September 16, 2013

moores galore

I spent the weekend in August, Ga watching my sweet cousin get hitched.

You see, 2013 turned into the year that the Moore girls got married. Claire Marie started the trend and I played somewhat of a copycat by choosing a date in this oh so special year too. We tease Young Ann and our other cousin that in 3 weeks one of them has to get married since we started this little family-get-together-for-a-wedding-erry-3-weeks trend. And boy oh boy, I am loving this trend. 
Sorority squats apply in family photos too, ya know. Heeey, fam dam! Let's hang in 3 weeks, k?

2013 is a good year to marry a Moore girl, just ask our now husbands. Life is Moore fun when you've got us around. And don't they know it. In an effort to make you know it as well, I'll do a nice big photo dump of Moore wedding shenanigans. 

I would also like to take this moment to apologize to anyone and everyone who follows me on Instagram. Why yes, I am pulling all of these photos straight from my Insta. Like always.

Here's what goes down at a Moore wedding:
Blurry phone pictures, YOU'RE WELCOME! We make being a Mrs. look good with those Mr.'s around.

Cousins, and husbands, and a blushing bride, oh my!

Who needs a party bus when you've got a party van? The answer is no one. No one would ever choose a party bus ova this party van. 

Aaaaaand let's end with the latest and most wonderful edition of a Moore sibling photo. Win win win win win. 

Lots of dancing went down too. Solo dancing. Moore's never dance on the dance floor with everyone else. Horrors. We break it down in style elsewhere.  

Claire Marie and Pierce, your wedding was beautiful. You are beautiful. Your life together will be beautiful. And I know honeymooning at the beach will be beautiful! Lots of love as you start your life together in twenty thirteen. That's something pretty magical about that number. 

And there's something pretty magical about being a Moore...Weiss. And a Moore Drake. 

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Ashley said...

Did my last comment not publish????? Grrrr....

Anyways....I said

I was about to say that your dancing video was the best thing ever, but then I saw your dad's (that is your dad, right?!) It really is a great year to be a Moore girl!!

Sarah said...

Your green dress is gorgeous. I love the dancing videos - haha!

Kodi Jensen said...

Annnnnd those dance videos definitely made me laugh out loud! So funny!


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