September 23, 2013

disneymooning like a loon

Welcome back, my readers who love to read about Disney and honeymoons and all things sappy and Mickey. Welcome to Part Deux.

I'm filing this post under the Weekend Shenanis. Why? Because my real weekend was spent laying on my booty as my GA born and bred sinuses decided to rebel against my move to the Carolina wetlands. Therefore, my I really can't breathe outta my nose self decided to spend my weekend recapping a happier time in my sinuses' life.

We already looked back and giggled about that one time Freddie and I were celebrities in an ice cream store. Let's move on into the week of newlywed bliss.

Tuesday was a day of many firsts. Like, the first time Freddie got to draw at Animation Academy. Or how about that picture was the first time I signed my new last name. Who would have thought Rapunzel would get the first time honor of Emily + Weiss?! She looks pretty excited.
Freddie is still livid that we didn't draw Chip and Dale. So he took it out on Rapunzel.

Everyone has their lists of must-dos at Disney. In fact if and when you go there and if and when you stay on Disney property, go ahead and turn on the TV. There is a channel dedicated to Disney Must-Dos hosted by a lovely lady named Stacey...a lady who has given me and my family lots and lots of endless entertainment.
In the name of all that rocks, let's hit it dude. 
That Stacey, such a comic.

Mine and Freddie's Hollywood Studios list went something like this:
Immediately FastPass Rock n' Roller Coaster.

Ride Star Tours.

Take a break from the long intense journey with C-3PO by getting a refreshing marg.

Ride Rock n' Roller Coaster and scream like a child. Okay, I admit that the screaming was all Freddie. I mean, me. So confusing now that we are one. ;)

Wait in line to draw at the Animation Academy and watch Ralph have a costume malfunction.

But once we get bored looking at Ralph we/Freddie like to add to our collection of terrible horrible no good Emily pictures.
This is picture #319/570. Ish.

Finish off with a super cheesy kissy picture.
Note: if you wear Happily Ever After pins, all (and I mean all) Photopass photogs will instantly ask you to do a kissy picture. Oooh, okay. If you insist, Miss. I'll smack one on my husband in front of the children. Suuuure. 

Freddie and I both aren't Tower of Terror fans. SHUT UP, YOU CRAY <<<That's what you're all saying now, I know. We decided to walk around, take pictures, grab a pizza at Pizza Planet, and head back to get ready for the fancy schmancy dinner reservations we had that night.

Oh yeah, stepping out in the real nice clothes as husband and wife for the first time. Meaning, for the first time in the real nice clothes, of course. We had already stepped out as the tired and super sweaty from the Orlando heat husband and wife quite a few times by then.

Bonus points? We got to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from dinner. Nothing better than sipping on some wine, eating some cheesy grits and short ribs, and seeing the fireworks.

 Self timer pictures, yes please. Self timers pictures in our second living room, yes please. La te da, two living rooms? What a hard week.

I spent a good amount of time trying to remember what we did the next day. We didn't go in the parks and I'm sure we sat by the pool most of the day. Other than that I am lost. But I guess that's the good thing about lazy honeymoons? You don't have to remember every tiny detail. It was so good and peaceful and restful that all I know was it was a good day. Details schmetails.

I do remember we spent a good amount of time playing in the hotel arcade. Um, yes. It was awesome.

Maybe we did some of this that day?

We definitely rented boats at one point...Let's say that happened on this day.

The End.

Part Three gets really exciting. Tours of backstage at Magic Kingdom, special Luaus, and origami rings at Epcot, oh my!

Sami's Shenanigans

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Erin LFF said...

So many things I want to comment on!!! Haha, let's seeee.... Jared and I were obsessed with the Animation Academy, pretty sure we did it 3 different times (We did 2 days in H.S.) I totally screamed my face off/sang all the words while on Rock n' Rollercoaster. I'm hoping next time we go back its my birthday or our anniversary so we get to wear pins again!! :)


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