September 27, 2013

disneymoon: the end edition

Here we are, you and me. Me and you. 
You reading looking at the pictures of the last honeymoon recap post and me wondering what happens on the blog now that these posts are over...

Don't fret, little grasshoppers, I'll be sure never ever to do recap posts again until my next honeymoon.
See what I did there? Made a funny!

The last 2 days of honeymoon were the most jam packed and fun days. And also the most sad days. At one point I turned to Freddie and said something about I can't believe we have to go home in two days (whine whine whine). He gave me this crazy look and was like Yeah... 2 days. We have 2 full days to have fun. Why are you already thinking about the end?

And that right there is why I married him. Because he is always right and I am always needing to be reminded to calm down and enjoy the moment. 
In slightly related news, go read my new favorite blog post here. Jena kind of knew how to sum up all of my way-too-emotional-calm-down-feelings as of late. 

Okay dokay, let's get this recap up and goin'.

Once upon a time we honeymooned at Disney. It was magical. 
Oh hai, lookie. We did have a nice camera during the trip. I just know how much everyone prefers cell phone pictures to DSLR pictures so this baby got some rest in the suite for the week. You are welcome. 

Fast forward to Friday night. The night we decided to travel to Hawaii and go to a luau. 
Lucky for us, Hawaii could be found right next door to our resort at the Polynesian. Betcha never knew you could ride the monorail to Hawaii! 
Also bet you have never seen an empty monorail. Because I sure have not and kind of felt like I was in a Disney version of the Twilight Zone. 

We get there, get lei'd (go ahead, giggle), get our drinks, and head to the auditorium. I've continuously said that I felt like royalty on this trip, but this is when we actually were royalty. I'm talking food on food on food. On food. On food.
Get the picture?
Mounds of food being served to us with unlimited drinks being brought out along the way.
Why yes, I will have my cake and eat it too, please and thank you.

And as if that wasn't enough, we got to watch and learn the hula, dance because it was our honeymoon, and then sit with our mouths open at the fire knife dancer. Literally, jaw on the floor.
 Hips don't lie.

 Oh, let me just put fire in my mouth and on my feet and whirly twirl it everywhere. No big deal.

Freddie and I then spent a lot of time conversing about how many burns we thought he has gotten in his fire knife dancing days.
The monorail shut down so we also tiredly food drunkenly took fun pictures as were conversed about such things.
Why do I share these things online again? Remind me.

The last day of the whole shebang was probably my favorite so I'll just photo dump you right now. We started off at Magic Kingdom, met up with some friends in town for a little bit, and ended off the long park day in Epcot. Eating and drinking around the world = what I want to be doing right now my favorite thing ever.

Disney Starbucks on Mainstreet. Weird and yes.

Brother and husband on my right and hello, my wedding videographer and wedding coordinator on my left. Best group ever.

Then the stars aligned and we got to eat at the Be Our Guest restaurant for Freddie's first time. And yes, it's okay to go ahead and start singing Tale as Old as Time.

 A quick pit stop for pictures and...we're off to Epchat!

Where this happened:
I can't explain why and how we love Spaceship Earth so much, but know that it is an obscene amount. Thumbs up, indeed.

The stars aligned again on this trip and we got to FastPass the new Test Track. Which is awesome because look at the test car we created. All I'm saying is...this baby was in the Top 5 in compatibility category of the day. Brag brag brag. The bigger the wheels the more practical the car or something?...

File these two under: Things That Made Us Giggle. Ron Swanson in the house! And those shirts?! No words. Except one. Dangerous.

A romantic (complete with romantic lighting...) dinner in Mexico.

Oh yeah! Followed by a toast to a week of marriage. Cheers and kisses!

We did it. We made it through a week of married life and a wonderful honeymoon.
And now we've been back for 4 weeks in our new home and have passed the month mark
Bring on all the happy tears. Being married to this dude is like a permanent party.

Even when my suitcase fails and spills and is obviously a sign that we shouldn't go home and Freddie just takes pictures and laughs.

Still a party.


Alex[andra] said...

Hawaii AND Disney World? Best. Honeymoon. Ever! Super jealous. Just because this all looks so amazing!

Sarah said...

Looks like so much fun!!!!!!!!!

I need to go back to Disney soon. I haven't been since I was probably about 11. That needs to change.

Emily said...

Looks seriously amazing Emily!! Sad to be back, but amazing to look back on!

Erin LFF said...

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it all. Every picture I'm like we did that! We ate that! :)


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