. Freddie didn't know, but I think in the wink wink didn't know kind of way, you know? That is besides the point. Let's go with he was shockingly surprised, it was super cutesies, and so many people learned it! These pictures don't do the hoppin' dancing crowd justice, but they will have to do for now. 
Yeah, we had some Thriller in there. So what? 

And that, my friends, is the cell phone version of how we became Mr. and Mrs. Weiss. Bless yer little scrolling fingers for making it all the way down here. 


Helene in Between said...

I was tearing up reading this. I'm a freak. But I'm just so happy for you!! Even though these are phone pictures you look gorgeous and happy. There better be a video of this ash mob!!!

And So I Did said...

I love weddings, and wedding recaps! Thanks for sharing the pictures! :) You looked beautiful! I can't wait to see more pictures! :) Yay for becoming Mr. & Mrs.

Alex[andra] said...

Kissing pictures are totally cool! Especially on your wedding day!

For cell phone pictures, these are great!!

Kayla Peveler said...

Seriously, Emily these are BEAUTIFUL! Cell quality or not. Loooove your dress, its so unique!!!! :)

Erin LFF said...

Love it all, seriously! Cell pictures are a must to hold you (and all of us!) over until the real ones come in! So many fun memories captured- and hey, you can NEVER have too many kissing pics from your wedding day. jared and i have ONE kiss picture from the whole day- and that actually makes me sad so enjoy all the ones you got ;)

Kenzie Smith said...

I seriously love all of the fun phone pictures! What a gorgeous wedding :D

Ashley said...

A flash mob is the best idea everrrrrr!!!! If I was getting married today, I would totally do that. I love the phone I'm glad you posted them!

Kodi Jensen said...

I so know what you mean about life not changing that much after the wedding! Everyone always asks me "how's married life" and I reply that it's normal. It's happy and wonderful and perfect to live every day and sleep every night with my best friend, but it's also just wonderfully normal. Annnnnnd I'm obsessed with these pictures! Pretty, happy Emily and Freddie!

christina said...

awwww you wedding looks amazing! love every detail!! i lived at home with my parents until the day i got married. it was a huge change...for the good...but still a huge change!

Sarah said...

The venue is just stunning. Congratulations!!!!


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