September 25, 2013

disneymoon: third edition

Let's keep on keepin' on with these Disney posts. A.k.a.--the best most magical posts in the world. 

and the day we got to go backstage (and underneath) Magic Kingdom.

The Keys to the Kingdom tour is a tour where you learn all sorts of history of the park all while walking/touring, riding rides, and going down into the tunnels under the park. Um, yes please! Seriously, if you'll pay $4 for a cold water at Disney (their water is just that much more magical and delicious!...) , then you should definitely pay the extra $75 to go on this tour.

It. was. amazing. 
Amazing, I tell you!
And guess what?
No cameras were allowed.
Wanh wanh...

I could type out every single detail we learned, but then you would have to pay me the $75 instead so...

Wink wink. I'll give you a lil sampling. 
We started off the day on Main Street and walked down learning all about the names on the windows and who did what, etc., etc. I'm pretty sure our tour guide eats, sleeps, and dreams all about Roy and Walt Disney. Girlfriend was spitting out that info. 

We rode Pirates and got an insider's look at the ride. Which was pretty cool... We did the same on Haunted Mansion which, lemme tell you, stuff is crazy in there. I remember first riding it when I was 10. Let me rephrase that, I remember screaming and crying on my brother's shoulder when I was 10. Every time I have ridden it since then I have almost fallen asleep. Why was I such a scaredy cat?! It's dark and cool in there and you're usually so hot and tired that by the time you ride it that you're like oooh nooo, not a ghostzzzzz. 

I know you've all done it too. Well this time I was on edge trying to look for all the cool stuff our guide told us. 

Like (drumroll, please...) there's a hidden Donald Duck on the ride. The million and one Hidden Mickeys ain't got nothing on this one Hidden Donald! 

But blah blah blahdy blah, all of this was overpowered when we got to go backstage! And see the parade floats! And the dancers practicing!

I almost left the group right then and there and was like Ooookie dokie, Disney people, thanks for my new job. I'll start my dancing rehearsals now. 

Then, to really overpower and crush all earlier activities, we got to go down into the tunnels! Did you know that when you go to Magic Kingdom you are actually going up on the second level? 

Yes siree! I already knew that since I've got my brother there giving me all the insider info (shucks, thanks, Broseph!), but to actually get to be on the first level in the secret not-so-secret tunnels was pretty awesome. I really almost started acting like I worked there at that point. (Sigh, one say I'll shrink 2 inches and Disney will be begging me to dance for them. I just know it...). 

How fun was it reading all of that and seeing no pictures? Golly gee, who doesn't love a good 'ole recap post?! (put your hands down!)
No fun, I know. I get it. I'll have a photo dump from the rest of our day to make up for it. 

After the tour we stuck around and did some more touristy stuff, minus the actual tour.
Let me just say, we were decked out in pins at this point. Happily Ever After pins on one side, Kingdom to the Keys name tag pins on the other side. Pin Traders be jealous. We were rockin' it. Look at Freds over there-- Pin flair, don't care.

Another MooreWeissMoore Fun Must-Do? Go see PhilharMagic and take 3D glasses pictures. Because who doesn't need darkly lit/thumbs up/3D glasses pictures?

We decided to be crazy that night and eat somewhere new in Epcot. My family definitely has their our Disney routine down pat and we don't often try new restaurants. Why try new restaurants when you're eating the most delicious pizza ever in Italy in Epcot?! That's our theory. 

But, holy yum balls, since becoming a Weiss and trying the Japanese restaurant with Mr. Weiss my theory might have some competition. 
Melt-in-your-mouth-delicious sushi. Droolsies. 

As if the ohmigawd yummy sushi wasn't enough, the restaurant workers fuh-reaked out when they saw it was our honeymoon. We're talking the red pen came out and underlined the all caps HONEYMOON written on our reservation card. Our hostess said something in Japanese and suddenly every waitress and waiter in the restaurant stopped what they were doing and repeated something back and bowed. What?! I like to think they were saying, "You are our favorite and most honored newlywed couple guests!" Not sure what else it possibly could have been because after our meal they brought out this surprise...

 Chocolate cake complete with a candle to blow out and origami rings to wear. 
Remember that one time (or two) I mentioned how magical Disney makes a honeymoon?

We spent the rest of the evening strutting around Epcot all like, Hey, non-honeymooners, is our origami bling blinding you? 

Actually, we just walked around smiley and hand hold-y and random people kept offering to take our pictures. Can't say no to the paparazzi, I mean, nice Epcot guests who have been drinking around the world.

If Freddie is reading this he is probably thinking about how I left out a chunk of the night where we almost missed our dinner reservations. And I was all like Freddie, ahhh, please call since I'm driving!! And he was like We're fine. Trust me. Calm down. And I was all like Please please please call! We're going to be at least 15 mins late! And he was like Emily, you are right. I will call. That is such a good idea. 

Hint: He didn't say that last sentence and the whole ordeal was a tad bit longer with some minor freaking outage. What a relief we made it through such a hard time in the beginning of our marriage ;)

 You made it! Almost... You are *officially* almost done with honeymoon week. Just a day filled with eating in Beast's castle, drinking around Epcot, and dancing at a Luau left.


Alex[andra] said...

I would totally pay an extra $75 for that. That's so cool!!

Sucks that you couldn't take pictures though. :(

Erin LFF said...

LOVE! We definitely want to do that tour the next time we go. Actually, I just want to BECOME one of those tour guides so I can eat, sleep, breathe Disney every day! Why is everything so magical there?!?!? I have repeatedly told a million and one people that spending my birthday at Disney makes it THE best birthday I have EVER HAD!!

We almost did the Japanese restaurant and changed last minute- but its def on our list for next time too! Haha, there is just SO MUCH to do there!

Ashley said...

I want to go on the super secret tunnel tour now! Glad that you had a very well-informed tour guide :-) She probably does know everything there is to know! And please give me a piece of that chocolate cake. Mmm mmmm!!

Emily Carnes said...

I had no idea about that tour!! Andrew and I have GOT to take that tour for sure---I think Andrew would LOVE it! (He's kinda a disney freak)...haha

Kodi Jensen said...

These posts are seriously tempting me to pretend I'm on my honeymoon and go to Disney. Except I totally wouldn't be able to pull it off because I'd feel so bad about lying the whole time. But you know, these posts made the thought enter my head.


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