September 12, 2013

songs that define me (according to me)

Let me be real with you. I sat down to write this blog about three to four times. Every time I talked myself out of finishing it. 

But then I remembered thank you, Jesus, for link-ups. You know? Like I spend 90% of my blogging time complaining and now a link-up, a topic already thought out, comes along and I try to run the other direction?

No siree, not me. I'm sticking through with this and writing a blog that I didn't have to whine come up with a topic, dangit!

I would like to thank Helene, for coming up with mine and everyone else's topic today. You're a genius and I promise this post will only be halfway boring. 

Anyone else notice my opening paragraphs keep getting longer and longer and longer...

Songs That May or May Not Define Me
*disclosure: these songs are not the most fun jammin' songs which means they don't necessarily match my jammin' fun personality. Winky face. 

Numero Uno
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Make that the entire Nutcracker Suite. You rock it, Peter Tchaikovsky. For about 10 years, I performed in Nutcrackers. That meant from August until December, Nutcracker music was all we dancers heard. Every. day. of. the. week. Lots of Sugar Plum performances later, I still get the unnerving sense I need to start boureeing and leaping down the aisles when any Nutcracker song comes on in the grocery store.
Shhh, no Nutcrackers for about 5 years now and it makes me really really miss it. College days aren't the best of your life--it's the Nutcracker days that are. 

Number Two
Black Eyed Peas- Don't Phunk With My Heart

I literally cringed writing that. BUT, I can't mess with my past, no matter how awesome embarrassing it may be. This song was a song I somehow managed to learn every single word of in 2006. If only that was the end of the story... this one time at ballet camp (every good story starts off like that, by the way) we made of video of me "rapping" this song. If you take anything away from this post, let it be that stuff gets puhretty crazy at ballet camp. 
Also take away that I have no shame and love you all thoroughly. Say hello to a 16 year old "rapper" named Emily!

The Third
Stevie Wonder- Isn't She Lovely

Okay, I promise I am not making some vain statement here. Hey, y'all! I think I am soo wonderful and this song sums me up and down and all around. False. However, this song does sum up some pretty big moments in my life. This is the song that came on Spotify on April 28, 2013. I changed the lyrics to Isn't He Lovely and belted my heart out to Freddie, who had been secretly hiding a ring in his pocket all night. He also happened to pop that bad boy out as this song played. Fast forward 4 months and it was the song playing as we walked back up the aisle after being announced husband and wife. Shut up! Said in my best Elle Woods voice--it still is weird saying or typing those hubby wubby and wifey words. 

Picking three was very hard. Mostly because instead of listening to music 24/7, I make up annoying words to songs/tunes I know and sing them to Freddie nonstop and then we laugh and laugh about how much fun that was. Okay, that last a stretch. But I'm pretty sure I missed my calling in life and I'm pretty sure Freddie secretly loves this super talent of mine. 
Helene in Between


Alex[andra] said...

That is so amazing that you made a video of you rapping to that and that you actually put it on Youtube! Seriously, amazing.

Ashley said...

I totally agree about the entire Nutcracker suite. When you've grown up with it, it really does become part of your life. That's why my boys have (and will continue) to see it every year.

Helene said...

hahahaha that video, yes. so awesome. and i know, this was hard. sorry! but i love your song choices.

Gi said...

That video is amazing! ha ha.
Stevie Wonder is wonderful I love every song he does.

Minh Nguyen said...

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work ♡

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Kate Whitney said...

Yes the Don't Phunk with My Heart video!!!!


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