September 10, 2013

big plans

I have big plans for this blog. Like a new design...maybe one to match my new name. Hey-oh! p.s.-that's the weirdest/most obvious change about being married: having a new last name. Everything else? Ain't no thang. But new last name? Hey, changing everything ever, you are not cool. See what this blog url is? mlemoore. See what all my usernames are? mle22moore. See what all my email addresses are? mle22moore. See what all my doctors and employees and social security and driver's licenses have my name as? You get the picture...

I also have some plans for some pretty happenin' honeymoon and wedding recap posts. BUT, but but...that is all you little bloggies have read here recently and I know it's time for some change. 

In the meantime, here are some thoughts. Thoughts on a Tuesday. Terrific Thoughts on a Tuesday. (or maybe terrible thoughts on a tuesday?...I'll let you decide at the end of the post). 

1- Is there anything prettier than a giant stack of finished thank you notes? NO, the answer is a big 'ole fat caps locked N-O.

2- I am already having so much fun teaching these kiddos in Charleston. I mean, as I left the studio today after being there for lots and lots of hours, I couldn't help but smile. I was sweaty from teaching choreography, I was sore from dancing all day, and I was happy because I am doing something I lurve. The end. 

3- I live here. Somebody pinch me. I'm still waiting to have to end my visit and drive back to the big bad ATL. Vacation never ends! I'm here for good with this hubby wubby. Hubs? Hubsterdoodle? Why are all nickanmes for husband the worst? Let's leave it at I am here for good with my Freddiefriendhusband. 

side note or #3.1- Freddie and I spent all Saturday strolling through Downtown Charleston. We then spent all Sunday lounging at the beach. Maaaan, this is life! 

4- I will leave you with a small preview of the goodness that will be the rehearsal dinner recap (which may or may not be on the blog this week. May... not...). 
Classy almost married folks who are now married and even more classy. 


And So I Did said...

This is awesome! I'm so jealous that you got to move somewhere new. I would kill to move somewhere prettier. :/

Around the three month mark the new last name becomes normal and the old one starts to sound weird... which is JUST WEIRD because it was your name for ever. :/ Once you get everything changed, it's much easier to be less bitter about the stupid revenue office.

Helene in Between said...

i HATE changing my name on everything. ughh that is not fun. i wish there was an easy button you could press and it would just all go away. but nope. and yes, that is gorgeous. lucky.

Mar @ t.o. and fro said...

Ditto with the name change crap. Love love love Charleston. I got the chance to visit for a day a few weeks back and was in awe. Lucky you!


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