September 20, 2013


Isn't blogging a funny thing? Yes, the answer is most undoubtedly, yes. I spend so much time reading and commenting, but mostly I spend so much time complaining and worrying and brainstorming about what to post next. 

The dreaded reality we all face either late at night or early in the morning (ya know, whatever your writing time may be). What. Do. I. Post?! 

My latest conundrum was all about posting about our honeymoon. 
Why should I write about it?!
No one will care.
But it's Disney.
Do I do a detailed post or just sum it up?
Ohmigosh, do I even remember everything we did that week?
No, man, I have already forgotten!
This is why I should blog about order to remember...

Um, hello, CRAZY, I never realized how much inner dialogue I *apparently* have until I started blogging.

Well, guess what? My last little deep thought moment up there won. I should blog about our honeymoon so that 10 (maybe 11...) years from now when Freddie and I get in our first fight I can look back and read about those lovey dovey schmoozy woozy feelings and remember

But also to read about all the fun stuff we got to do at Disney...
Okay okay, the feelings first then the fun Disney stuff. 

The first thing I remember about the week? Feeling like somebody needed to pinch me the entire time. 
What you can't see is that Freddie is pinching me in the picture. Yeaaaah?! Just kidding. 

How is it that your wedding day flies by faster than any day in your life?! Hello, shortest day of the year. Forget the winter solstice, it's all about the short wedding days. I spent a lot of time saying I can't believe we're actually married! 

Oh wait, I still spend a lot of time saying that...

After we got over the shock of our awesome amazing and accidental suite, it was time to officially start the week of eating until we had to roll home having a super fun time. 

 So naturally we started by eating these delicious chocolates and then heading out to eat some yums during a meteor shower. 

What is this crazy lady talking about?
T-REX, duh. 

Give me a cheesy themed restaurant with cheesily named entrees (that also have lots of actual cheese in them...) and I am set for life. 

Give Freddie a Corona-rita and he is set for life. 
Look at that mood lighting. Almost as romantic as that giant octopus over my head. 

The next day was a non-park day. Meaning we did all the things you do at Disney when you don't go into the parks. Wait...what?! I didn't even know what it was like to go to Disney and not go into the park. What a concept! 7 years of 2-3+ Disney trips a year (phew, math and stuff) and I finally saw the beauty of a non-park day.

We did things go around all the resorts, turn into pool bums, eat and drink at the Boardwalk. And... you get it. Lazy days for the win.

The most important thing to take away from this day trip? Having friends/family who work at Disney is one of the few things you ever really need in life. Go tell all of your friends to quit their jobs and move to Orlando now. You can thank me later. My best friend Caroline let her old coordinator know Freddie and I were on our honeymoon so as soon as we walked into the ice cream shoppe we were applauded and given a free sundae. Why didn't we get married years ago?! Free ice cream?! Amanda then caught Freddie making googley eyes at this giant cookie and threw it in for free too. Did I mention people kept applauding us? Easiest performance ever.
All of this means we successfully completed the first 24 hours of the fatty fatty no friends/eat your body weight in food challenge.

Just weight, I mean wait, lots more Disney food and fun coming your way. So stay! And play. All day.
Rhymes, gets me every time.


Erin LFF said...

I'm TOTALLY Excited for allll the Disney posts to come :) You know I recapped our trip there in like 7 different posts, so it's totally acceptable for your honeymoon there :) We spend our first afternoon doing downtown disney, and also ate at Ohana one night so we got to see that resort. Boardwalk is def on my list for our next trip!

Helene in Between said...

i do wanna hear about your honeymoon!! It looks like y'all were having a wonderful time!
weight it out, you're clever.

Alex[andra] said...

I LOVE that when you two walked into the ice cream shop, you were applauded. That sounds so VIP!!

Excuse me while I tell everyone I know to go work there!

christina said...

looks like you had fun!

Kenzie S said...

I definitely want to read about your Disneymoon!! I've always wanted to go to Disney Land/World (I'm not picky ha ha)!


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