September 11, 2013

a sweet suite for the sweethearts

And so we begin the honeymoon posts. Yes, plural. Too much to handle for one post.
And yes, I do believe that honeymoons need to happen at least once a year. By once a year, I may or may not mean once a month because it's been two weeks and I'm already ready to be back honeymooning. 

How long do newlyweds stay in the honeymoon phase? Yadda yadda, okay, I'll move on. 

Choosing a honeymoon destination was one of the hardest parts of the wedding planning bizness. I mean, seriously. Where do you go?! Do you go all out or stay all in? Do you blow all your money before you start your life together? Or do you save and take the big trip later?

Decisions, decisions. When you're about as good as a drunk monkey when it comes to making decisions (hey, like I am!) then the whole decision process takes even longer. 

But by golly, a few short weeks before the big trip we made the decision: Disney World. My brother has worked there for a long time and we decided to use his discount and free entry to the parks, get a nice room, only go into the parks a few days, and save the big blowout 'spensive trip for an anniversary trip.

While we did wait to spend all the monies on a trip, we did not have to wait for a big blowout trip. Disney treats everyone like they are kings and queens of the world. Every time I have gone, I have felt so magical, so important, and so special. 

But this time, this honeymoon trip, we really were the King and Queen! We were the only people on property who mattered! (Except for all those other people and other honeymooners! Details, details...) Everyone, guests included, stopped their day to wish us Congratulations! Or Best Wishes! or Happy Honeymoon! 
Eww, cooties and more kissing pictures!

Let me pause here and take you back to the beginning. When we were just regular 'ole special in the kinda-special-way Disney guests. 

We pulled up to the Contemporary and excitedly went to check-in and bask in the glorious lobby. They gave us all the information, they went over and beyond to make sure we knew where everything was and what activities were happening, and bam, it's over. Nothing was ever said about it being our honeymoon trip, but we didn't care. We were married! We were at Disney! We wanted to unpack the car and get some food in our bellies!

And here is where the story gets exciting (!!). Stay with me. Upon opening our door, we were standing in a living room. Hmmm, weird. We were supposed to have just a regular room? Then, THEN, we turned the corner and um, holy cow. 
We see this. Two living areas, a dining room, a kitchen (on the far left that you can't see), 3 bathrooms, and oh yeah, that part of the door you see way in the back? That's the door to the last bathroom and bedroom.

This can't be our room! 
We didn't pay for this!
Is this a joke?
Alright, I'll take it.

I wish someone had filmed our reaction when we walked in to this humungous suite. After lots of second guessing and double checking we realized that this was our room. We somehow magically got upgraded to this place where it was a nice little workout having to walk form the living room all the way back to the bedroom. Phew. SO far away ;)

Since Freddie and I are just outright a bunch of stand-up comedians and all that (see, that was funny), this was our dialogue once accepting the fact that this place was ours:
Ugh, which door should we go in? 1, 2, or 3? 
Life is so hard when you only have 2 doors to your hotel room. Wait, we have 3. 
What if my key doesn't work on door #1? Do I have to walk all. the. way. down to door #3?

Annoying. I know.

As if the sweet suite wasn't sweet enough, we walked in on these sweets waiting for us. 

Disney wins. Again. Surprise.
I'll conclude this obnoxious braggy post (seriously, I'm gagging myself re-reading it) with some more This is our home for a week?! pictures.


Ashley said...

You don't understand how excited I am about this suite. Like......what??!! So awesome!! Disney really does do it again..the strawberries...all the amazing. And I agree...honeymoons really should happen once a year.

Vicki Garrett said...

How incredible and what a great surprise!!

Sarah said...

Just found your blog and can't wait to follow along.

That suite is INSANELY nice!

Kayla Peveler said...

I cannot even handle that you got upgraded like that! DISNEY FOR THE WIN!!!! So stinking jealous.


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